"Brother Black Knife’s sharp savings are now only a master. At present, she has made a gold-level training card, so she is safe and quiet. She broke her skills when she broke through to extraordinary holiness … 1 gold and 2 purple."

Well, it should cost 3 gold in the future, but it can be slightly reduced according to personal talent when breaking through.
Theoretically, if the barrier is thinned by grinding before the bottleneck, the extra’ effort’ needed for breakthrough can be reduced accordingly.
after that
It’s 3 gold-level skills.
Genyuanshui 3 Tuan
3 pieces of magical objects
5 pieces of grading materials
"The root cause of the water is to see if Sidina’s transaction is needed in the warehouse first."
"It’s more common to accumulate sacred objects and grade materials, but it also means that the value of grade materials can be traded here to buy and exchange Yonghui Stone."
These grading materials need high-end ceremonies.
In particular, a super oasis like’ Falling Star City’ is bound to have the most basic myth awakening ceremony, which needs and may consume a lot.
For the normal myth awakening ceremony, if you don’t know after swimming, you may be able to find out from Sidina … Cough.
However, the normal non-human awakening arrangement ceremony costs a lot.
He leads the awakening, and the consumption is about equal to.
By analogy, the demand for materials will be far greater than his "two pieces"
"Even if you don’t need to buy Yonghui Stone, these materials can be exchanged. I need to be’ sexual’ when I am burning a fire."
"I always keep my chips … although this kind of material is put on the exchange list, no one has changed it."
One sample browsing, statistically speaking, there are 3 pieces left in the grade.
"Show me that the level of deception is’ all swords (gold)’"
"It is said that the level of deception is’ hidden in the sky (gold)’"
"Showing the award-winning props’ directional delivery of orbs (gold)’"
"the secret canopy (gold)"
"The ability to increase the secret canopy does not increase the holder’s two dimensions, but it can increase the holder’s secrecy and unpredictability."
"Ability 2: The secret field, the secret scope, the secret will not be exposed."
"Capability 3: The canopy of the war creates a canopy that interferes with peeping from outside."
"It is said that this is a trap originated from" RMB # @% *&""
This decoy can’t increase its combat power at first glance, but …
It can hide itself and dress up as a pig to eat … Ah, bah, it can prevent being peeped at! Fang’s tutor was a little tired of being watched from the sky all the time when the pre-wave besieged the city.
He’s always peeking. No one’s peeking!
"At the same time, this deception device can greatly enhance its’ secrecy’, which is not so easy to be divined, that is to say, if Anmei holds it and then enters the deep level of deception through the back door, the security will be greatly improved."