The scene in front of me is really shocking. Several stars emerge, and according to a certain rule, the edge qR1 of the blazing stars flows.
Every star has several huge bronze halls with ancient bronze, which are connected together by thick chains, and the glow is full of mystery.
There is a huge magic temple locked in the center of these stars, which is dark and heavy.
In the magic temple, there is an ancient huge figure, skinny and skinny, with long hair and messy eyes, and there is no life in it.
His body is deeply locked in his bones by chains, and Yuan Shen has made him unable to move for years. This is nothing more terrible. It is that this starlight operation supports an ancient large array and continuously extracts the vitality of other bodies.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Encounter
The present scene is more shocking than the shock, and the mind is shocked and the mind is white.
This universe runs more than the vast number of stars, and each star has built a huge and vast bronze ancient temple. The chains of the ancient bronze temple are flickering, and the bronze ancient temple is connected together to form a series of bans. It seems that outsiders are blocked from entering, and at the same time, the breath of the heaven emperor is firmly blocked.
That’s not counting.
What is even more frightening is that the edge of the deepest ancient gloomy magic temple is like an ancient Da Yue firmly pressing the emperor.
The magic temple rushed out of several chains, and their roots were as big as hills, which firmly locked my flesh and blood and Yuan God, so that we could not move at all.
What Xiao Yu also noticed that the emperor’s left arm was cut off by life like something sharp.
The whole left arm disappeared.
"Someone cut off the emperor’s left hand. Is this to make him feel and call heaven?" Xiao Yu’s mind roared.
He had heard from Luo Bufan that the God of Heaven did not die naturally, and he still had doubts.
Now it seems that the heaven emperor really died in a strange way.
Or root was suppressed here before he died.
At this time, the universe was in turmoil in the distance. Previously, they saw the copper carriage emerge from the universe again. Driving the carriage was a creature with 16 wings, which was more strange than the carriage, full of all kinds of treasures.
The most striking thing is a red round seal and a bunch of black mysterious symbols.
Tian Dao Bao Yin!
The great demon king’s seal!
Xiao Yu’s eyes were flashing and his eyes were staring at the black copper carriage.
When they first came in earlier, they had met this copper carriage, and Daodi and Meng Ma followed it and disappeared.
I didn’t expect this copper carriage to reappear now.
"No, this copper carriage is real?"
Xiao Yu’s eyes were shocked
His eyes narrowed, and he could see the coach stepping over the stars faster than driving directly into the black magic hall in the center.
"hmm? That is? "
Suddenly Xiao Yu’s eyelids jumped and noticed a more shocking scene.
See not far from the two black magic halls, there are statues of ancient figures in twos and threes, and they are covered with bans, and they are still struggling to support them.
Some people don’t know how many years they have supported, and their vitality is almost ruined.
Some people are still full of vitality, and their blood is blazing, resisting the suppression.
Xiao pang also noticed this scene and couldn’t help but face a lane change. "How is that possible? These people were trapped in this star several years ago.
Xiao Yu nodded and looked dignified.
This star field is so dangerous that it has trapped so many powerful people.
Not many people have come to the present view in recent years. I’m afraid many people at the bodhi old zu level know this tomb of heaven!
He can clearly feel that those trapped monks have thick terrorist fluctuations.
"How did this happen?" "It seems that this Luo Bufan deceived me from the beginning." This tomb in heaven was not discovered by them, but was discovered several years ago. They are also a force of many latecomers. "Xiao Yu muttered to himself.
At this time, Luo Bufan, Nine Serpents Venerable Master and others who came behind him finally followed up and entered this area. Seeing this star field is shocking.
Then the Nine Serpent Venerable laughed and looked a little crazy. "I came in. I finally came here this time. It’s one step away from God’s hiding. It’s ours. All the treasures will be ours."
Everyone else’s eyes are burning, and the area is scanned quickly.
"hmm? Xiao Laodi is so fast! "
Suddenly Luo Bufan noticed Xiao Yu’s eye pupil flashing murderous look and suddenly the corners of his mouth smiled.
Xiao Yu nodded slightly and smiled. "Old brother Luo is not slow at all."
His face was flat and laughing, and he couldn’t see anything strange.
It’s hard to imagine that the previous two groups of people still killed and killed.