"by the way, researcher Xu hag Bailiang, some of these people have meritorious service and their accompanying flying equipment are all captured by you.

After that, we will register
When it’s done, I’ll let you know that you can send someone to handle it, or you can entrust it to us directly, or you can handle it, "Nie Fei said."
"Ok, thank you!"
After a few minutes, Xu retired four people and restarted the normal flying car. This secret service team was escorted by two repulsive flying cars and left again.
Xu tui and Zuo Qingqing’s flying car are not a big problem.
But you have to do a maintenance and repair after you go back.
In particular, the reloading of emergency parachutes is not small.
But it’s nothing compared with this harvest.
The secret service team escorted the car for 40 minutes, sending Xu back and others to enter the suburb area of the Black Dragon House and then left.
Entering the suburb area of Heilongfu, all the way to the area is an area.
Lu Xu retired to semi-automatic driving mode
Rethink while returning
This time, if there is an accident on the return trip, I will trace it back.
But Xu retired them and made many mistakes.
For example, two repulsive flying cars are too tight with the car.
The repulsive magnetic bomb has a power radius of five kilometers!
If two cars are five kilometers apart, they will not be shot down by the Ministry.
After the flight altitude, you should also be wrong
Then there is the mountain original quantity frequency phase ability must be greatly strengthened.
Flying sword is very powerful!
But sometimes it is very limited.
Whether it’s a mountain tactic or a thorn tactic can supplement this deficiency!
And if you have to enrich its ability sometimes
At this moment, Xu feels that what he lacks most is the time!
Huaxia district is more and more secure with the increasing number of cities, especially after passing through Heilongfu.
Not to mention entering the surrounding area of Kyoto Prefecture.
The original plan was to return to Huaxia University of Gene Evolution at 6: 30, and the ambush delayed a check. It was already nine o’clock when I arrived at Huaxia University of Gene Evolution.
Give part of the capture to Zhuang Ziqiang, who has been waiting for a long time.
Most of the materials will be handled by Zhuang Ziqiang, and some will be handled in the local market to get higher returns.
Later, Xu tui sent a message to An Xiaoxue to confirm that An Xiaoxue had not slept and went directly to the No.14 Institute.
I have to say that An Xiaoxue is really a researcher.
"The day before, I waited for the designated area and ambushed you accurately?
Did you foresee the extraordinary ability in this respect? "
Facing the problem of retiring, An Xiaoxue shows her eyebrows and wrinkles lightly.
"To predict this extraordinary ability, we Huaxia University of Gene Evolution have no research results in this field.
However, it is said that some extremely large gene changers outside the earth seem to have extraordinary ability in this respect, but there is no evidence yet. "
"It requires comprehensive intelligence analysis to wait for the designated area the day before and ambush you accurately."
"Well, since Ann is back, let’s go to bed early. Investigate things. It’s not urgent. Press Huang to give feedback. You have performed very well all the way." An Xiaoxue rarely praised Xu for returning once.
"Well Ann teacher that mechanical warehouse …"
"After you repair and improvement depends on you! If Huang has a repair robot, the improvement depends on your own investment, "An Xiaoxue said."
I heard that Xu retired.
This time, all kinds of bionic machines in this mechanical warehouse gave Xu tui great help.
Especially with Huang, a senior artificial intelligence, the situation is simply too good
Even after returning it, Xu will exit the door and rush An Xiaoxue to ask for it again.
I didn’t expect An Xiaoxue to give it to him directly.
The benefits of this genetic miracle are really powerful!
Not to mention it, it is difficult to estimate the value of all kinds of bionic machinery in this mechanical warehouse!
According to that number, it’s almost over 100 million!
It was very easy when Xu retired, just as An Xiaoxue said, after all, Ann came back.
The investigation can take its time.
Not long after Xu retired from No.14 Institute, An Xiaoxue suddenly came out.
"Huang moved your body data to search for abnormal information in Donganling area." An Xiaoxue said.
"Does it include extraterrestrial?"