Norman’s room arrangement is Norman and Ji Ruoxi, Purnot and Chen Qinghe. This is also convenient for someone to take care of Chen Qinghe. When the night is dead, Norman’s door opens and a figure flashes out from the inside.

At this silent moment, almost all the candles have been extinguished, and a paraffin wax is lit every ten steps in the corridor. When the soldiers pass by on patrol, they look at the road, and the figure coming out of Norman’s room is like a ghost. Just as soon as the obscure light appears in the corridor, it disappears into the darkness. If someone happens to be here and doesn’t look carefully, I’m afraid they’ll have to go to hell themselves.
This figure floated in the corridor and soon drifted across this floor to the door of a room on the first floor, gently pushed the door open and floated in, and closed the door with a backhand sadly.
This room is quite large. There are several small windows on one wall near the top.
Today, the moonlight is good, very bright. The moonlight poured in from those windows to brighten the room, and finally I saw this dark side along the moonlight.
It’s a tough-looking village woman, whose alias is Sally Norman.
Moonlight covers most of the room, so you can see this spacious room. There are many things, many musical instruments and some cabinets around it. What is a spacious place? From the ground, the atmosphere is very quiet.
This is Chivard Music Room.
Chivard talked about asking Purnot for advice on painting skills. Norman came back. He was just talking about it. At most, he took out a random graffiti, but he didn’t expect Chivard to show them around several rooms after dinner. There was actually a studio with several paintings in it, which made Purnot very excited. It is said that what masters are very precious.
In addition to painting, Chivard also dabbled in other arts, including music. This music room was the land that Chivard took them to visit at that time, and there was also a dance venue where people could improvise to the music on the spot, which can be said to be thoughtful.
Norman entered the room and walked around at random, passing by an instrument. He seemed to observe these instruments carefully, but if you look at his eyes carefully, you can see that his eyes are very erratic and not condensed, and he seems to be thinking differently.
In fact, Norman is really upset now, which is why he suddenly ran out in the middle of the night without sleeping.
Chen Qinghe’s situation is getting worse and worse. Although his money has been raised in place, it is the real trouble that comes next. Even if he is careful and doesn’t come forward himself, he is hiding in the Lord’s Mansion, but it is hard to guarantee that nothing will go wrong. After all, as Lancelot said, if you don’t do it, you will make mistakes.
Although he said that Lancelot was in good order when he refuted it, Norman couldn’t help but wonder whether he should let Chen Qinghe take these avoidable risks when things came to him and the key steps were about to take place. Should he follow his heart’s call or the advice of the Knights Templar? What will be the worst fate? Has he made a thorough preparation for these things? Will he regret this decision later? ……
Norman walked around the destination music room, but his thoughts were still unclear. Finally, he suddenly stopped in front of a musical instrument.
It’s an exquisite piano box. When it’s opened, there’s a small piano lying inside.
Norman looked at it for a long time and finally grabbed the sogeum from the piano box and slowly put it on his shoulder. In the other hand, he picked up the bow and leaned against the piano body.
Music can sort out emotions, express emotions, and understand ideas, which makes calm emotions become passionate and calm nerves. This is why many great music are born, and the complicated moments of emotional excitement are also the reasons why many people like to play or listen to music all the time.
Norman is going to do the same now, but after he put a sound barrier around the room, his right hand trembled and he began to play.
It’s called "One Horsehead Short"
And a pair of eyes are slowly opening in the darkness on the side of the room.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen A horse’s head is short.
Norman’s mood is really anxious, his mind is too complicated, and he holds the concept of taking the lead, so he didn’t realize that there was already a person in this room.
It’s a small space between the side of the room and the wall behind the musical instrument rack.
Little Norman can never get into that gap, but some slim people can lie in it safely, such as the girl who is opening her eyes right now.
The tall frame not only completely blocked the girl’s figure, but also blocked most of the moonlight nearby, and a few small rays of moonlight barely got in to prop up the weak brightness inside.
In this faint disillusionment, you can see that the girl lying here has long white hair and a golden face.
Because the girl’s hair just woke up is a little messy, the front of the long bangs blocks most of it, and the light here is very dim, so I can’t see it clearly. I can see a pair of eyes vaguely reflecting the faint light in my hair.
Perhaps I noticed the darkness around me, and a little fear floated in the girl’s eyes, like a frightened deer, but she was strong
And then melodious soothing sogeum suddenly came.
This made the girl’s eyes blink, and the faint light flashed again and again. When it was lit up again and again, I could see that my doubts were deeper and I was deliberately propped up before I was afraid. That strength was already left.
