The will of budo is quite idealistic. It is too much trouble for Qin and Mu Ye to study it. It takes a long time to make peace.

On the contrary, Ji Shan has a good opinion on the will of martial arts, but it is a pity that his opinion is said that he is going to concise the will of martial arts into a new avatar, which is a bit rough to think about.
However, Qin Mu Ye didn’t stop the other party from studying it. It is said that it is necessary to combine the spiritual understanding. If it goes well, he will be ready to enter the spiritual realm when he returns to the warlock dynasty Jishan.
At that time, we may be able to deal with the crisis of high-dimensional demons
It’s good to lie here sometimes, and it shouldn’t increase too much.’ Qin Mu Ye thought about it and thought it would be better to continue to be a corpse
If he runs away and continues to bump around, something will happen to this strong man’s demeanor, which will make his name soar. However, if the body changes hands in many ways, the name of the mystic master and the Taoist priest, an extraordinary force, will increase only slightly. After all, ordinary people are the majority compared with the extraordinary.
The increase is naturally attributed to ordinary people, and the strong demeanor will work for the extraordinary, but it will not work for ordinary people, so the disguised body will not be challenged by the extraordinary.
If you are still alive, there will be extraordinary people to challenge you, and if you are seen by ordinary people, it will definitely cause waves.
Now, a corpse is put into the treasure house by the blood rose club sometime. Qin Mu Ye can save a lot of trouble and remotely control himself to do his best in the abyss to carry out various experimental projects. It can be said that it is a multi-purpose.
Even the blood rose will be destroyed, and his precious corpse will be taken back by his forces, which is equipped with professional security personnel.
Think about it. You earned it yourself.
Chapter 37 Differences between the Secret Spirit Division and the Secret Martial World of the Taoist School
Strong demeanor+27. Now everyone has to come to a wave of shock and emotion when they see my body, and then I will be a level.’
Qin Mu Ye was a little desperate, so what kind of blood rose will grow back and bring a lot of high-level visitors, so it’s not a trick to win.
He also understands that whoever is judged by the strong demeanor to fail after Qin Mu Ye’s victory will unconsciously transform Qin Mu Ye. When the strong has no judgment, the other party will also fall into certain doubts because of the strong demeanor.
Under normal circumstances, Qin Mu Ye will be challenged, but Qin Mu Ye is now a corpse, and others will be fooled and shocked first, so Ji was judged to have won Qin Mu Ye in two minutes.
Fortunately, this group of people didn’t lose their wits. Although they have made some changes in their own brains, they are also small-scale flows, and they have not told all members of the Blood Rose Club.
And Qin Mu Ye also found a problem, that is, this group of mystics are all women. There are no men, which is a bit unscientific.
It’s like there are no women in the martial arts next door!
Psst ~ gender differences lead to physical problems? Is there something wrong with people in this world?’ Qin Mu Ye thought for a while and felt a little strange.
Now it seems that there should be something wrong with the two supernaturals.’
Although the mystic master and the martial arts are two kinds of bodies, they do not show the same situation. More competition is power rather than body.
After all, there are not many conflicts of interest between the two sides.
By collecting a lot of information from the goblins, the martial arts burn money and need all kinds of food and drink, but the mystics are different. A good place is important for them.
Because they want to make the body secret spirit ascend, they need an environment with enough energy, which is called the secret spirit energy, that is, the energy that Qin Mu Ye noticed in the environment was thin to the limit and had a dark and bloodthirsty tendency
The secret spirit force can’t be as thin as the slums in Mu Ye, Qin. It seems to be irregularly distributed. For example, the concentration of the secret spirit force in the headquarters of the blood rose club is nearly ten thousand times as high as the original.
For the mystics, Ji is equivalent to a paradise, but for ordinary people, it is a Jedi full of poisonous obstacles.
Qin Mu Ye is really curious about what causes the body differentiation, and it is still so extreme that it is extremely extreme to gender classification
If something goes wrong, there will be a demon. Qin Mu Ye guessed that there must be some unknown secret in it
Even the martial arts and the mystic masters often didn’t go into this point.
"So ….. this group of blood rose secret spirit division is brain kicked by a donkey, right? You all know that this matter is going to find out some mysteries from my body. Is it sick? Even if you find it, it’s not what the martial arts and you are.’
Well, although I’m not a martial artist, my corpse can really find some strange mysteries, but there are still holes in my brain, which is probably the reason why this secret division organization is too young.’
Compared with other mystic organizations and martial arts schools, the Blood Rose Society is really young and has only been around for 30 years. It seems that those organizations and schools with a long history are all inherited from the Millennium.
It is estimated that I am not too dead. If I were to change to a mystic division, I would probably go to the United martial arts school for the first time and then prepare to sell it at a good price.
Although martial artists practice burning money, it doesn’t mean they don’t have money.
Just as mystics don’t have krypton and liver, they still need money to develop their influence, or they can’t move without money.
That is to say, a young organization like the Blood Rose Society will let go of such a hot potato instead of throwing it out for money before it has been beaten by society.
"such as? What do you think? " Ye Zhen, president of Blood Rose Society, asked.
Look at me, a group of elders. I’ll see how she feels. She doesn’t feel anything but strong.
After all, what can you see with your eyes?
"Our Secret Spirit Division has always been inferior to the martial arts in strength and physique. Now we have obtained a dead and immortal martial arts corpse. If we can find the mystery of the martial arts body from it, we may be able to make up for this defect."
Ye Zhen saw no one and then went straight to the mouth and said
"President, if we really study it, will our figure become the same as that of the martial arts?" Hiding in the corner, Zuo Qiu winced and stretched out his hand and asked 1