The sound behind me must be a newcomer to the teahouse. I didn’t blow back this cup of tea floating along the edge with the cup head in my hand.

"No, these positions are reserved for my friends."
"Your friend didn’t come?" That sound still doesn’t give up asking.
"no! They always replied, "I looked at the cups in front of me."
"Your friend is too unpunctual, isn’t it? This tea is cold when he really comes." The voice still didn’t give up. He said to me, "Speaking of friends, you have to look carefully before you make friends. I once made a friend, and he invited me to eat a crab. As a result, I put my life on the line, so I still have to make fewer friends."
The teacup in my hand hovers over my mouth. It turns out that I haven’t forgotten how to laugh. I haven’t laughed for many years. I can’t help but smile and still don’t look back.
"Crabs don’t have a cup of green tea. If you ask me to drink this friend, will you dare to pay it?"
The person behind me sat next to me and took the cup without hesitation. He also stopped his mouth and looked up at me with an unruly evil smile on his mouth.
I’m an alchemist. I’m here
The alchemist is temporarily finished today, and it’s almost half a year since the first day of sending it. Thank you for staying with me for a long time. I’d like to take this opportunity to chat with you.
The biggest gain of writing this is to get everyone’s support and encouragement. Writing this type of article for the first time is full of shortcomings. Everyone has always been full of praise for meanness. I tried to tell a story. When I was satisfied with it, I posted it, posted it on the Internet and had a forum. At that time, it was simple and realistic, just like raising a child. I hope this child can be recognized by more people. It is my pride as well as my pride.
But after all, relying on the Internet can make more friends see this story. After I received it, I suddenly found that this kind of heart and satisfaction were gradually bound. Although it is estimated that 27 cents a day fell to the ground, many friends would not pick up the amount, but in my eyes, it was divided into a kind of responsibility and contract. Of course, it was also said that writing this was not expected to make every friend recognize it. After all, there were 1,000 Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, which could make me feel at ease and ask myself first. Maybe the plot would be biased, but I think I was worthy of that 27 cents.
The original plan was to write the seventh chapter, but think about it. I have finished telling the story. I have cut down the sixth and seventh chapters, but there is no conflict and deletion in the text.
I believe many friends can guess who the new master is, and they have learned a lot and realized many shortcomings, which can be regarded as the accumulation of experience and skills. Being humble first will definitely make the new achievements further. Of course, this requires the support and correction of all friends.
Last night, when I wrote the last final word, I was really reluctant to part with it. Suddenly, I felt a lot of thoughts in my heart. I wanted to say that before, I would reply to comments and interact with my friends. Later, after updating, I didn’t even write anything. Some friends privately said that before, I didn’t dare to tell the truth. Now I can tell the truth. I have always said that I am not affected. It’s really self-deception. The hardest thing for alchemists is not to write stories, but to read comments. Every day, I try my best to make corrections and drums. There were blows and criticisms. Slowly, I found that reading these comments would directly affect my writing, and the more I was afraid of writing badly, the more timid I became. Until the end, I didn’t dare to read the comments at all and didn’t reply. I didn’t really let go until yesterday.
It’s a bit cheap to say this. I really want to write this well on my grades. It’s not so good, but it’s not bad. Everyone has the honor to hold it up. Here, I really want to say thank you.
Finally, the ending is not happy or sad, is it? The alchemist, I thought about the ending first before writing the ending. The only change that has not changed is that Mu Xixue said sincerely that this is my favorite woman and wanted her to live well. As a result, a friend of mine said that if Xiao San was allowed to live happily (of course, I never thought Mu Xixue was a Xiao San), she could not play happily with me …
The new China society is completely different in style from the alchemist, but some characters in the alchemist will appear again, so it won’t be too dramatic
I’m an alchemist. I’m here for a new meeting. I’ll update you recently. Goodbye, friends.
My last career
Zhe 57491
There are frozen bones on the rotten road in Zhumen.
The traffic is everywhere, the refugees are everywhere, and the enemy is invading …
These are the most authentic portrayal at the end …
At the end of July, the second year of Chongzhen, Jin Bing committed Zunhua. At this time, the modern special forces unexpectedly came to this stormy world and became a bandit leader who didn’t even have enough to eat.
It has long been a very common thing for this people to die in a bad time.
The remaining bandits who fell to the ground did not even look at them and continued to flee.
