Hanging two or three meters off the ground.

Yang guang behind, of course, is almost full of fighters who have just come out from Jack nife zong.
"Why are you here?" Two since stop half to the population such as Fang Yang guang inquired.
Because before, they didn’t notice the fluctuation from the vicinity of Nielong Cave, but they felt the fluctuation from a place thousands of meters away.
Naturally, there are two since came to have a look.
Including the Xijiang Wushu Association, Wu Zongzong’s family invited to stay for the elderly.
"Back to adults since the channel has changed for more than a dozen" mouth is Wan Tao because of the question is Xijiang since the bosses.
However, what they value most is not this, but they want to ask if there are any good things in an ancient site.
After all, it is just the so-called opportunity and resources that they deliberately safeguard this small world! But you can’t just ask for it. That doesn’t fit their position of Wu Zong.
It’s best if someone gives filial piety automatically, so it’s no problem to pull it later.
But at this time, there was a general from Cui Jia, the capital of God.
He died by default because he didn’t find his junior for a long time, but he knew that he had a contradiction with Yang Guangyou before, and he didn’t mind counting this hatred as Yang Baldheaded.
More importantly, he was jealous that Yang Guang could get Jack nife Zongcheng.
And most fighters didn’t even drink a hot soup.
So he came out not long after he came out.
To the two tall Wu Zong respectfully said, "Weng Lao Wu Zong’s adult, this time we went to the ancient site, Mingtian Daozong, which must have been from you, but we didn’t get any benefits here because Jack nife Zongcheng was won by Yang Guang Yang Wu Zhan, a martial arts association from Hongcheng, Shu."
"No, he should be called a military commander now." His last sentence was intentional eye drops.
Cui Jiawu said that the old man was invited by the clan family, and he was also a well-known Wu Zong.
Since the circle strength is good, word of mouth is good.
But no matter how good the reputation of Wu Zong is, it is also one-sided. If there is something worthy of his criticism, he will do the same, even if he doesn’t ask for it directly, but he will definitely not give up.
People are often selfish animals.
Is a kind of energy
Sometimes if you don’t do something that goes against your heart, it’s because you want to see whether the benefits are great or not, even if it’s really meaningful, it’s definitely extremely rare.
Naturally, the Cui Wu commander made a scene with his whole heart, and those military commanders who came out behind were not ignorant of the situation, but they still followed the input and wanted to let Wu Zong make moves.
Want to get something from Yang Guang to get everyone a point.
As the saying goes, how can those who sit in rows and eat fruits be willing to do so?
But they can’t do it, but Yang Guang is fine, but Wu Zong can!
Maybe Yang Guang will take the initiative to share it with everyone.
To provoke Yang guang discontent?
This Cui Guwu will not care because he is not in a circle and people can’t control him.
More importantly, the law does not blame the public!
However, his words made Wan Tao unbearable. If he was missed by a Wu Zong, Yang Guangke would be in big trouble.
"Since the adult it is Yang guang chance still hope …" Wan Tao words haven’t finished when he was interrupted.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Bold Yang Guang
"Wan Tao Wan Huichang, you don’t want Yang Guang, Yang Wu will be your martial arts association, so you have to have them. You know, this time we left without saying anything, and it also damaged our manpower."
Speaking is a military commander, but when Yang Guang turned away, he shrank back and didn’t want to directly offend Yang Guang. It would be uncomfortable if he was determined to take care of him alone.
Even the demon Xiong Meng can turn over the military commanders, but he can’t afford to offend them anyway.
He dared to talk, but he didn’t think it was a big problem. After all, their booing people had the "Wu Zong" adults in charge.
This kind of situation, even the Wu Zong of Xijiang Wushu Association, is not good at this moment to help Yang Guang rashly.
Very offensive
After all, once he gets involved, things will naturally get complicated. Maybe some people will. He wants to eat alone because Yang Guang is a martial arts association and many martial arts associations in China are one.
Even if there is friction, it is a natural ally!
Everyone is waiting for the old man to say something fair.
However, this seems fair, but it is not fair at all.
It is extremely unfavorable to Yang Guang.
Yang guang panic don’t panic at this time?