Wu Ma quickly walked over to Liu Xiayu and put her hand on the bed. She grabbed the blade in Liu Xiayu’s hand and said, "Liu Xiayu, what the hell are you doing?"

A good child is caused by her sins, and as a result, Oh Ma is heartbroken to the extreme. It’s a sin to protect her own son and let another woman who is suffering from life suffer so much. It’s really uncomfortable for Oh Ma to look at the scars, harsh red and rich blood smell of Liu Xia’s language hand.
"Oh mom, I won’t feel heartache. Give me back the blade." Liu Xia knelt on the ground and apricot eyes had been dyed with a dense tone and a deep prayer.
Chapter 91 You hurt yourself.
So is the corner of Wu Ma’s eye. She owes Liu Xia language, and I’m afraid she can’t make amends in this life.
"No, I’m going to tell Ji Yu." Oh Mom’s line trembled and turned to rush out. Fortunately, Liu Xia grabbed her wrist and dragged her knees for a few steps. She earnestly asked for help.
"Oh mom, I beg you, don’t tell him. Never tell him I won’t do it again. I promise I won’t do it again."
Look at her eyes with tears in her eyes, she cried out and begged for mercy. Oh, mom was so embarrassed that she had an impulse to kill herself. After half a ring, Oh, mom slowly said, "Xia Yu, good boy, don’t do such things that hurt yourself, okay?"
Liu Xia rose from the ground and thanked her, "Thank you, Oh Mom, for being kind to me like my family."
This sentence of gratitude from the mouth is like a sharp knife inserted into Wu Ma’s heart. It is accurate and vigorous. Wu Ma’s whole expression changed from stiff to muttered, "I have something to do in Xia Yu. I put it in bed for you. Don’t be stupid."
Oh mom’s voice trembled and she fled out of the children’s room. Looking at Oh mom’s back, Liu Xia’s language was slightly stunned. After half a ring, she glanced at the white gift and folded the white fur. She always felt that Oh mom was strange. On the one hand, she couldn’t say it.
Turn around and dry the blood from the arm wound with some paper towels, and then take some simple medicine. After that, Lu Xia decided to take a nap. It’s only 3 o’clock in the afternoon. She decided to sleep for two hours, then get up for food, and then make a simple dress before going to her parents’ house.
I can’t help but feel a strong irony at the thought of the word maiden’s family. Is it really her maiden’s family? Since she married Ji Yu, she has returned there a few times. Moreover, she feels abandoned when she knows that she is not a biological child of Lujia, because she has her own parents and real relatives. She hasn’t once thought about looking for them.
She doesn’t know if she is too cold-blooded. She knows that the world is cruel and indifferent. She never knows what the moment is facing. She would rather not know than escape.
After sitting on the plane for more than ten hours, she didn’t have a good rest. When she touched the bed, although there were some messy things flying in her mind, her body was very tired, so she quickly fell asleep with physical and mental pain.
In the case of knocking on the door twice, Ji Yu twisted the doorknob and went into the room by himself. When he saw the woman lying on the bed, Ji Yu relaxed his steps because he knew that the woman was not asleep at the root of the plane and did not talk to him, and he had been in a state of catnap.
Although it’s already 6 o’clock, let her sleep for a while. Ji Yu intends to let her sleep for another hour. Gradually approaching the children’s bed, Ji Yu unexpectedly saw the knife with blood shield and the garbage can on the bedside table. She didn’t come to deal with the bloody paper towel. Ji Yu suddenly took a breath, and then she met Lu Xia’s arm full of blood.
This list of things and her hand injuries obviously prove that this woman actually hurt herself. How long has it been? He didn’t know that he didn’t notice that the feeling of distress spread to the whole heart when she was bathing the night before yesterday. He was angry and annoyed regardless of whether Liu Xia was still asleep, and quickly lifted her other sleeve. Sure enough, the elbow part was full of small wounds that had healed.
While sleeping, she was surprised by this sudden move and quickly opened her eyes. When she didn’t see the season clearly, a roar came from the top of her head, "Liu Xia, you actually hurt yourself."
Since the child didn’t have a baby, she has always had a light sleep unless she is very tired. It is no exaggeration to say that she is living in fear now. Sometimes if the room rings a little, she will wake up from her dream and sweat and be frightened.
