More than 10,000 cavalry have been pounding Seoul with high morale, and horses have raised dust to cover the whole city. Dozens of infantry guns have also bombarded Seoul indiscriminately, and the whole city has fallen into chaos.

The supreme commander of the Japanese army in Seoul is Jing Yicang, the chief of staff of Tongshan United, who led two Japanese brigades to stay in Seoul. Together, all the troops in Seoul are 1,000 people facing the edge of the city. Jing Yicang’s heart is already six gods, and the strength difference is too wide. How can this be played?
Now Inoue Yicang has also fought bravely, and all the troops have been sent to Chengtou to defend Seoul, and the Korean puppet troops beaten by Seoul have been pulled to fight back!
I have to admit that once the Japanese army’s fierce fighting spirit is aroused, it is really not underestimated. In addition, Wu Shijian is a feint. Although the Japanese army lost some troops, Seoul is still very stable!
The two sides fought until late at night before Wu Shijian stopped the war!
A few hours of siege is afraid that the Japanese army has already become frightened. Surround it and wait for the Japanese army to call for help.
Xu Huaijin’s abacus is too accurate. From Wu Shijian’s siege of Seoul’s Jingyicang, the emergency report for help was sent to all cities around Seoul for support. Now Japanese troops in Busan, Yunzhou and other places have already rushed to March crazily towards Seoul.
The earliest arrival was the strongest Busan reinforcements from Seoul. The Busan garrison got Kodama Gentaro’s urgent support. Yu Yamada made an emergency settlement in Busan. Two brigades rushed towards Seoul that night. After entering Seoul, they helped the Japanese to repel the cavalry siege. Now the Japanese troops in Seoul have reached 2,000, and they are no longer as panicked as when they just showed up.
But what about two thousand people?
Wu Shijian led the cavalry division, but with 13,400 troops, it was almost effortless to swallow Seoul dialect.
Early the next morning, Wu Shijian ordered the Fourth Brigade to launch another onslaught against Seoul. The Japanese army dared not care. Two thousand Japanese troops struggled to support the two sides, and it was another fierce battle.
Yu Yamada, a well in the city, is worried. Only relying on these two thousand people can’t support him for long. Why hasn’t reinforcements arrived in his city yet?
They don’t know that there are not many garrisons in every city around, at least one or two hundred teams and squadrons, and at most six or seven hundred teams, so the troops are coming from all sides, and that root is a group of Uzbeks!
Wu Shijian ordered the fourth brigade to attack him. The two brigades have long been scattered around Seoul, and a series of interception battles have been held. There are two cavalry battalions in one direction to help the Japanese army, and there are at most 600 people. How can they be cavalry opponents and be eaten up by cavalry division soldiers in a short time?
Unfortunately, the Japanese reinforcements had not yet arrived in Seoul, and the whole central Korea had already become a mess. Almost all the nearby cities were threatened by the Chinese Revolutionary Army and the newspaper for help flew to the Japanese headquarters in Sinuiju like snowflakes.
Kodama Gentaro didn’t do anything all day. Don’t just read the newspaper!
Everywhere, there was an emergency. Just one cavalry division disrupted the strategic deployment department of the Japanese army in North Korea. Now Kodama Gentaro is anxious and anxious. There is no way to early know that the 16th division in Busan will launch a landing war against Huludao. Now it’s really stealing chickens and eating rice!
Kodama Gentaro roared, "Order the 10th Division to rush immediately and let them March day and night to Seoul to encircle the cavalry of the Chinese Revolutionary Army in the shortest time!"
Now Kodama Gentaro, the tenth division, urges the army to run out for 200 miles one day and one night!
It takes three days for the Japanese soldiers to run to Seoul at this speed, but even if the tenth division arrives in Seoul three days later, it will be too tired to see the king of hell. What a fart fight!
Qing Chuan Taro, the head of the division, has been urged by Kodama Gentaro to explode. We are not cavalry divisions! We are just an infantry division. After we arrived in Seoul, the 16,700-strong army became a flower. How can we fight? Even if we are in a hurry, we must let the soldiers catch their breath!
