Zhao Xiaocai dodged Yuan Gang like a dog skin plaster and clung to him.

Where the strength gap is, Zhao Xiaocai can’t find the opportunity to use the knife method.
However, slaying four seven-order monsters has brought Zhao Xiaocai a lot of experience, which is enough for him to rise to a higher level of strength.
It is a good thing for Zhao Xiaocai to be more powerful at this time, and it is even bigger to deal with Yuan Gang.
In an instant, Zhao Xiaocai is already in the dark, and his fighting power is not to mention that dealing with Yuan Gang is a beginner in the ninth-order lich king, and Zhao Xiaocai also has self-protection
"It’s a little faster. Did you just retain your strength?" Yuan Gang asked while chasing Zhao Xiaocai.
"Ha-ha, thank you for this prodigal enemy. If it weren’t for you and my strength, how could I rise so fast?" Zhao Xiaocai laughed and pulled away from Yuan Gang.
In Zhao Xiaocai’s eyes, Yuan Gang was really suspected of having assets and enemies. First, he was given many natural materials and treasures, and just now he was given four monster heads. These are all experience values!
Without Yuan Gang, Zhao Xiaocai’s strength, it would be the peak of six layers at best.
Although he stayed around Yangshan Mountain for a few days, he killed too few demon families, and his strength rose so fast because of Yuan Gang.
"Hum a little glib, trying to provoke me with powerful moves is simply killing myself!" Yuan Gang nu way
The ring that was blackmailed to him has always been a thorn in his side, and now Zhao Xiaocai is even more angry with him.
But watching Zhao Xiaocai pull away from him is a bad thing!
"Since you don’t seasoned road, you will know if you try." Zhao Xiaocai killed her heart and shouted at Yuan Gang together! "Pick me up and cut the sky."
Don’t say that Yuan Gang felt trembling all over. Even Zhao Xiaocai, the performer, felt the color change between heaven and earth.
"No, this abode of fairies and immortals is going to collapse!" Zhao Xiaocai shouted and fled to the mouth of the cave.
If the belly of Yuan Gang’s abode of fairies and immortals collapses and is buried, Zhao Xiaocai will be afraid of born to die.
Fortunately, as soon as he flew out of the hole, the whole mountain collapsed.
The nearby demon clan has long been scared and shivering by the collapsed mountain. They don’t know why Yuan Gang’s demon king’s cave has collapsed.
No matter what the reason, no demon race is close to it, and curiosity will kill itself. It doesn’t matter that Terrans know that the demon race is white.
"hey! Isn’t Yuan Gang still dead? " Zhao Xiaocai secretly wondered.
If Yuan Gang dies, he should gain experience by rights!
However, he has gained more than 400 million experience points, which is not to kill Yuan Gang, but to gain experience points!
Chapter 15 Great Ape
Chapter 15 Great Ape
Yuan Gang has been buried by the collapsed mountain. In this case, Yuan Gang can definitely survive.
There are still 3,000 hands waiting for him to save now. It is obviously better to save people first if you want to dig the collapsed mountain and take Yuan Gang’s body.
Although Yuan Gang’s body can be worth a lot of exchange points, he and Yuan Gang’s fear of war have already attracted the attention of the charm Ji. If you don’t run quickly, you will find it difficult to leave.
When it’s off, it’s off. Zhao Xiaocai will never put himself in danger because of a little interest.
Zhao Xiaocai guessed that the experience value of killing Yuan Gang was that Yuan Gang came alive and was killed by a collapsed mountain peak!
Only this explanation can explain why he didn’t get the experience value.
But it’s wrong to think about it carefully! After he escaped, he gained more than 400 million experience points. How did this come about?
If you can’t figure it out, you don’t want to be anxious. It is said that Yu Sheng’s strength is the source of his strength.
Just when Zhao Xiaocai wanted to fly away, the collapsed mountain suddenly shook again, as if something wanted to break through the ground.
Isn’t Yuan Gang dead yet?
Zhao Xiaocai blazing with anger stared at the movement on the other side of the mountain. If Yuan Gang was not dead, he wouldn’t mind continuing to mend the knife until he killed Yuan Gang!
Slaughter a demon king Zhao Xiaocai can’t imagine how much experience he can get, but it is certain that he can definitely make great progress again, and he can’t run away without breaking through Du Jie and dzogchen!
Looking at the scene in front of me, it is very similar to Sun Monkey being crushed. Wuxing Mountain is violently resisting and trying to escape.
Suddenly, a giant pillar broke through the ground and went straight into the clouds.
Zhao Xiaocai gaped at the giant pillar. What is this?
Is there anything great about Yuan Gang’s abode of fairies and immortals? The baby will be born due to the collapse of the mountain peak.