Liu Xia’s conditioned reflex sat up with frightened eyes, and the man who was close to him was a little angry. At this time, she realized that after Wu Ma left, she had put aside the bed ceremony and other things, and she had not come to clean up, so this man knew about self-harm
But what if I know? He can’t feel bad about it, and he will hurt himself soon. What’s the matter with him?
Liu Xia wants to pull back to be greeted by Ji Yu’s eyes as sharp as a leopard. "It doesn’t seem to matter to you, and we’re getting divorced soon. I don’t need your care."
"Liu Xia, we haven’t divorced yet, and you are still my nominal wife." His heart ached again and his feelings deepened.
"Didn’t you say I’m still your nominal wife? It’s none of your business." She once again ignored Ji Yu’s anger with indifference.
After half an hour’s silence, the anger gradually subsided, but my heart was limited to sadness. What should I do to make them all well? Do I really let her go? Do I give her freedom to start a new life? Or do I leave her by his side to continue to hurt each other or hurt myself?
His eyes were full of entanglements and loneliness, and he slowly put Liu Xia’s hand behind him and said, "Let’s get something to eat first. Let’s go back when we’re finished."
Then he went straight out of the children’s room and left a bleak back.
When I looked at it, it was after 6 o’clock. No wonder this man went into her room, smoothed out the sleeves on both sides, and then put on a coat and slowly went upstairs. Like this kind of social reception, it is generally difficult to fill the stomach. The table is prepared with some non-staple food and wine. Is it necessary for a wife or a young lady to attend this kind of dance? Is it a way to attract popularity? Everyone is busy greeting each other and who has time to enjoy food?
After dinner quietly, Liu Xia went back to her room to change clothes and prepared Ji Yu. She always had a good eye and knew her size like the back of her hand. Oh Ma sent her this dress without looking at it carefully.
White cheongsam looks like a long evening gift, and even the buttons are very delicate. There are also small diamonds in the colorful buttons for decoration and special China retro lace, which really complements each other.
Ji Yu is also considerate. She has prepared a white fur cloak, which can withstand the cold weather. Maybe he can be so considerate to every woman. Sitting in front of the mirror and painting makeup, she evoked a wry smile.
Because she was hit by Ji Yu’s face by mistake and there were still some bruises, she had to apply foundation layer after layer on her face, but no matter how she did it, there would still be some marks, but it would not be as obvious as before without makeup.
Put on that white fur and look at it. It’s already 7: 03. Father’s reception will be held at 7: 00, so we can’t be late.
After changing her shoes, she picked up a simple handbag and hit the door. At this time, Ji Yu had been waiting for a long time outside the door. He was also dressed up and full of gas.
Looking at the pure and noble Lu Xia language in front of her, she is like an elegant lily, which exudes a beautiful and gorgeous atmosphere, so beautiful that Ji Yu lost her soul for a while.
"Let’s go" was looked a little uncomfortable by Ji Yu. Liu Xia took the lead in passing him and going forward by himself.
After half an hour’s drive, Lu Xia and Ji Yu arrived in Lujia on time. At this time, Lujia was already crowded, and there were cars parked outside the city. The reporters had been waiting there for a long time. After seeing Lu Xia and Ji Yu get on the bus together, they raised their hands and shot at them fiercely.
Fortunately, Ji Yu was well prepared, and several bodyguards swarmed and blocked the reporters from getting closer.
"Is it true that manager Ji heard that you and the other lady are getting divorced?"
"Is it because of the intervention of mistress that affects your feelings?"
"Recently, I have photographed you closely with Director Yuan of the company flag. Is she the mistress referred to by the outside world?"
The reporter’s questions are sharper than one, hitting Ji Yu and Lu Xia. In front of the reporter, they prove that their feelings are closer than Jin Jian’s Ji Yu’s. He hugged Lu Xia’s waist and walked to the villa. He pressed his lips one after another and did not explain.
And being blocked by bodyguards from getting close to reporters can also capture the intimate behavior of the two people, and they are also disappointed to wait outside the Lujia gate for the reappearance of Ji Yu and Lu Xia.
"The play is over, right? You can let it go when it’s over." Liu Xia said coldly.
Ji Yu ignored Liu Xia’s language or hugged her waist and swore to him that maybe after today, they can’t be as close as this anymore.