"There are only a handful of the heavens that can hide the secret and deceive our senses." The founder of Taiping lowered his voice.

"Either the demon clan conspires that the SIRS demon gods can destroy the Terran by virtue of the wild and strong, and the SIRS demon gods and I are trapped together in Kunlun Mountain, which attracts our attention and makes us relax our vigilance, or it’s possible that the wonderful show is the most impenetrable one in the universe, and he also has a very mysterious technique of shielding the secrets." It’s too easy to teach our ancestors.
Taiping’s ancestor shook his head. "It can’t be a wonderful show. There is no reason to do so. Racial war is not good for him."
Without benefits, there will be no motive, which seems to have become a consensus among people, because everyone is a monk and will not do anything that is unappreciative.
"There is another force that has this strength." The Taiping ancestor suddenly said.
"Huh?" Too easy to teach one leng.
"The nether world appeared in this deity war. It seems that these guys in the nether world are restless. They want to share a share of the world and constantly erase the strength of our Terran. These hateful guys have an opportunity." Taiping’s ancestor’s eyes are shining.
It’s too easy to hear this. The godfather didn’t know what to think for a long time.
"Forget it, I don’t have time to think so much. Let’s deal with the big race war first. We are ready for it. What we have to do now is to delay the big race and stay in the middle of the world for a while, so that our Terran can win more opportunities." Too easy to teach the ancestors to say that and their bodies are dissipating.
Looking at the back of Taiyi’s godfather leaving, the Taiping godfather left with a slight sigh.
Yu Duxiu, the penalty platform, slowly walked from the penalty platform, strolled towards the Taoist temple in Taiping Road, and his eyes flashed with thinking.
"This punishment table is really mysterious. It’s really mysterious that anyone who punishes God wants to enlist the best executioner’s hand to slay the gods." Jade Duxiu’s figure appears in bluestone and looks at the punishment table’s eyes when it’s all over. There seems to be a causal operation to form a cycle.
"God rules mortals, mortals slay the guilty gods, because the fruit is too complicated, even if I have the causal magical power, it will be difficult to see it clearly." Jade Duxiu frowned and slowly sat down on the bluestone, not far away, and Jade Duxiu enlightened the jade boy to sit there quietly and practice his magical power.
After a long time of "causal cycle", Jade Duxiu spat out a sigh of relief and flashed a bit confused in her eyes.
Chapter 1279 III in the wild
"The eye of cause and effect can’t consider so much, but now the plan is a road to heaven." Jade Duxiu put a pair of eyes on the balance of cause and effect and looked at the virtual body in the distance. A figure walked out of this figure with this handle, and the clock body was surrounded by countless ancient patterns. The mountains, rivers and stars are constantly ups and downs in chaos
This figure holding chaos clock whole body can’t see the slightest step towards the wild.
"When SIRS demon gods promised to divide the wilderness, now it is the time to set up the Dojo." In the eyes of III, the jade disc circulation keeps the whole Terran situation in the eyes, and it is the most beneficial for his family to constantly calculate.
Daoist magic’s operation of Jade Duxiu has been speculated for a long time before he took a step forward and fell to the depths of the wilderness. chaos clock gently shook the bell and hammer and hit the chaos clock wall, only to see chaos clock’s chaotic roar, the sun, the moon and the stars rotating, and the rivers flowing in heaven and earth. A powerful sonic wave swept away from the center of the body in all directions, and the whole world was clearly audible.
"this clock"
Several great powers looked up at the clock source at this time.
Sirs demon god in the wild suddenly raised his head and looked at the clock source with horror and came to the front of III.
"Met a Taoist friend" Fox God emerged from the void with a smile in his eyes, but gnashed his teeth in his mouth. Did something unpleasant happen when Jade Duxiu III snatched the gourd in the wild? Fox God has always hated it. If he hadn’t scrupled about Jade Duxiu III’s physical strength, he would have been unable to help himself.
At this time, Jade Duxiu III is not what he used to be. It can mobilize the disaster of heaven and earth. chaos clock may not have three strikes. It’s no big deal to knock a few more. It’s not a big deal to squeeze Jade Duxiu.
"I’ve seen Taoist friends in Kunlun Mountain. I didn’t expect Taoist friends to finally choose me to settle down in the wild." Tiger God came out from the void with a dignified and domineering face and a smile.
Jade Duxiu looked at the tiger god and nodded slightly. He was noncommittal about the tiger myth. A pair of eyes looked at the emptiness, but he saw that the demon gods in the distance came here one after another or looked at Jade Duxiu with joy or sorrow.
"I’ve met Daoyou."
"Friends are well"
Sirs demon gods all bowed to Jade Duxiu.
Yu Duxiu nodded in a confused voice. "I’ve seen many Taoist friends come here today to fulfill the agreement of that year. I wonder if many Taoist friends have any objection to delimiting a place in the wild and want to build a Dojo?"
The nine great ancestors of Terran, the number of quasi-immortals, changed their colors, and a pair of eyes looked at the savage land with horror. It was too easy for the ancestor to flow out of a winding river. "Oh, no, this mysterious strong man actually wants to settle in the savage land, which is not good for my Terran plan."
"What should I do?" Taiyijiao ancestral way
"Come on, let’s also go to the wild and mix a foot to see the excitement." Too easy to teach the ancestors to say that, and then they suddenly came to the wild and wild.
"Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t expect that it was really gratifying to see a Taoist friend in the wilderness of Kunlun Mountain." People have already crossed the sky before entering the wilderness, and if Lei Yin is rolling towards the wilderness, I don’t know how many small demons are too easy to shake out of the prototype in the words of the ancestor.
