Yao Shangqing smiled and nodded. "Ok, I will let him work hard when he comes back."

At the end of the month, school students have classes again.
Chen Shaoyuan walked to junior high school by himself, and Yao Shangqing took the three of them to primary school.
Chen Yougong suddenly came back from the province in mid-February.
Yao Shangqing bought good food after school at noon and came back with Yuanyuan. As a result, the door was wide open at home.
Chen Yougong sat in the hall with a bowl to eat noodles.
"When will you come back?"
Yao Shangqing put his bag aside with a smile and put shopping in the kitchen.
Yuanyuan ran to Chen Yougong’s side. "Daddy, daddy, you’re back."
Chen Yougong also ate about the same meal, took a sip of soup and wiped his mouth, then picked Yuan Yuan up and sat on his leg.
"Have you missed your father?"
Yuanyuan nodded hard.
Yao Shangqing came out of the kitchen and conveniently took the table and other bowls away. "Chen Yougong, what is your situation?"
Chen Yougong hey hey smile holding the yuan yuan got up.
"Isn’t this my situation finished?" Talking and went into the kitchen.
Yao Shangqing cleaned the bowl and then cooked the dishes she brought back today. She bought a handful of celery and prepared to fry celery vermicelli and then stir-fry a green vegetable to cook rice porridge.
"Come on, it must be more than that." Yao Shangqing looked up and glared at him. There must be something else inside.
Yuan yuan listened with his ear sideways.
"It’s good news that I’m going to the provincial furniture factory. Although I’m not the provincial owner, I’m at least a group leader and my salary is high." Chen Yougong kept smiling.
Yao Shangqing opened his eyes manually. "Is it true or not?"
Chen Yougong smiled and turned to tease Yuanyuan without talking. "Yuanyuan, tell me if it is true or false?"
Yuanyuan raised her hands with "truth"
"Ha, ha, ha, look at yuan, yuan said it’s true." Then Chen Yougong looked at Yao Shangqing straight.
Yao Shangqing suddenly burst into tears. Even if she is well today, I didn’t expect them to go to the provincial capital one day.
"Don’t cry. Isn’t that a good thing?" Chen Yougong won’t comfort people to say this sentence so dryly.
Yuanyuan stretched out her little hand to help Yao Shangqing wipe her tears. Dad really doesn’t understand women’s hearts at all.
"Mother doesn’t cry or cry"
Yao Shangqing hugged Yuan Yuan and cried even more.
When Chen Shaoer and Chen Shaozhi got home, they saw her mother crying with Yuanyuan and her father came back.
Chen Shaoer rushed to "Mom, why are you crying? Is my dad bullying you?"
Yao Shangqing laughed as soon as he got there.
Chen Yougong’s top leader seized Chen Shao and then boling "I think you are the tiger and monkey in the mountain."
Chen Shaoer pedaled his arms and legs. "I won’t bend if you hit me. I want to be firm with my mother." It is still difficult to look at Chen Shaozhi when saying this.
"Why don’t you come and help a traitor?"
Chen Shaozhi looked at his father and mother as if they were idiots. How could the second brother fill his brain and then nai shook his head?
Yuanyuan’s release is also a headache for Chen Shaoer. This guy is really stupid.
Yao Shangqing wiped his tears and glanced at Chen Shaoer.
"All right, you put him down. I’ll sew the collar when it’s torn later."
Chen Yougong this just put people.
Chen Shaoer snorted coldly.