"What they mean is that for this thing, someone must be able to stall the Dragon King-class target. We won’t use this weapon unless we have to."

Schneider closed the screen. Space-based kinetic energy weapons are really powerful, but the short board shows that they can’t sacrifice Lu Chen to make such weapons.
"I’m going to have a midnight snack. Do you need to bring you some?"
Anger got up and started walking towards the door.
Schneider was a little surprised. "Are you still in the mood for supper?"
Anger shrugged his shoulders. "What can I do? I can’t run in time. We can also do it here. It’s better to have a supper and come back and see the results. Maybe the child will have hacked God to death by then."
"You go. I’m here to command the Commissioner in Japan to carry out disaster evacuation."
Schneider is not in the mood for food taken late at night. He looks at the screen and hopes that the signal will light up on behalf of Liu Chenshen carrying the com.
The two tributaries in Chiguichuan converge on the cold river, the hot boiling water meets the cold and hot water, and when they mix, they make a loud noise like thunder.
This is Leiming Valley. It is said that one of the water sources of the Qiqi snake is Tamagawa. After it was killed, its blood soaked dozens of miles of land in Fiona Fang. The land has been red for thousands of years. This land is also called true red soil.
The roar of thunder and the symphony of thunder make people feel like they are in a thunder field 3.
The wind blew the nearby vegetation, and the willow tree was blown to a 45-degree angle. At the end of the passageway, the petals of the solitary cherry tree floated all over the sky and swept into the rain with the wind.
A branch with cherry blossoms couldn’t stand the strong wind, clicked and broke, and went forward with the wind, but stopped a moment later.
A vegetarian grabbed this twig with nothing and put it in front of her eyes to study it carefully.
Men’s long hair is naturally scattered in the wind, but it doesn’t look messy.
He drew thin eyebrows and painted brilliant red lips, looking forward to coming out of the peerless beauty in the rain
The cherry blossom twig was broken in half and thrown to the ground.
"It’s really fragile."
The wind coloured glaze sighed slightly, throwing aside the paper umbrella that was broken by the strong wind and walking towards the front.
It’s a large and wide well, and it may be a little inappropriate to say it’s a well, because except for its shape, the specifications are far beyond the scope of the well.
The diameter alone is nearly 40 meters, and if you don’t look at it, it will make people think of seeing the entrance and exit of the secret base in the animation.
At this time, a large number of people were manipulating various instruments around the well, and everyone was very excited to hide the rain curtain.
The sudden change of the sky confirmed what the king said. They really found God.
While those idiots of Sheqi’s family are still resisting god was buried’s troops on the sea.
The long-drawn-out war between the devils and the snakes is finally coming to an end today. After all, they beat us to it. In the end, the snakes and the snakes missed a move.
The difference in this move determines the outcome.
All the members of the nightmare are excited to look at the commander on the side of the high platform. The man is wearing a mask that can play or be a king.
No one can see the expression of general Wang. He is simply directing the roadheader to increase power. They are ready.
This is the Iron Dome Temple. Once the fulcrum has determined the position of God, they will play the Red Ghost River Channel to introduce God into this true red well, and they will hunt it.
It’s the demons who worship God, but worship God’s power. They don’t want to bow down and pray directly.
The worst ghouls taught them that if they want to be strong, they must devour each other’s value, and God’s value is high enough for them to devour.
After being baptized by the blood of God, they will completely transform into dragons, complete that grand evolution and gain unprecedented freedom from now on.
No more fear, no more people to trap them. They once hunted and imprisoned them, and the family will be reborn and tremble before them.
"How did you do that?"
The wind coloured glaze went to the high platform and saw the true red well. The light asked him that it was only today that he learned that the ghouls in this place didn’t believe him.
"What do you mean?"
Wang will calmly continue to direct the excavation.