"Fu Tianqiu has integrity and integrity, and he was struck by humanitarian fate. If he didn’t want to die himself, it would be extremely difficult to kill him."

"Sopurdue Cihang needs to choose a special time, that is, the full moon night on the fifteenth day, when his demon body shows the strongest demon power, and kill Fu Tianqiu."
"Yu Xiahou swordsman and Zhiqiu Yiye are all ready to make up for Purdue Cihang."
"After all, he is an evil spirit, refining integrity and integrity, which will make him weak to the extreme for a while."
"If there is a supplement, it can slow down his weakness."
Tianzhongren explained
"No wonder when he first met my dad, he wanted to kill Sanskrit to make my dad commit suicide."
Ching Fung knew after listening to the story.
Purdue Cihang suddenly killed Fu Tianqiu when he saw him, but God said that Fu Tianqiu was temporarily thrilling.
Ching Fung came to worry that the sky was fooling her.
According to the present, everything will make sense.
The only way that Purdue Cihang can kill Fu Tianqiu for the time being is to make Fu Tianqiu commit suicide, but Fu Tianqiu has already been killed once in the Sanskrit plot against Purdue Cihang.
Purdue Cihang still wants to kill Sanskrit to plot against Fu Tianqiu, but it is unlikely.
"Why don’t we find more helpers to deal with the vicious centipede spirit of our predecessors?"
Ching Fung gave God serious advice.
Tian is indeed a very high-handed person. Ching Fung also recognizes Tian’s ability, but she is still worried that Tian may not be able to cope with Purdue Cihang.
Although the immortal Buddha has disappeared in this world, there are many practitioners.
Yan Chixia, a high-ranking Buddhist Taoist priest, was pregnant with a Xuanyuan sword box, which was once a difficult judge in the twenty-seventh province of East Guangxi.
It can be seen that the court is not without strange people.
There may be hermits who are indifferent to fame and fortune, but there will also be monks who want to practice by virtue of the dynasty with their backs against the trees to enjoy the cool.
However, in this case, the Buddhist is Purdue Cihang.
If it weren’t for the truth, Purdue Cihang would have been beheaded and exorcised.
"Miss Breeze, if I can’t cope with centipede essence, whoever you ask for help is asking the other person to die."
It’s not light or heavy to boast about it.
Ching Fung said that he was confident and didn’t dare to say anything more.
In the final analysis, they all come to ask God for help. If God doesn’t want to talk to them, there is nothing they can do.
"It’s true that Mr. Montenegro’s way is unfathomable. Even you can’t cope with centipede essence. That centipede essence is probably human-made."
Yanchixia avenue
After the disappearance of the immortal Buddha, the old demon in Montenegro was strong, and it was hard to find a rival in the world.
Besides, compared with God, what this old demon in Montenegro does is far more than centipede essence.
Since ancient times, I don’t know how many evil spirits have said that it has happened, but I have never heard that anyone can capture the hell.
And this thing that has never happened since ancient times has happened now.
Ching Fung felt that Tian boasted a little, but Yan Chixia felt that Tian was telling a fact.
Tianan arranged Xiaoqing and Nie Xiaoqian to protect the law, and then Yan Chixia went with Ning Caichen and Fu sisters.
Yan Chixia in the back of the mountain is opposite to Heaven
"The so-called nonsense"
"Nie girl is now equivalent to a humanoid Baodan. Aren’t you afraid that you will get Nie girl in danger if you let a spectre protect her?"
Yan Chixia lived in Lanre Temple these days. Although Xiaoqing didn’t have much contact, he had a certain understanding of Xiaoqing’s sexuality.
This is a real spectre
Although she is afraid of the sky and he Yan Chixia, Jianfeng Xiaoqing rarely shows the spectre, but if she is given a chance, she will surely become a monster more ferocious and terrible than Granny Tree Demon.
Nie Xiaoqian now digests the medicine of Yao Yuanbao Dan, and the Millennium demon power of Shu Yao is in Nie Xiaoqian’s body.
She is equivalent to a treasure Dan.
In this case, Xiaoqing Liulanre Temple might have something to worry about.
"I bet Xiaoqing won’t do anything superfluous!"