Tea viewing the moon is also Bai Daxian’s pleasure. He immediately took Xiao Chaoyang back to his seat and asked curiously with some doubts, "Will this tea be returned to tea and the fairy tea be collected?"

All the immortals smiled tacitly, but the fire tree was outspoken and answered, "It’s not just that the scene is so sweet that I’ll wait for a cup of green tea slowly …"
This statement immediately caused laughter.
"Sweetness is that people yearn for a better life. You just have some happiness and little red fruit. There is nothing wrong with letting your fairy friends taste sweetness today …"
Talking Baiyun Tower took out a plate of vermilion fairy fruit and gently picked up one to send it to Xiao Chaoyang’s lips.
"Is …" Zhao-yang xia smile Yan Ruyu mouth took the eyebrows a few minutes less shy and much more delicate and charming.
This fingertip-sized Zhu Guo is sweet and fragrant, and you can tell at a glance that it is the treasure of Bai Daxian Jun. All the immortals immediately took several pieces each and tasted it.
As Bai Daxian said, Zhu Guo’s refreshing, sweet and delicious food immediately attracted admiration.
Tasting the delicious sweet fruit and watching the two fairy couples together, Chen Qingshuang finally couldn’t help but say jokingly, "You two have become a big gift. Go to the bridal chamber and see more. I’m afraid I’m going to move my mind …"
Hearing the word "bridal chamber", Xia Chaoyang suddenly turned red, but he was embarrassed to pick up the words and stole a look at the master elder brother.
Bai Daxian gentleman is an old god who smiles and says, "Where is the bridal chamber in this celestial world? Besides, even if there is a bridal chamber, there is no little doll to go quiet …"
Voice fell fire shine suddenly got up and called a "paulownia ….."
Tung tree god immediately got the message and became a novice child with a turn. The peach tree beside him is also very cooperative. When Zhou Xianwu put it away, it changed into a peach blossom fairy Tung tree, which is about the same size.
Looking at the golden couple Baiyun Tower, I suddenly felt a little speechless, and suddenly my eyes lit up, so I got up and smiled. "In this case, I will show you what the Xianjia bridal chamber looks like. If you are really interested, it will be good to make trouble …"
Say Baiyun Tower immediately took Chaoyang and got up and walked leisurely to Lingxiao Hall.
Outside the temple gate, the Baiyun Tower held up a little finger, just like a water wave rippling in front of it. All the immortals felt that flowers were blooming in front of them, and the temple gate revealed a small world of birds and flowers.
Baiyun Tower immediately smiled and left a casual discourse with Xiao Chaoyang.
"Interested friends can enter a view …"
It seems that I am aware that the small world is unusual, but I don’t hesitate to flicker in.
This paulownia immediately didn’t have the slightest concern and quickly stepped up with it.
The immortals are also curious and file in.
Ziyan also jumped outside the temple door and was about to step in, but suddenly her mind moved, so she looked back at the sky.
Just a thought ZiYan read a few words to the master elder brother and then fled to the semi-Guanghan Palace.
The immortals step into the temple door as if they were stepping into the other side.
Pavilions, pavilions, peach forests, streams, mountains and lakes in the distance, and creatures such as birds, fish and so on have been derived. It is really a paradise.
The fairy always have a very practical feeling.
Perhaps the whole fairy world is floating in the virtual world, and this fairy road has strong rules, and the big root method can fly steadily.
The bridal chamber of Bai Daxian’s fairy home is a small bamboo building in the depths of this peach forest.
This small world seems to be in sync with time in the human world. At the beginning of the full moon, it rises at night, and the exquisite bamboo building is flickering by candlelight.
The immortals visited the international fire paulownia and Taoyao on a whim, but when they said they would do it, they made trouble in the bridal chamber.
I took the opportunity to beg for all kinds of candy, like money, but I didn’t say it. I also operated the immortal power to change two glass lanterns to take a transparent picture of the small bamboo building inside and outside.
It is very interesting that these two little dolls don’t know where to learn the rules, and they are still mumbling when they are illuminated.
Wait until you have fun, and the fire tree is screaming for hide-and-seek with Taoyao.
It is said that the two will hide in this small world. If Bai Daxian can’t find it tonight, he will stay here.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty Candle shadow shake red
Looking at the Baiyun Tower, it is still early, so it is better to let the fairy friends who have worked hard for several years relax and watch the excitement.
Tung fong excitedly finished the rules and didn’t give a fairy a chance to go back on her word. She immediately turned around the small bamboo building and took Xiao Taoyao to find a secret hiding place.
