This black image has been staring at the blood crystal mother at the bottom of the deep pit on the ground until Su Li released the thunder attack and hit the crystal ninja. It finally turned around and looked out through the gap in the fence.

At the moment, Su Li and Gean, who were preparing to prey on the array, saw this shadow.
Like the Crystal Ninja, this is also a humanoid creature. It is somewhat similar to the Crystal Ninja, and its body is also made of crystal. The difference is that the Crystal Ninja is made of pale yellow crystal while its body is black crystal.
In the night, there is a layer of dark light, and there is a layer of fog around the body.
The fog formed a black robe and covered its body.
Almost at the same time, Su Li and Ge An captured the information of this humanoid monster.
"Name of dark strategist level 6 rare beast will make crystal ninja gain dark power, awaken dark wisdom and evolve stronger. Dark strategist has a certain probability of becoming darkseid. It can control dark power to make dark creatures the most horrible weakness among rare beasts. Because dark power seriously erodes the crystal body of dark strategist, it is no longer invulnerable compared with crystal ninja. Like crystal ninja, the crystal nucleus in the belly is its fatal point."
Two people sensed this dark strategist data, and their eyes were all surprised. I never expected that there was a more powerful monster hidden here.
Six rare beast generals
When I saw this dark strategist facing them, it seemed that Gean knew that the situation was not good. He gave a stern drink, "Kill the Crystal Ninja first!" "
It turned out that he wanted to plunder the array for Su Li and let Su Li fight the Crystal Ninja alone.
Judging from the strength of slaying the blood prison dog before Suri, the crystal ninja will not be stronger even if it is stronger than the blood prison dog. It’s no accident that Suri can slay the crystal ninja, and he needs to do it.
But what they never expected was that there was a stronger dark strategist here.
Gean instantaneous reaction to come over a Yan shura fork followed by Su Li rushed to want to kill the crystal ninja together with Su Li first and then deal with the dark strategist together.
Su Li hit the crystal ninja with high pressure, and the crystal ninja’s body was slightly shaken. Suddenly, it waved its arms and slightly bent over a crystal luster and slammed Su Li.
That powerful high-pressure root-striking method hurt it.
Crystal ninja speed is terrible, even faster than blood prison dogs. A rainbow light figure suddenly deceives Su Li and two ninja knives are split head-on.
Crystal ninja and blood prison dog are two different types of rare animals. Blood prison dogs have three elements: fire, thunder and frost. When they attack, they are extremely lethal and destructive.
It can be said that in the face of large-scale combat, blood prison dogs can kill more enemies than crystal ninjas.
If the blood prison dog is like a mage with mass destruction, then the crystal ninja is like an assassin. It can’t see how destructive it is to attack, and it is more silent than to shoot, and it is also chopped with two ninja knives.
Although crystal ninjas can cause far less damage than blood prison dogs in the battlefield, they are much more terrible than blood prison dogs in one-on-one fighting.
The blood prison dog is limited by its huge body and its three elements need to be ejected from its mouth to attack, so the attack speed is difficult to affect.
Crystal ninjas are faster than blood prison dogs in both movement speed and attack speed.
It seems to be a line faster, but in the battle of life and death, this line has already won the battle.
When Su Li saw the Crystal Ninja coming, he knew that it was not good. This guy moved faster than himself in the third form of "devil muscle", which reached the level of terror.
Not the kui is evolved to five rare beast will.
Su Li did not have to worry about whether she was exhausted and immediately entered the "overrun" state, pushing the "devil muscle" from the third form to a higher level "overrun". Sixteen times of physical strength, six times of speed, strength and other combat power went up, and her feet crossed and started the overrun state "shark king ghost step"
Whew, a crystal ninja swoops down like a ghost. Two ninja knives split a drop of rain, cut the rain and cut two shallow cracks in the air.
Su Li moved to the crystal ninja’s side with the help of the "devil muscle" overrun state and "overrun ghost step" to gain the speed of terror, and the red crescent dragon chopped it obliquely.
Suddenly, the shadow flashed, and a terrorist force surged in, such as the waves hitting the thunderous potential.
A level higher than the Crystal Ninja, the dark strategist appeared.
Suri Faxing, the appearance speed of this dark strategist, has just launched the "Red Crescent Chop" and "Boom". One by one, a huge body appeared, and the dark strategist rushed over with a roar.
Dark strategist was hit and staggered and took a step back. Gean opened his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood. He rolled back and fell out.
"Hurry up and kill the Crystal Ninja-"
Gean fell out and screamed at the same time. His huge body hit the ground, and the ground immediately collapsed. This shows the impact power this time, but he turned over like he was unaffected and rushed again.
This time, the speed of Gean has become faster and the strength has become stronger. There is a faint white fog above his head, which seems to have a horrible energy burning.
His whole body is burning up, and even if he is as powerful as the dark strategist, he can’t avoid it.
"Bang" GeAn once again hit the dark strategist.
This time, the dark strategist staggered back three steps, but Gean staggered back seven steps instead of falling out as before. More blood flowed out of his mouth and nostrils, but his eyes were hot, like a sun hiding in his body, burning with all the light and heat.
Su Libai, this is the power of "life exchange"
Gean burns his own life, his strength is climbing, and he will become more and more horrible, even the dark strategist is blocked by him.
Gean burned his life so desperately that he delayed the dark strategist to make it for himself.
I almost didn’t want to think about it. Su Li’s mouth screamed "Red Crescent" and launched a blood-red crescent moon. The red crescent dragon on the back of the crystal ninja chopped it, and its back was cutting it. The crystal body made a harsh sound.
As seen in the data, the crystal ninja crystal body is invulnerable and tough beyond imagination. Even the red crescent dragon chop with the powerful "red crescent chop" can leave a shallow white mark on the surface and cannot be further cut in.
But all this is not Su Li’s real purpose. He has already launched the "out-of-gauge ghost step" again. It seems to outsiders that the red crescent moon is rising on the back of the crystal ninja, and the real Su Li has returned to the front of the crystal ninja and made a fist. His left hand actually hit it in the stomach.
Crystal ninja’s only weak crystal nucleus is in its belly.
No matter how tough the crystal ninja crystal body is, even if it is a magic weapon, it doesn’t mean that it can withstand the heavy blow of Su Li’s power.
Nearly 120,000 Jin of strength was hit by Su Li’s left fist, which was a blow of nearly 60 tons of strength. The crystal ninja’s mouth screamed.
The crystal belly immediately collapsed into a boxing pit. This crystal body was really terrible and was hit by nearly 60 tons of force. It didn’t break but collapsed.
If the crystal ninja is crazy, double knives are waving wildly to protect the body.
Su Li stood still. These two ninja knives slashed wildly at his body, but he kept swinging his left fist and hit him in the belly with his fist.
All the attacks of the Crystal Ninja fall in front of him. This man is like a virtual shadow, but his attacks are real.
This is the third layer of "divine power". The "divine power" can last for one and a half seconds, but Su Li is in the state of overrun, and it is extended to two and a half seconds when the overrun rises to "divine power".