Because they know that they have to run a few more miles into the mountains, keep close behind everyone, and constantly consume their effective strength through rapid assault, and then the golden cavalry can no longer stand themselves.
Perhaps a dozen late Jin cavalry are not familiar with the terrain here, and they are not clear about the bandits’ thoughts. They directly recognize that more than 100 Koreans who dare to attack themselves in front of them have become their own things, and they can destroy them as they want.
Just like playing a game, it consumes more than 100 people’s effective strength bit by bit.
In this way, after more than a dozen late Jin cavalry behind them, the hopeful forest finally appeared in front of everyone.
Running all the way has been exhausted by hunger for a long time, and his consciousness has slowed down. When bandits see the Woods, it is like seeing hope. They will directly push their physical strength to the limit and run to the Woods where they are getting closer and closer.
At this time, I plan to continue to drag more than a dozen late Jin cavalry with the Hundred Dynasties, and finally realize that something is wrong. When a white cavalry makes a loud roar, more than a dozen stamina cavalry directly line up, just like a huge harrow sweeping along the direction in which hundreds of bandits fled, trying to disperse the bandits and prevent them from rushing into the Woods.
Although the idea of the late Jin cavalry is good, they underestimate the powerful ability that people can explode in life and death.
A dozen Houjin cavalry roared and rushed at the last dozens of bandits at the same time. Very unexpectedly, they stopped running, raised their humble weapons and launched a counter-charge against the Houjin cavalry.
At the same time, there was a roar loud among dozens of bandits. "How do brothers treat us well at ordinary times? I won’t say much about it. After the big family fiercely blocked it, the Jin Dalai brothers rushed to me …"
More than 30 bandits have spears and broadswords in their hands, and what’s more, they directly hold an arm and a thick wooden stick, just like fierce wolves who are not afraid of death screaming and rushing to a dozen late gold cavalry.
Although everyone is a moth to a fire, their death is not meaningless.
In two minutes, more than 30 bandits gave their lives to their "comrades-in-arms" behind them in just two minutes.
With a full face of anger, more than a dozen late Jin cavalry are ready to continue their pursuit after solving more than 30 bandits. When I hate it, more than 60 bandits have rushed into the Woods with the injured leader and fled
Just made up of crowded thatched cottages, after the attack, Jin Dalai was hit in the head by an iron bar of the latter Jin Dalai, and then a comatose stockade owner Wei Zhengzheng lay still with a calm face.
The only people in the cottage who can say anything are walking back and forth around Weizheng, showing a face of anxiety.
It was a slight cough that suddenly sounded from Wei Zheng’s mouth, and then a slight sound came from Wei Zheng’s mouth to everyone’s ears
"Water … I want to drink water …"
"Master … Master wakes up … What are you waiting for? The horse is looking for water to drink."
The middle-aged Han, the oldest among several people, said with a face of excitement, and then as gently as possible, he would lie down and help Wei Zheng get ready to feed him with water.
In a blink of an eye, ten minutes passed. When Wei Zheng gradually woke up and slowly opened his eyes, what he saw was not a hospital, a doctor or his comrades-in-arms, but a group of middle-aged Chinese dressed in costumes he had never seen before.
The first thing a special soldier should do is to be familiar with his surroundings, especially a strange place he has never seen before.
Just as Wei Zheng was preparing for the mouth, the middle-aged Han, who was opposite him, suddenly became excited and said, "You are finally awake. If you don’t wake up, our stronghold will be dissolved …"
"Shanzhai …" Hearing these two words, he said with a puzzled look.
It should be clear that there are only a few ethnic minorities left in China in the future, but if the other party is a minority, how can they speak Chinese and call themselves masters?
With a deep sense of incomprehension, I asked, "I’m in charge … the cottage is going to be dissolved … what’s the matter?"
Hear Wei Zheng inexplicably ask middle-aged Han eyebrows a twist a face of despair exclaimed, "don’t you forget … don’t be smashed by a tartar iron bar … how can this happen? Don’t we want our shanzhai brothers to continue to live …"
"Tatar …" This is another word that Wei Zheng heard.
There is a place and a time when I think of what I know about history, that is, I was shocked at the thought of it at the end of the year. Wei Zheng quickly turned his attention to the middle-aged Han body in front of him and tentatively asked, "Now I am facing … My head injury was beaten by the late Jin Dynasty …"
"Master, you remember …" The middle-aged Chinese face, which was just desperate, quickly showed a little excitement.