"Yes," Zhuang said with a smile. "I just saw tens of thousands of possibilities, each of which was abandoned by halves. All the investment was made in Shui Piao." Zhuang said not far away that "it is far better to aim high than to start from the simplest."

"What if the industrial party exiled the metal in the era of technology to create a new mining opportunity?"
Old boom and Xiao Wei were dumbfounded.
"If we have ten or twenty excavators like this, will we be able to compete with the war dogs?"
Old boom looked at the excavator.
This thing looks very ugly, weird and unnatural to him.
But at present, this giant excavator is also a big guy, although the height is not as high as that of the war giant dog, but it is much larger than that of human beings.
If ten or twenty excavators really surround the war dog …
Um …
Old boom eyes lit up.
They took apart the excavator parts one by one, looked at them, sniffed them, and sometimes took a bite, and then tinkled next to them.
In a short time, all kinds of shell parts were scattered all over the floor.
Look at them busy. Zhuang is not far away. Smile.
Lao Bang didn’t realize that his dispute with Xiao Wei had been settled easily by Zhuang.
They have worked according to earth standards.
Then the question is, which excavator technology is stronger?
Chapter 572 Xu Jianfei recruits.
Another sunset gardener sat Xu Jianfei lovingly in the manor martial arts field and stared at the distance with a big stone.
It’s not far from the same dull village.
It’s outrageous to train the soldiers to leave the back manor.
Xu Jianfei tried his best to train manor servants and nurses into qualified soldiers, but all failed.
After watching a terrible scene of a car accident, hou zhuang was not far from realizing …
"Mom, I finally understand what manor servants and manor troops are completely different!"
The species domesticated by manor owners are highly professional, but it also means that they lose more possibilities and are far from being as plastic as humans.
As described in the third-rate dystopian film, everyone has been decided at birth, and the future development of farmers is farmers, craftsmen, artisans and gardeners can always do this …
The body and skills may be changed, but the way of thinking and habits are deeply rooted in the genes.
Similarly, the manor owners also domesticated the military races, but these races have been extinct.
When Zhuang was not far away, I wondered why the manor army didn’t have an identity card.
Recently, the manor has unlocked the "farm employee card" and "employee card". Think about it again. After the manor becomes a manor town, you can build a regional village called "private barracks". What is not far away?
Before becoming a "manor town", there were generals in the manor, and the number of ten "warriors" was really a welfare after joining the Covenant.
The ten private soldiers allocated by the Covenant to the manor owner is a trial outfit and also a kind of support and help for the newly started manor owner.
Of course, now even the Covenant is gone, and there are no private soldiers in Zhuang for the women’s basketball girls.
Now that I think about it, it’s not a pity that Shaobang Zhuang has accomplished an important achievement not far away.
The manor can really have its own private soldiers from the "manor town"
The ID card of "Private Soldiers Card" should be unlocked only after the "Private Barracks" area is built.
The problem is that Zhuang is not far from the area. Is there any concept of private barracks?
Not far from Zhuang, I went to turn over the manor again
"The area is divided into independent buildings separately, and the scope is delineated to build three types of unlockable areas of the same type of buildings, and at the same time unlock the identity cards’ military manager’ and’ private soldier card’"
"At present, the private barracks area can be built with building arms drill field (already built), sentry post, watchtower, armory, infantry battalion, cavalry battalion, quartermaster …"
"At present, the miscellaneous army with the building’ martial arts field’ can train new arms. Please open the private barracks area to train new arms."
"Miscellaneous brands take up arms, and civilians’ fighting capacity is low, which is mainly used to maintain public order …"
Not far from Zhuang, cover your face
The manor is not a group of miscellaneous troops now, okay?