She knows where this is, and it’s entirely up to her to decide whether she will appear here.
She has prepared herself psychologically. She has nothing to be afraid of, but when she woke up and saw a dark scene around her, she couldn’t help thinking that one of some stories in the Castle of Streams was related to Chivard, a music room.
It is said that this music room in Chivard was a bedroom decades ago. At that time, the owner was Chivard’s grandfather and brother by blood. The ancestor had a beautiful wife, and her beauty was known throughout Douala. The ancestor was so proud, but he didn’t think that his beautiful wife secretly cheated on a knight in the castle.
After all, paper can’t contain fire. When one day things were revealed and they were having an affair, the knight hurriedly killed the ancestor who had just returned to the castle when they were blocked in the bedroom. But the noise during the battle had alarmed the soldiers in the castle, and they had already gone their way.
In the end, the desperate knight killed the ancestor sword and the beautiful wife, and then ended his life with that sword. Since then, this unknown bloody bedroom has been sealed up and no one has stayed until Chivard’s generation was divided into Chivard and transformed into a music room by Chivard.
When the girl heard this story, she thought it was quite true because Chivard didn’t continue to live in this bedroom, but turned it into a music room. Maybe it was because she knew this story and felt that living in such a place was unknown, and some servants said categorically that they heard the music of bitterness in this music room when they passed by in the middle of the night! The lady in the story is a musician. It is said that she plays beautiful music as amazing as her beauty.
This further enhance that truth of the story.
Now, when the girl heard a sogeum ringing in the room, she remembered the story. The fear in her eyes deepened, and her body trembled involuntarily. I don’t know whether it was because she was wearing too little cold in this weather or because she was scared by her own fear.
Although the girl’s trembling voice is very small, Norman is likely to hear it if it is normal in the dead of night, but now Norman can’t notice it because his heart is in a mess and he has devoted all his thoughts to the hand performance.
"Almost a Horse’s Head" is the music that Norman came into contact with when he studied background music in a unified way-at that time, the Knights Templar specially introduced him to the origin of this music to help him better understand those introductory words, which he still remembers.
"… this unlucky guy just broke up with his girlfriend, which is very painful, and outstanding artists are often unreliable. This unlucky guy is the best in the world. This guy actually took all his money to bet on horses in a painful moment."
"When he bought a horse first, he was frustrated in love and the casino was proud, which somewhat saved his bad mood, but he didn’t expect that at the last moment, he was overtaken by the second horse and was a horse’s head ahead of him."
"Life suddenly falls from the peak to the bottom, then from the bottom to the peak and then from the peak to the bottom. This kind of ups and downs is really too exciting. This unlucky guy can’t be stimulated. His emotions are very complicated and passionate. He has a thousand words to tell, but he is a musician and he is not very good at words, so he simply put all his emotions into music creation and created this song" Almost a Horse’s Head "in one go."
That’s why Norman is playing this song now, and that’s why this thing has such a strange name.
The first paragraph of this song is very soothing and melodious, and it sounds very beautiful. Like "Cannon", it is naturally the type that can attract people’s attention with one ear, and Norman’s interpretation has not reduced this short paragraph.
Although Norman didn’t study music for a long time, the most he practiced during this period was Xiaoqin. What was even more frightening was that he had the double blessing of "Heart Sutra for Burying the Sun" and "Heart Sutra for Catching the Sea"
The Heart Sutra on the Burial Day has continuously improved his physical fitness, which has made his body heel and brain sogeum level advance by leaps and bounds. This point was already revealed by the A Man Called Autumn Flower Art Troupe, and then the healing article in the Heart Sutra on the Sea has amplified this progress speed, making Norman’s sogeum level a big step higher than before, which makes him suddenly stunned after one hand-although he has not touched the piano for several days, he seems to feel more comfortable.
This is because of the double blessing of "Heart Sutra for Burying the Sun" and "Heart Sutra for Catching the Sea". In the process of constantly transforming his body, all the memories of his body are more and more deeply imprinted on his bones, which includes both various martial arts and Xiaoqin skills.
Generally speaking, Norman can now be called a qualified musician in terms of light piano skills, which makes him present the meaning of this song completely.
The first paragraph of "A Horse’s Head Missing" is beautiful and soothing, which should make people feel happy, but the girl in the dark is more and more afraid when listening to this music.
What she heard from it was dance music. This melodious and soothing tone made her seem to see the scene of the knight and his wife cheating on each other in the gossip, and they were dancing in the dim romantic candlelight.
The scene in the horror story seems to be reappearing.