Buzzing …

A slight neigh came as if it was raining in the sky. First, it was a slight rain, but a rumbling wave. This kind of sound would never be made by dozens or hundreds of blood bats. It should be less than a thousand, and it is more likely to be tens of thousands. Imagine the spectacular scene of tens of thousands of blood bats. Four people can’t help but tremble from the bottom of their hearts and forget to walk around.
Wu Leiting was the first to react with a roar. This sound has become slightly very sheep tone because of too much excitement, but no one is in the mood to laugh at him at this time. Because the remaining three people can’t even send this sound, they are thirsty and their hearts are thunderous.
Lin Luo wind operator in his hand flashed a glimmer of light and stuck it to his chest. Then Lin Luo’s feet seemed to have suddenly installed a spring, whooshed out for several feet. This will be closely followed by Huang Ding behind Lin Luo, and then he went crazy in the direction of Lin Luo’s disappearance.
The flying talent of heterogeneous blood bats in birds is also different from that of ordinary animals. Flying only by the echo of waves is no less than that of the thunder in the middle of Tsukiji. After all, the sound is getting louder and louder, and finally a huge wave is formed, which seems to set off the ocean and overturn the mountains.
Before Lin Luo left, he was supposed to be the most peaceful, and Lin Luoxiu was the lowest of the four, but Lin Luo was the most powerful monk.
Lin Luo feet seem to be flying without touching the ground, and the three people behind them are thrown far away.
Lin Luolai’s face suddenly changed when he was flying peacefully. He suddenly looked at his chest, and the wind symbol suddenly split in two and turned out to be a transient gray with yellow light.
Lin Luo almost didn’t criticize the mother on the spot. It didn’t break early or late. I had to wait until this key when the wind operator suddenly burst. Look at the light of that operator. Obviously, the wind operator’s mana has been as light as Yan Lin Luo, like being crushed by a stone. The speed plummeted and my leg was soft and I almost didn’t fall down.
At this time, there seems to be abnormal movement in the sound waves behind him. Lin Luo guessed that it should be running. Finally, Wu Leiting and others had already fought with blood bats, but at this time, Lin Luo did not consider them to speed up and ran outside the hole. At this time, the hole was slightly narrow and it should be near the cold moon lake.
Ah! Ah!
Behind him came a sharp and sharp sound. Lin Luo’s heart sank. It should be Wu Lei or a big head, or Huang Ding was injured by a blood bat. After listening to the sound, Lin Luo’s footsteps disappeared, and there was a trace of sadness in his face. Did three people die?
At this time, Huang Ding hurried behind him and said, "Lin Daoyou, run!"
Lin Luo’s heart was pleased to see that they defeated the first wave of blood bat attacks. Lin Luo turned around and saw that Huang Ding was coming. Fortunately, maybe it was because of his short body. It was not so embarrassing. Wu Lei and Huang Ding were different, especially Wu Lei’s body ribbon fluttered and bare. The skin was black and blue, and the blood was bloodstained. The hair was simply tied up, and it was scattered like a day arrival. The devil incarnate was full of power.
At this time, Lin Luolai didn’t admire what a big fellow he was. The depths of the cave roared again.
When Lin Luo’s wind charm is destroyed, the speed of the four people is almost neck and neck on average. There is a slight light in front, which is the light on the water surface of the cold moon lake.
"Jump into the pool!" Wu Leiting roared all over again, accelerating from the last to the first, faster than Lin Luo’s four positions.
Lin Luo, who followed Wu Leiting closely behind him, saw Wu Leiting running in front of him. He almost didn’t have a bite of spiritual strength and fell down to see Wu Leiting’s back with dozens of dense blood passages as if it were blood bats’ signatures, but it was relatively too messy.
At this moment, suddenly Lang has reached the entrance of the big cave. In front of the cave is the cold pool. Seeing Wu Leiting, a beautiful forward turn of 360 degrees and a carp yue longmen posture plunged into the cold pool and scattered ripples.
Does Lin Luo stop jumping or not?
Hum Lin Luo a stuffy hum like a broken kite was behind Huang Ding a head back.
"pa!" A belly into the water jumped into the cold moon lake. The sound was crisp and loud, and the hole was crisp and very pleasant. Before Lin Luo felt the biting chill, his back sank. It turned out that Huang Ding pressed himself and followed him into the water.
Shit! This is not my voluntary diving, it’s my life!
Lin Luo feels the cold chill and goes straight into the bone marrow. Although the water in this cold moon lake is not ice, it is colder than ice. A monk in Linluo during the construction period should not feel the cold, but there is a way that even a monk can resist the cold in this cold pool.
The four of them just jumped in and soon saw a red wave coming out of the cave, flying out of the cave and circling the cold pool. Although fierce, these blood bats were not close to the cold pool for three feet, which seemed to be afraid of the cold or the cold pool.
When the cave stopped spraying blood bats, Lin Luo could see that the number of these blood bats was more than 2,000. They had a special way to fly in the cold pool.