Don’t wait for Jade Duxiu III to answer. The lion god has taken a step to show his real body and covered the sun with his arms. He caught the past with his ancestor Tai Yi. "Old guy, this is my demon territory, and Terran is not welcome."
"It’s hard to say that the vast universe belongs to all sentient beings. What is the difference between you and me? This is also a big fallacy." It’s too easy for the ancestor to flow around the long river of fate. The blinding arm suddenly caught the past along the side of the ancestor. It’s too easy for the ancestor to stop and rush into the center of the wilderness.
"How dare you dare to shoot in front of all the demon gods in my wilderness?" Seeing that the lion god didn’t stop Taiyi’s ancestor Tiger God, he was furious and suddenly roared, and the sky and the earth were full of Shaqi, and this shocking roar and virtual collapse seemed like an earthquake, trying to bury Taiyi’s ancestor in the virtual.
"Tiger God, you’re getting worse and worse, and your temper is getting bigger and bigger. Why is it so big that it hurts your liver?"
In the virtual space, a piece of yellow paper slowly floated out, sending out all the golden brilliance to suppress everything in the world, and the rolling collapse sound waves solidified instantly as if the creator had pressed the pause button.
Taiping’s ancestor appeared slowly, and Fu Zhuan carried his hands and a pair of eyes and looked indifferently at SIRS demon gods. After that, SIRS ancestor Qi Qi came to this time.
Four earth-shattering dragons in the four seas roared into the sky, only to see four dragons covering the sky, and the cover flew up to the wild. Long Jun of the four seas also came to join in the fun at this time
This is a strong man, and it seems to be very powerful. If the strong man can win over the past five dragons of the four seas and add Yu Duxiu III, he will become the second largest race in the heavens.
See the four seas Long Jun also came to the wild SIRS demon god suddenly face a change, although the demon dragon has a trend, but at this time, it is absolutely impossible to call the dragon to come here, or even if the demon dragon has settled the Terran in the four seas, then five Long Jun in the four seas will add one pick and three more than more Jade Duxiu III. Isn’t it necessary to face a race as powerful as the Terran?
For the savage demon clan, the dragon is not very strong. It is enough to add savage to just overwhelm the Terran. If it is possible, the savage demon clan would rather hope that the Dragon King of the Four Seas would be "reduced" and that the Dragon King would be sealed off by the Terran during the race war.
"I don’t know what the Four Seas Dragon King is doing here," but I saw that Fang Ri Rabbit suddenly became bigger and blocked the way of the Four Seas Dragon King.
"Qi Qi, the nine great ancestors of Terran, is bound to be hostile to the wilderness. We have come here to help the wilderness. We must definitely not call the Terran wilderness to show off." In the words of Beihai Longjun, we are righteously righteous
"This ….." The other party really doesn’t know whether to continue to stop Fang Ri Rabbit in the name of supporting others. If it is blocked, it is bound to give each other a statement. Is it that the wilderness doesn’t need dragon help?
Do you want to invite the four seas to fight after the race war?
But if we don’t stop it, it’s absolutely not in the interest of the savage demon family to ask the four seas dragon king to come and join us.
"Friends from all over the world come to help us. Naturally, we welcome the extremely rabbit god. Don’t hurry to welcome friends from all over the world." While the rabbit god hesitated, he listened to the fox god’s mouth.
At this time, the ancestors of Terran were sullen. After listening to the words of Sihai Longjun, the whole person was not well. A pair of eyes were sullen and looked at Sihai Dragon. The ancestor of Taiyi was even more murderous and looked at Beihai Longjun. "What did you say before?"
At this time, the Dragon King of the Four Seas has come to the wild, and faced with Tai Yi’s ancestor’s query, the Dragon King of the East China Sea turned around and denounced the Dragon King of the North Sea. "Old four, what are you talking about? Don’t apologize to all the Terran Taoist friends."
After that, the Dragon King of Donghai paid a gift to the ancestral ancestors of Taiyi, the terran ancestors, and then said with a wry smile, "Don’t blame me, Taoist friends. Everyone should know that I am a one-track-minded person who has no brains to talk nonsense. Don’t blame him."
"Hum, if you want to help the demon race to suppress my Terran, it also depends on whether you can bear the consequences. Even if my Terran is driven out of the middle domain, it is still the largest race in the heavens. Revenge is not something that you can only afford in the four seas." Tai Dou’s godfather words look at the four seas Long Jun coldly.
Chapter 12 Delineation of Wild Land
After listening to Tai Dou’s cold threat words, the Dragon King in the East China Sea suddenly looked ugly. Anyway, the Dragon King in the East China Sea is an open strong man in the heavens, and it is simply scratching his face to be threatened like this.
The East China Sea Dragon King listened to the words of Tai Dou’s ancestor, and his mouth was cold and stiff. "Really?" If you have something to do, just flatten my four seas. I’m waiting for you all over the world. It will be interesting to see if your Terran has anything like that. "
With that, the Dragon King of the East China Sea no longer paid attention to Taidou’s ancestor, but turned his eyes to Jade Duxiu III. "I didn’t expect Kunlun Mountain to be so wild that Taoist friends would meet each other. If you want to build a Dojo in the four seas, you can take it if you want it."
"Long Jun’s welcome." Jade Duxiu III’s whole body is shrouded in chaos, and the corners of his mouth are gently tilted enough to make people feel jade Duxiu’s smile in chaos. "Taoist friends say that you are welcome. There must be an island in the four seas in the future. I hope Taoist friends will not regret it."
"Don’t regret it, don’t regret asking Taoist friends to enter my four seas. Is there any reason to regret it?" Long Jun of Donghai was ecstatic when he heard Yu Duxiu say this.
Yu Duxiu’s statement in this way means that Yu Duxiu III promised to build Beppu in the East China Sea in the future, which is meaningful and can reflect a lot of information.