Qing Chuan Taro personally drafted a newspaper asking the commander cabinet to give time to ensure the combat effectiveness and March towards Seoul as soon as possible!
Kodama Gentaro is no longer in a hurry, so it is impossible for Seoul to let the Japanese army work so hard. If Seoul is lost and an elite division is put in, it will be even worse. Now there are prayers that the Japanese army in Seoul can hold on to the main reinforcements!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-six Busan landing
Kodama Gentaro’s idea is too simple. Can U.S. Union, the Japanese army in central Korea, resist the peak sexually Chinese revolutionary army?
Now it’s Wu Shijian’s mercy. Once hands are on, 2,000 Japanese troops are afraid that they won’t make it to Seoul for a day, and now the jade has completely fallen into the hands of Xu Huaijin. Even if they want to struggle, the chain will tighten him more and more!
At night, Xu Huaijin led the Second Division to successfully arrive in Busan. Now all the troops in Busan add up to only 200 people. Even if the North Korean Puppet Army is counted, it is only five or six hundred people. Where can we hold the port of Busan?
Xu Huaijin quietly sank his head by boat and said, "Order the aircraft department of Sa Zhenbing Yuefei to bomb Busan Port for an hour and then the army will land in Busan immediately!"
After Sa Zhenbing got the order, the fighter plane of Yue Fei jumped toward Busan Port. Now, almost all the defense forces in Busan are in Busan Fort, and the Japanese main force rushed to Seoul, leaving only two artillery squadrons stationed at the fort. Even these artillery are Japanese second-line troops, not field elites.
A plane rushed to Busan battery in the blink of an eye. Bomb Busan battery!
Fort Japanese troops are still resting at this time. Busan is far away from China. It is unexpected that the Chinese Revolutionary Army will raid Busan when the local Japanese troops are killed!
When they heard the roar of the plane, they were in a daze. Where did the machine roar?
At this time, Tianyi gold aerial bombs flew towards the Japanese coastal defense guns at the fort!
No matter how stupid the Japanese army is, they also saw that it was wrong!
A Japanese army officer screamed, "No, it’s a bomb! Enemy attack! Alarm alarm … "
Even a warship’s thick armored aerial bomb can be damaged. What’s worse, it’s a battery?
Japanese heavy artillery bombs are constantly being lifted up in the violent explosion!
All Japanese soldiers smell death! It’s a plane! How did the most horrible plane appear in Busan?
Now the Japanese army can no longer consider many, and they are fleeing! Even the powerful forces and firepower in Tokyo Bay can’t stand the plane, and now Busan is short of major generals, which is even more hopeless.
The Japanese army was blown away by falling aerial bombs. In less than an hour and only half an hour, hundreds of artillery disappeared. Is it still necessary to leave the battery as a living target?
In the sea, Xu Huaijin held a telescope and saw the situation of Fushan Fort. His face smiled and became the Busan army. Now the fort has been transferred and the Japanese army has been bombed. Now it is time for the army to land!
Xu Huai-jin sighed, "Order the warship to attack the Busan Fort with its guns saturated with fire and suppress the army to prepare for landing immediately!"
Four warships soon arrived at the periphery of Busan Port, and it was a fierce shelling towards the Japanese garrison!
More than 20 troop carriers are rapidly approaching the shore for emergency landing.
At this time, the Japanese army in Busan had already been hit by a plane in appall. Where did they dare to show up? Later, they saw that the Chinese Revolutionary Army wanted to launch a defensive war, but the whole battery had been covered by warship artillery fire. The Japanese army’s root law exhibition and the fall of Busan were irreversible!
The double attack of aircraft and naval guns on the Japanese army has already collapsed. They are so small that they are faced with such a terrible fire attack. Where can they stand the worse? The aircraft has left a psychological shadow on the Japanese army. Even the arrogant joint fleet has been chosen. What’s worse, they are less than two battalions of artillery.
Xu Huaijin led the second division to complete the landing battle before dawn. After landing in Busan, the second divisions were in high spirits!
At this time, Hu Lei has completely replaced Xu Huaijin’s command to hand troops to occupy various key positions in Busan, and even the battery has fallen into the control of the second division. Now the artillery regiment of the second division is urgently repairing the battery loss. I think Busan will never leave it at that, or it will be ready to be built.