There are ups and downs in the pool, but they dare not leave the pool. Those blood bats seem to smell the blood gas that excites them for a long time and refuse to disperse.
Suddenly Lin Luo looked at Wu Leiting and said, "Wu Daoyou have been here?"
I can’t tell whether Lin Luo’s tone is rhetorical question or question. The two of them turned their eyes to Wu Leiting, especially the big head kept a close eye on Wu Leiting for fear of missing his expression. Wu Leiting’s pale face flashed a little hard feeling and paused. "Yes … I’ve been here and met blood bats."
Lin Luo breathed a sigh of relief. That’s right. How can people who have never been here know so much about the cold pool and when Huang Ding and the big head pay attention to the cold pool, Wu Leiting glanced at people who are familiar with the environment to be so casual.
"what’s that purpose of your visit?" Lin Luo sink a way
Wu Leiting long breath way "a thing"
Chapter 56 Cold Crystal
Hearing what Wu Leiting said, even the big head seemed to be surprised. He shook his head and braided it with water droplets. "Old Wu, what have you never said before?"
Wu Leiting’s eyes flashed a trace of apology. "I’m sorry, big head …"
"What did you get?" Lin Luo interrupt Wu Leiting words asked
"The cold crystal" at this time Wu Leiting seemed to suddenly look calm.
Lin Luo wondered what cold crystal was, so he looked at Huang Ding and the big head. They also looked puzzled and concluded that Wu Leiting’s trip had ulterior secrets.
"Cold crystal God, it’s actually a cold crystal!"
Lin Luo’s mind suddenly sounded like a cloud, and Lin Luo’s heart moved like a cloud, and the gods communicated, "Old Cloud, what do you know? What is cold crystal that pours out everything you know about cold crystal? "
"Cold crystal is a kind of stone, even jade is not a trace for mortals, but it is what monks need most without a trace of spiritual power. Cold crystal is a water-attribute stone, and when practicing, monks will produce fire in their meridians, while cold crystal can suppress this fire, so that people can maintain a balance, which is what monks dream of practicing fire." Wu Leiting slowly said.
"Yes, yes, he did. I didn’t expect a monk in the foundation period to have such knowledge. It’s really not simple ~!" Yunxiao and Lin Luo communicate with each other and seem to agree with Wu Leiting’s speech. "However, he misses an important point. This cold crystal is also very helpful to the operators. Especially, your fire attribute operator can temporarily suppress the symbols to generate breath, and comb the spiritual power, which can greatly improve the success rate of the symbols. Cold crystal was very popular in the era when the operators prevailed thousands of years ago, but later, due to extreme mining, it should be hard to find money."
"How do you know this?" Datoudao
Wu Leiting sighed, "I also heard people say that when I first came to the cold pool, it was the tall man who brought me. He said that he would give me a small piece, but later the tall man didn’t know where he died, but I didn’t give up looking for the cold crystal. Yes, I have been here more than once, but I have been to Canada twice. This time it was nine times. At the fifth time, I met dozens of blood bats. At that time, two of my companions died here, and two others and I were forced to jump into the cold pool to save our lives. I knew everything here."
The big head didn’t say anything for a moment before saying, "What did you say without telling me before?"
Wu Leiting slightly wry smile way "haven’t you white what I mean? I’ve been to these caves nine times, and I’ve never been in them. There’s no such thing as a cold crystal. This time, the chance is the biggest, but what blood bats are guarding me? Don’t say that I’m an expert in the foundation period, even in the then-elixir period, and I dare not talk about getting in! I have given up everything before I dare to tell you. "
"Is the master sure that there are cold crystals in this cold moon cave?" Lin Luo asked
Wu Leiting said, "The master ancestor is the monk in Yuecheng, and he was also born in a family of repairing the truth in Yuecheng. He learned the secret of this cold moon cave according to his ancestors." Speaking of this, Wu Leiting suddenly became excited. "If I can find a cold crystal, I will be developed. If I sell it, I will get thousands of lingshi. With those lingshi, I can compete with more than one family and the small fish can come back to me, but all this seems to be realized."
Lin Luo sighed slightly. This is another bitter lover. I’m afraid this is the motivation to support Wu Leiting!
All four of them are quiet, and the blood bats are still hovering above their heads, which seems to be going to defend themselves here. All four of them can’t help but sink their hearts. Lin Luo said, "Have you ever been to this cold pool?"
Wu Leiting shook his head and said, "This cold pool should have accumulated stagnant water all the year round and even the living can’t be born. We gave up the cold pool after paying a little attention."
Lin Luo looked at the blood bats who never gave up. "Since these blood bats don’t want to leave, they will definitely think that we won’t go to the shore. Why don’t we go into the cold pool and let the blood bats disperse?"
Wu Leiting wanted to think, "OK, I have no problem."
Huang Ding and big head nodded at the same time, and then four people sank to the bottom.
The bottom of the water is cold or cold. Four people protect the heart, except for the chest, where the temperature is a little bit cold, which is a few degrees different from the temperature of the surrounding water.