But the former shark has filled the whole sea with dense fog

The fog was mixed with several microorganisms, which enabled Lin to see all the situations in the whole battlefield clearly, but they mainly came not to attack but to dispel the original fog.
Bang!’ The ship released a large number of light balls that penetrated the dense fog and scattered like meteors, but missed the target.
At the same time, the island tower cannon aimed at these ships.
Microbes all over the dense fog immediately absorb most impurities in the gas, and the distance from the island to the ocean creates a clear’ channel’
The dazzling light passed through this passage and directly hit a sailboat in the sea.
Boom-!’ The moment the light penetrated its shell, it melted the sea smoke.
And the tower cannon turned again and aimed at another ship.
Although the light is still dazzling, it didn’t hit this time
The targeted ship and all the nearby ships suddenly turned over and entered the sea again before shooting, and this time they didn’t float in the sea, but dived directly into the water and swam towards the island.
At the same time, Tianlin also saw many huge shadows. It seems that … they have a new army coming.
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Reinforcement
The war in the sea is going on slowly
Two troops approached the island from heaven to earth, and the sailboat was paddling like a fish near the edge of the island, while some huge objects appeared in the middle, which looked like a square army.
These squares are about 50 meters in size, which seems to be the original land crawling. Those squares fly up, and the legs can be seen at the bottom …
They didn’t attack directly, but slowly approached Lynn Island.
And Lynn didn’t attack them directly, but thought …
Where did they come from? Can you deliver it to the place?
If it can be sent to a place, it can be sent directly to the island. There is no need for such a siege by the sea, so they should have several fixed delivery points
But where can I send these?
With the sound of the waves, a sailboat has approached the island, and it suddenly rushed out of the water and stepped on the beach of prison island.
The sailboat is still the other way around, but its three masts are divided into two halves, forming a beach like six joints and walking slowly.
An upside-down sailboat is crawling on the ground? It seem that black metal is an imaginative creature.
Or is this something design by that crystal lizard? After all, they fuck the boat.
Bang!’ With the sound of the waves, more ships climbed the prison island, and they moved slowly on the ground. Because of their weight, every step they took would make the mast legs deeply inserted into the ground and then pulled out to move on.
Although you can still walk, your speed is very slow.
Boom!’ At the same time, the cube also landed on the island, and with the landing sound, their bottom legs moved together with an island sailboat.
What exactly do they want to do?
Is it to destroy this island? Or … Have other ideas?
Lin thought about the time when several guard towers on the island instantly flashed into powder …
It seems that they are well aware of the threat of these towers, but Lin still hasn’t fought back.
Lin, there are not many troops here, and there is no way to make too many or powerful troops because of lack of time, so there is no way to stop them.
In this case, we need some long-distance reinforcements.
"What do those things really want to do?" On the other side, the general is watching the battle
But it saw a small part.
"Can’t you get any closer?" The image in front of the general keeps flashing. It can only understand the situation through a map image next to it …
The map shows that a large number of red dots in the sea have landed on the island.
"I can’t get close. The whole area has been strongly disturbed. I can observe the general from a distance," said a nearby operator
"They don’t want to put the criminals out? Is there any valuable role for criminals in it? " The general wondered, "And it seems that they fought there just now …"
"There are a lot of criminals with several crimes in it," said the operator, "but some strange things have happened there recently."
"What is a strange thing?"
"We’ve always received reports of casualties in prisons, but we haven’t received them recently," said the operator. "It seems that the criminals inside have become more peaceful."
"Is this …" The general was suddenly one leng when he heard this.
"Is it the fluff … by those alien monsters …"
The general bowed his head and hesitated. When the operator saw it, he wondered, "What’s the matter, General? What should we do?"
"Attack there," the general suddenly looked up and said, "Those alien monsters all gather in that place, and there should be nothing to intercept them. Now it’s a good opportunity to destroy them in one fell swoop, and it’s still the sea … Right! Attack there! Prepare a type 7 explosive bomb! "
"General, are you sure you want to do this?" The operator wondered, "We don’t know the specific situation there yet."
"There are no enemy troops in our army," said the general. "Attack there!"
As the general ordered a ground-based missile silo in a nearby base, several’ interception test’ missiles were slowly fired first and rushed to the target prison island.
"hit the target!" "France confirms whether to intercept or not, but the explosion site is less than 100 meters away from the previous customized target."
When the general in the command room heard the operator’s report on the interception test, he immediately said, "Fire!"
Cut!’ Once again, the silo hit a shell with a’ 7′ missile engraved on it, from which it flew out and rushed into the distant sky.
"It’s almost close to the ocean." While listening to the report, the general watched the missile pass by the city, and the landscape kept retreating, while the distant ocean also appeared.
The huge squares and sailboats of Haitang Island are crawling on land, and they all gather in the center of the island. The original prison tower and wall have crashed and collapsed, but they don’t seem to notice the situation in the distance.
"This is a good opportunity …" The general stared at the image closely and muttered that the virtual people around him couldn’t hear the sound and the missile was close to the coast edge.
"What’s that?" But at this moment, the general suddenly saw a light in the image before him, and then "pa" disappeared with the image.
"How …" The general is wondering …