Hu Lei looked at the seat and Xu Huaijin asked, "Chief, this battle is not enough at all. We haven’t made the effort yet. The whole Busan has been taken away. Let’s brothers have no spirit without seeing blood. This hey hey …"
Xu Huaijin criticised, "Well, you little boy, don’t learn from your commander and you’ll know that the charge and the military is an art. A war is like a freehand painting. When you have a good idea, you will feel comfortable and comfortable. When you fall, this freehand painting will be full of art. It will make people feel like they can’t be immersed in it. The blood of soldiers piled up to win. It’s not carefree but painful. It’s all our brothers’ blood and life in exchange for the death of a brother. I am distressed. Are you still thinking that one will become famous and bones will wither? Unless the bones are enemies … "
Hu Lei’s heart is full of sorrow and compassion. You can only see it with him. Even the president can’t see this honor. It’s not a disguise, is it?
Hu Lei heart suddenly bad thought.
Xu Huaijin laughed. "What are you thinking? What’s the trouble again? "
Hu Lei was too preoccupied to answer casually, "Chief, I always feel that your compassion is for others, followed by the most cunning old fox …"
Hu Lei ass was severely kicked this time just woke up and turned to see Xu Huaijin patting his face and said, "Is that right? Old fox? I am such a virtue in your chief? "
Hu Leiteng jumped out of the room and shouted, "Don’t blame me for what I said when I heard Commander Laoba chatting with Commander Yihu!"
Xu Huaijin laughed. "The old fox rubbed their hearts with this virtue … Well, Hu Lei gave the old commander a rest during the day and a night army to pull straight to Seoul. Now Wu Shijian’s cavalry should have advanced towards Lingxiu Mountain and will arrive there before long. Let’s eat pork in front of him and attack Seoul early in the morning!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-seven Six gods
Even when Xu Huaijin planned to attack, the news of Busan’s fall reached Kodama Gentaro’s ears. Now Kodama Gentaro regrets beating his head!
Ga! Ga! I’m a pig. How come this Xu Huaijin left by the nose? Now Seoul is in a precarious state, and Busan has also fallen. Two of the three largest cities in North Korea have been lost in an instant, and the whole of central Korea has been controlled by the Chinese Revolutionary Army. Now there is another infantry division. This strength is too strong. Even if it is near Seoul, it will definitely lead to no good results!
Kodama Gentaro roared, "Command the 10th Division to March across the city towards the northwest of Seoul! Ordered the 17th Division and the 10th Division to March toward the south and March toward the northeast of Seoul, demanding that Xu Huaijin fight a decisive battle! "
Kodama Gentaro made almost all the Japanese military departments in North Korea act.
Watanabe, the chief of staff of the Japanese army, felt something wrong and quickly urged, "Commander Pavilion, we can’t go back to the army in such a hurry. Now the enemy situation is not right. We should be stable. Our army is still slightly superior. We still have a good chance to win again and recapture Seoul and Busan. But it is very dangerous to act rashly. Don’t forget that there are two divisions of the Chinese Revolutionary Army on the other side. Once we command the army, how can we deal with the Chinese Revolutionary Army on the other side?"
Kodama Gentaro shouted, "Watanabe, it’s not time for us to be steady! The whole central Korea has been tribally controlled by the Chinese Revolutionary Army, and the southern Korea will be isolated and aided. If we don’t take further action, the whole southern Korea will fall into their hands. How dare we command a hundred thousand imperial troops then? "
Watanabe a acerbity way "but commander pavilion let’s just play in the past? Even our three divisions are sure to win in front of their two divisions. You want to go to Busan. I heard that Xu Huaijin personally sat in a few years ago. Even if he saw Shangwenge, his hands were defeated. What’s worse? "
Kodama Gentaro’s heart was shocked. Yes, three divisions have a firm advantage over others’ two divisions, but people have that Xu Huaijin, bring up the rear, and the teacher is terrified of him. Can these three divisions in front of him be able to stop Xu Huaijin’s conspiracy calculation?