Therefore, it is very important for China that the seal of the Great Emperor Ziwei in Zhongtian and Arctic is sealed.

Xu was the first to go to Ziwei Palace to stop Elves from refining the seal of Ziwei Emperor in Zhongtian Arctic.
It is still important that the seal of the immortal emperor of Antarctica gave feedback to Xu tui. Among the information of the six emperors, the six emperors, the Zhongtian and the Arctic Ziwei Emperor were the first to be confirmed and found out.
Ziwei Palace, also known as Ziwei Palace, is inhabited by Ziwei Emperor in Zhongtian and Arctic.
At this time, the seal of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor can hook up with a purple Zhan Ran in the six royal seals.
Although the seal of the Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica has no connection with its six imperial seals, it can barely indicate the direction, especially the heaven.
Xu tui will follow the seal index of the Antarctic immortal emperor towards Ziwei Palace.
First destroy the Elves.
Even though the Eldar may have accumulated more strength, Xu tui thinks he can be shameless enough to play with the Eldar.
Even people like Kitawan and Langxu can be sacrificed when necessary.
It is also worthwhile to be able to destroy the Eldar in the small universe of heaven.
With Xu tui gradually moving away from Shenxiao Palace, the ability of exploring the surrounding area by the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor is getting weaker and weaker, and the consumption of Xu tui is also increasing, so Xu tui can stop.
It takes less than twenty minutes to get back to my heart and be familiar with the sense of peep before moving.
Someone peeked at himself
But telepathic scanning in all directions still can’t find where the sense of peep comes from.
There is a faint sense of malice in the case of strengthening telepathy
There should be enemy scouts here, like Aoyama Kenai.
But the hateful thing is that the hiding ability is extremely high, and it may be the same as Qingshan Chennai that Xu can’t find it.
Although micro-induction in Xu Xu’s telepathy can be found and found
However, micro-induction is a point-by-point search for such a vast area, and it has not been guided to find it until the Year of the Ox.
Xu retired with awe.
This means that he has entered the enemy’s investigation range.
Maybe the enemy is not far from him.
At the same moment, Ziwei Palace has just finished the myth of the elite knot, and suddenly Wula received a special way to send an urgent message.
After reading the information myth, Lord Ulla couldn’t help staying "Xu retired and found it himself!" Look at the direction or the Ziwei Palace?
Does he know about me?
Or did Qingshan really spit? "
In an instant, the mythical Lord Ula looked at another person not far from her. "Kubo, a tree, are your bones soft?"
Kubo a tree suddenly jumped up for a moment. "What do you mean, my Lord?
You can scold us, punish us, question our strength, but never insult our iron bones!
Our Yamato bones are the hardest in the world! "
"Then explain to me why this retreat came directly to our Ziwei Palace after Qingshan Chennai was captured!" Myth Lord Ulla stared at Kubo tree coldly.
"Adult I explain! But I can assure you that Aoyama Kenai will never betray us!
Aoyama Shinai is our best assassin warrior with an iron heart! Even if it is cut inch by inch, it will not betray us a little information. "
Say that finish Kubo a tree looking at the myth of the Lord Ulla still cold eyes suddenly interrupted before kneeling, "adult I my head!