At this moment, I was surprised by this strange rescue mechanism. Sen Zhenfen could feel the girl around me full of hope and confidence.

This positive emotion shocked her heart.
She couldn’t see such a smile around her at that time.
Those faces that used to smile like this have been crushed by monsters one by one.
When she read the information, people were faced with deeper despair than monsters.
Root resistance from solar disaster
Why is this girl’s mood more positive than her own when facing such a desperate situation?
Sen Zhen Yu guang suddenly saw the corner again. It was a child being held by an adult with a bottle of soda and fed to the child’s mouth bit by bit with a bottle cap. His face was full of smiles, just like the smile of a female receptionist.
People seem to be very positive at this time?
Sen is really confused.
She asked this question to the receptionist around her.
The receptionist was silent for one or two eyes and sighed with emotion. "Two months ago, there were not many faces hanging in the street, and we were all scared at that time."
"Fear?" Sen doesn’t understand that she can’t see this emotion from the roots of passers-by
The receptionist’s smile turned bleak, recalling the feeling of Sanqiu not far apart the day before yesterday.
"The Wandering Earth Project was not the driving force of hope from the beginning, but the fear."
At that time, we were afraid of the sun, the future, death and death, and all our fears were the only driving force for us to persist.
"At that time, we were looking for hope in despair, and all actions depended on human inertia …"
Sen really doesn’t know what to say.
Even when she was young, she witnessed her parents being killed by monsters and faced them alone. She had never experienced this kind of experience.
This kind of despair from the depths of the text has never appeared in her life.
"I’m sorry …" Mori really put his backpack and hugged the receptionist gently, feeling embarrassed that he reminded others of painful memories.
"Nothing," the receptionist responded gently and patted Mori’s back. "Now our hearts are no longer confused and full of hope for the future, and wandering the earth is no longer our only way."
"Bless you", Mori really won’t say anything more about the scar when he accidentally touches this again.
When they were about to arrive at the Engineering Bureau to prepare their cars, Sen Zhen suddenly saw a group of people gathered to shout slogans.
"Time merging is our only way out!"
"Merge the agenda when pushing!"
Bright red banners were raised and people around them were very excited.
This scene is really familiar to Sen.
At that time, similar activities took place every day, with the theme of "Five Flowers Gate", including worshipping monster shoes, teaching against the construction of a defense wall against monsters by mecha …
"Never mind that these people are just buffoons who let in at a good time."
The female receptionist’s tone is very impolite. Looking at those people’s eyes, she is full of disgust.
She explained to Mori Zhen, "These people are refugees who entered the dungeon by France or spacecraft who advocate that the spacecraft escape from the earth."
These people have been secretly planning attacks on dungeons.
After we got the mutual aid to help open the city and let them live in, although the horses stopped attacking the city, they made another calculation. "
"On the surface, they want to force the Coalition government to promote the merger negotiations, but in fact they want to prepare for the annexation of him."
Mori really looked at those people holding banners again, and he could clearly feel a disturbing atmosphere from them.
That’s the invader’s unique fanaticism.
The female receptionist gritted her teeth and glared at those people. Her mouth was full of fragrant quintessence. "They are all stupid people who dream unrealistic dreams all day!"
This kind of "housework" is really not good to evaluate as not seeing it.
"Ding-dong ~ Passengers, the Engineering Bureau has arrived."
When the car arrives, it rings …
Chapter 15 This is not Dad
When I walked into the Engineering Bureau, Mori really looked around. The bureau was still cramped with dungeon style, and the steel walls faintly smelled of anti-corrosion lubricating oil.
Everyone here seems to be very busy, even when they walk in, few people look up, let alone someone comes to meet them.
The receptionist was worried that Mori Zhen and others would be snubbed, and specially explained that this is the working atmosphere of their time, and they don’t like to make some empty heads and brains.