"ouch! Push the tower! Push the tower! "

"The grass is coming, Yasuo. Stop fighting wild and come and fuck his mother!"
"Oh, don’t be ridiculous. barbarian king zoomed in and went straight to the top … Are you stupid!"
A black-and-white husky is sitting on a high stool with a headset in its ear. It looks serious and sticks out its tongue. One claw holds down the mouse and keeps clicking, and the other claw rattles the mechanical keyboard.
The situation is fierce in the notebook screen.
It’s amazing that dogs manipulate characters to go in and out seven times.
In the end, he led the team to successfully blow up the other party’s crystal, and the victory picture was fixed in front of him.
"Dog brother is awesome!"
"Dog brother is awesome!"
"Brother two dog adds a friend and then takes his sister to play together!"
Wang Ergou’s teammates say a few words and then put on headphones.
He sat still and looked sideways, forcing Hang Yu "Oh, boss, you’re back!"
Hang Yu "…"
Chapter 4 Harvest Day
A husky is better at playing games than Hangyu.
I cann’t believe how easy it is to get started. Who will believe it if you tell anyone?
You never know whether your teammates playing games with you are people or dogs!
"Dog, how did you learn the game?"
"Ah, it’s easy. Just look at the raiders once." Husky jumped from his seat and shook his tail happily. "Yes, yes, Wang wants to discuss something with his boss."
"What is it?"
"Aowang is the boss’s most loyal employee. Can the boss give Wang a little salary to buy heroes and skins?"
Huskies are welcome to ask, "Ah, besides the salary, Wang wants a mobile phone so that he can play WeChat, order US group takeout and Wang also wants to take risks in the spiritual world. How come there is no mobile phone these days?"
Hang Yu Shi fen Shi
You are a dog!
Why don’t you say you want a Gundam to fight small monsters?
But then again, the effect of wisdom fruit has passed, but the husky brain has developed to a very high level, and the memory ability and learning ability are still not underestimated
Not inferior to the top schoolmaster.
I never forget what I have seen.
You can understand and solve equations easily after learning the advanced mathematics course once.
Of course, a pedigree pure husky teasing attribute is a racial innate factory setting.
Even if you eat ten epic fruits, you can’t change it, but don’t watch huskies. If you don’t pull a few, you really want to compete with iq ball. Ninety-nine people will want to die …
When Wang Ergou was a couple of days old,
He learned to master sight, tone, brain and bathroom by himself.
Now, I can not only follow the drama on IPAD, but also play online games, and I can slip away directly.
These are the best evidence!
Hang Yu has reason to believe that he will learn this dog in a month or two, and when he can master and master the Chinese language, a husky who can speak the Chinese language will ask you if you are afraid!
It can be said that most people can’t play games but this husky can’t learn this husky.
People may be worse than a dog sometimes.
Reality is so cruel!
Hang Yu didn’t say anything. He lost it on his cell phone. "You try it first."
Husky jumped up with his mobile phone in his mouth, wagged his tail happily, put the mobile phone on the stool and poked the icon of the spiritual world on the screen. As soon as he touched the icon, it became transparent and then disappeared.
"Ow, what’s the matter?"
"Because the spirit world dominates human beings, not your huskies!"
Hang Yu took back his mobile phone and touched it with his finger. In an instant, the spiritual icon appeared again.
Husky suddenly became dejected and despondent. "Oh, it’s unfair. Why can’t you take risks in the spiritual world?"
"That doesn’t mean there’s still a way."
Hang Yu thought of several ways.
Some special skills and scrolls allow dogs to bind themselves.
The most convenient and easiest way is to get a spirit-beast contract 2.
If Hangyu dog makes a contract, the dog can be put into a special contract to follow Hangyu into the spirit world. Although the spirit-beast contract is rare, it can be dropped through some contracts.
This dog is still a little
If the spirit beast contract can be bound.
It can also upgrade the spiritual world and evolve to gain more abilities.
Hang Yu finally bought Husky a rice mobile phone limited flow package card and registered Penguin WeChat to bind his bank card.
Shi Hangyu’s idea is simple.
Let Huskies play mobile phones and play online games. How much can pick up hot chicks kill Huskies’ excess energy than tearing down their homes? Of course, it’s beautiful, but reality often backfires
Hang Yu sat in the room.
While he was waiting for the spiritual enlightenment,
Quiet first, sort out one development plan after another.
First learn to refine medicine, master formula, refine recovery medicine.
This point is that compared with the key factor recovery medicine, it can not only enhance production, but also enhance one’s own biological ability, so that one can have a greater display of one’s theory of the spiritual world and the present world
Second, Hangyu intends to sell a batch of equipment and exchange it for cash.
Although the current currency is experiencing inflation, it can’t collapse in a short time. The currency is still a current hard currency, and there are many places that need to spend money now, such as Logger Vick and the three.