When I saw you, there were still some walking clouds sitting on the bed, doing exercises and keeping themselves warm. Since the refining of the true qi, the true qi has improved faster than before, and many walking clouds feel that their body is getting more comfortable.

"It’s very strange for him to come here. How can he be alone in Huashan? Even if there are more than 200 Huashan gates in Pingyang, Shanxi, how can he not bring any?" The clouds are very curious about the move of the slope sunny, because the slope sunny is Huashan Gate, and his move is naturally connected with Huashan Mountain.
A few days ago, Huashan found this rogue as an excuse to enter Shanxi, but after arriving in Pingyang, he stayed put and left the rogue alone, which made their intention to intervene in Shanxi particularly obvious, and it was also the reason for the uproar in the rivers and lakes.
Huashan has gone too far, but since Huashan doesn’t care about other people’s opinions, but let Yuan Qing come here to help?
"What on earth do they want to do?" Xingyun can’t figure out what Huashan is up to, although he promised to help him with his advice in a flash, but this time Wan Jianzong and Xingyun went into the Jianghu alone to exercise what they can and think for themselves.
"No, the trend of Huashan Dong Shaolin is even more worrying. Maybe it’s the best choice for the parents there to invite three schools. I don’t know what they think when they do these other nine schools?" Xingyun thought of this and sighed, "I’m afraid it would be much better if there were more compromises in this Jianghu."
However, the cloud also knows that it is unlikely that Jianghu people will recognize the sword as strength, and they will not compromise. Even the most sensible nine sects will eventually modify the Songshan League, which binds them.
"It would be much better if there were nine sects in this Jianghu," said Xingyun, thinking of this, "Wan Jianzong doesn’t know if I can do it?"
Time flies in the clouds.
"The time has come!"
With a huge family fortune, it is natural for someone to remember the time, and everyone can’t help but feel refreshed when singing at this time.
The dinner had already been removed, and the table was placed in the middle courtyard of the hall. The four people were sitting at the table and other family members were waiting in the back.
At this time, the people in these homes have already got the news. The two people sitting in front of them are masters of soul level, especially the sick man who has heard of defeating Wudang Xuanheng and running Leijian. At this moment, he no longer worries about people. Thought of this, one by one, he straightened up and the momentum was very magnificent.
"It’s time for those bandits to get the news and hide, right?" Walking clouds sat there trying to listen to the familiar sound in the distance.
"Do you want to pay or pay for this battle?" With this disdainful sound, people flashed across the yard and 30 people fell instantly! The first two people are very familiar with each other.
Mating Mountain? Ma Tinghai?
Clouds stare blankly.
"Ma brothers? Wanmatang! No wonder I always feel familiar when I hear that this rogue is from outside and there are two soul-level masters. I wonder why they came to Shanxi from the western regions? "
Xingyun finally learned that the news of Wanmatang was to avenge Su Zhou and sent someone to wipe them out.
The thought of the tragic scene of Ma Ma’s brothers, Ma Ta Su Zhou, is even more angry. "No wonder it is said that this rogue is cruel. I can’t let you walk away today."
At the beginning, the first time in Suzhou, the United fencing was the battle between the Ma brothers. At that time, the two men joined forces to resist the Ma brothers and forced them to withdraw from Suzhou. Now it is still strange for them to meet again.
Clouds thought of here and looked at the side of the wall.
Ben Lei Li Qian Li If a landslide, Chapter 271
Look seems to be more natural than walking clouds, and I don’t know if he would have guessed.
The neighbors are ready, and the torches in the courtyard are as bright as day.
Clouds at this time to take a closer look at the Ma brothers, who have not seen each other for several months, but they are old. I think it is because of the encirclement and suppression of the Qi faction that they have driven them to flee everywhere. Think about it, it is also because Wanmatang had waited for the prestige of Mating Mountain, which can be said to be fearless, but at this time, there is no foundation. Four fleeing is worrying about getting old.
The clouds are dark to the point that "the big faction is really powerful, and there are two soul-level masters like Ma’s brothers on the scale of Wan Ma’s Hall. If you say that you can’t destroy it, you won’t be able to destroy it for many days. Ma’s brothers have been thrown out in such a mess."