You can’t move the avatar, you can’t explore it, you can’t run the magic, you can only identify it with ordinary eyes …
Listen to Baiyun Tower with such harsh rules, but you are also afraid.
It’s always more trouble than strength …
After counting the interest rates, he turned and looked at the direction of the two people’s departure. There was no trace of Baiyun Tower, but Xia Chaoyang had not spoken yet, but he whispered a little.
"How can we find this little paulownia because it is difficult for such a large peach forest to make magical powers impossible?"
Feeling that Chaoyang was slightly impatient, Baiyunlou secretly stole leisure time and confidently comforted, "Why don’t you find these two little guys by watching the elder brother light a cup of tea …"
"Great, hey hey ….." Zhao-yang xia suddenly beamed and took the elder brother’s sleeve and looked around curiously.
The moonlight is intoxicating and the fragrance floats, and the two of them walk slowly along the forest path.
Shan Chang and others sit at several stone tables beside the bamboo building and watch tea and chat from a distance.
A few young players, such as fire shine mirror, naturally watch the scene of bustle behind their brothers and sisters.
It’s that the two figures are gradually snuggling up and whispering all the way as if there is no hurry.
Suddenly, a peach tree in Baiyun Tower stopped and touched a green and reddish peach.
"oh? Is this a small paulownia? " Seeing brother Xia Chaoyang picking a Xiantao, I vaguely guessed the reason.
"Maybe …" Speaking of Baiyun Tower, I raised my hand to attract a stream. This green Xiantao was washed thoroughly.
It used to be quite ordinary, but it was a lot brighter after washing it.
Xiao Chaoyang looked around and looked up and pointed to play the play. Some said in surprise, "It seems to be a real peach …"
"If it’s a real peach, you’ll know …" The Baiyun Tower dumped Xiantao at will and sent it to the mouth …
"Bang!" The Xiantao suddenly turned into a fairy fog.
There was a little dazzling fireworks in the fairy fog, but it seemed that I wanted to escape far away, but my body suddenly fell to the bluestone ground in front of them.
When the fireworks are reshaped, the little face is bulging with fire.
This god seems to get carried away. Although he was found by Bai Daxian, he is still a child.
Small mirror and fire shine and others immediately surrounded by all sigh tung tree taxiing speech didn’t see the Xiantao flaw.
Xia Chaoyang was curious for a moment, so he picked a peach and cleaned it according to the sample, but he couldn’t bear to speak directly.
"Brother, how did you find …" Asked the fire paulownia, who was jilted and covered in water stains.
It seems that it’s really difficult for fireworks to evaporate here, which makes it quite uncomfortable
Baiyun Tower pointed to the peach grove in front of him and smiled indifferently. "This peach grove was still in its flowering period. Yesterday, I had a lot of fairy power to make these dozens of peach trees blossom. As a result, I know every Xiantao senior here, and you are the only one who is redundant …"
"It can still be like this …" The fire tung was speechless, but then his eyes lit up and he said proudly, "Brother Xiantao is easy to find. What about this peach blossom everywhere?"
Xiao Taoyao is hiding in these peach petals.
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia turned his head and looked around at the colorful flowers, but he didn’t feel discouraged at all. He left his mouth and said, "It’s hard … Brother must have a way to recognize it."
Small mirror and others smell speech all help, listen to the first half of the sentence, and this princess royal has a novel exploration method …
Looking back from the peach blossoms on the ground, Baiyun Tower smiled but didn’t look for it in a hurry. Instead, it said to Huotong, "Today, I have worked hard for my younger brother and Taoyao’s younger sister. I have a fairy achievement method. This is a thank-you to my younger brother. If you practice successfully, it will be of great benefit to Taoyao’s younger sister."
The original paulownia is not interested in any fairy achievement method, but when I heard that Hui Tao Yao suddenly came, I immediately saluted and thanked him.
See paulownia peered at Baiyun Tower without hesitation, pointing out that the double cultivation method will be used in the past.
This achievement method is wonderful. Just bearing the breath will directly break the deified avatar of Erythrina, and the avatar will be restored to the appearance of Lang Junxiu, a seventeen-year-old boy.
"Yi …" Show fire tung can’t help but be surprised, but my cheeks suddenly turned red when I was trying to find out the fairy road.
"This achievement method ….." Halfway through the words, Tung immediately kept his mouth shut and his face became more ruddy.
Xia Chaoyang looked interesting and asked curiously, "What’s wrong with Xiao Huotong’s immortal skill? Can he be a god at the same time?"
"This …"
Tung was asked if I should answer Bai Daxian’s leisurely words, "You Taoist friends, it’s getting late today. Go back to rest early. Jun and Chaoyang have something important to discuss …"