Is no longer the original universe.

The resurrection stone tablet in the center of Goblin camp shines, which can illuminate a small area of the camp, but the bright forest is eye-catching and will attract nearby people soon.
There are too many forest predators at night.
It is best not to take risks in this environment.
Because even an old driver like Hang Yu is in danger of overturning.
However, when the four people were chatting and sitting in the camp, suddenly a majestic voice sounded in everyone’s mind. "The trial test is coming to an end. Please leave the spiritual world for ten minutes."
All four were surprised.
When they close their eyes and call out the selection interface, the "return to this world" option is grayed out, which means that they can return to the real world.
Zhang Xiaoqiang said excitedly, "Can I finally go back and continue to eat chicken? !”
Angelnan almost burst into tears. "God, this experience is like a dream!"
Zhao is still the most stable and calm one. "We should leave a connection with each other."
Zhang Xiaoqiang immediately said, "My mobile phone WeChat QQ number is the boss. If you must contact me, you will expect to follow the boss!"
"Don’t bother." Angelnan closed his eyes. "I have just tried the mobile phone function here. Not only can WeChat make it seem to be able to make calls … but it will produce aura spar consumption."
After that, she opened her eyes and looked forward to looking at Hang Yu. "Great God, let’s add a friend to each other!"
Anyone can see that the most awesome person is Hang Yu. Without his leadership, I’m afraid I’ll still be streaking in the forest!
Hang Yu closes his eyes and breathes out the spirit interface.
When you call the spirit world mobile phone, you will be familiar with the mobile phone desktop.
Surprisingly, some of the communication software can also have the function of taking photos, even the mobile banking can not know what the principle is.
Remote communication will consume a certain aura.
Want to cross the border? That’s true, but
But you have to consume the spirit world spar!
After four people add friends to each other, they click the option to return to this world.
Hang Yu felt sucked in by a whirlpool, and then returned to the familiar small apartment, and all the clothes came back.
It’s almost dawn.
It’s about nine or ten o’clock in the afternoon.
Hang Yu entered the spiritual world in the early hours of the morning and spent almost ten hours in the spiritual world.
In other words, the velocity base is exactly the same in the real time and the spiritual world.
Everything is like a dream.
Let a person feel unreal.
But Hangyu knows very well that this is not a dream.
The world has moved to a dramatic singularity. Once ordinary and silent life has gone completely, the door to a new era has been opened.
Chapter 13 Great changes in this world