Xingyun himself grew up in Qingcheng Mountain, but he didn’t realize the strength of the big faction. However, what happened here has made Xingyun compare.
Even if the title of "nine assistants and one assistant" is not the wish of the frontier family, it shows that the strength of the frontier family in Shanxi is the biggest and strongest, but even so, when I get the news of the bandits, I can see clearly that the reason is the strength of the soul-level master.
"Soul-level masters are indeed a huge threat to these sects, just as they are a threat to the big sects by destiny." Xing Yunxin secretly compared it.
"It’s no wonder that the nine sects are so powerful that they are thinking about these local interests." Thought of this, Yunyun smiled unconsciously.
With martial arts, I am the most relaxed person in this game now.
And the opposite Mating Mountain is a big feeling of anxiety at this time.
Ma Tingshan felt very wrong since he entered this house, because he saw the sunny wall sitting opposite him at a glance.
This wall is sunny, and it was broken before. He was a good man in Suzhou. Except for the walking clouds, Ma Tingshan hated it the most when he was in Suzhou. At this time, I saw him sitting here, and Ma Tingshan’s teeth itched.
However, Ma Tingshan did not dare to move because it was not clear here. A soul-level expert, Yuan Qing Kung Fu, tried it, but it was not his opponent. Although he said that Yuan Qing could support more than a hundred moves in Ma Tingshan’s sword, he was able to decline after that. He hated Ma Tingshan for Yuan Qing, but he didn’t realize that he would be blocked by Yuan Qing tonight.
But when he saw the clouds, Ma Tingshan’s face changed completely: his eyes fell straight on the clouds.
Ma Tingshan’s roots can’t see through the Xingyun Martial Arts Institute. At this time, he feels particularly anxious and his heart is dark. "Where did the two old guys here invite the master?"
But after all, Ma Tingshan has been crossing the desert for decades, but in recent days, he has been forced to mess up by Qi. At this time, he can’t weaken his momentum against such sects at the border home. Seeing him suddenly face upwards and laugh.
Ma Ting-shan’s smile is weak, but it is particularly loud. Everyone doesn’t know what tricks he wants to get. When the smile suddenly stops, he suddenly stops talking and points to the parents in the neighborhood. "You two old guys are so stupid that you rely on that Huashan junior and a sick man to save your life. How dare you walk in the Jianghu?" Said a face of disdain laugh wildly again.
Bian Jinfu was unmoved at the moment, although he was amazed that the rogue actually had two soul-level masters and there were more than twenty masters behind them. At first glance, many of them were swords! My heart is glad that I can get the help of clouds and clear walls in this crisis.
There is no denying that Bian Jinfu has the ability to be immortal, but now that these two friends help him, he won’t be afraid of your old parents’ responsibility for this old face. Which family and the Taiyuan people’s name are safe? Even if you give up, what’s the harm? "
This remark was particularly calm in Ma Tingshan’s laughter, and the clouds just nodded to "This truth is really good" | The other physiognomist on the side of the mountain is his brother Ma Tinghai, who did a great evil in Suzhou a few months ago and actually burned and looted in Suzhou City! This person must be removed! "
The parents in the border family are crazy after hearing what Yuan Qing said!
Suzhou is well known, and now this rogue turned out to be the Wanmatang?
"Thanks to the help of these two people, otherwise these bandits will do anything!" The parents in the border family have a lingering fear
Ma Tingshan stopped to laugh when listening to such words as Yuan Qing. "Your little martial arts is not enough for my brother to see. If there were no swordsmanship of that little Taoist in Qingcheng, who would you be better than?" >::
Through sunny also won’t stand by "
Yun Yun-xin was very appreciative of the practice of Yuan Qing in Suzhou on that day because he didn’t know that he would join fencing at that time and he didn’t think about it beforehand, but it didn’t take long for Yun Yun to get it. Both of them were holding hands and not standing by, even if they failed.
After listening to the answer from Yuan Qing, Xing Yun smiled in his heart and said, "Not everyone in this river’s lake is ignoring the right path. At least this Yuan Qing is one."
But walking clouds are also wondering why this Mating Mountain is still used to talking. Seeing himself and sunny here, he doesn’t want to get out. Is there anything he can win?
Clouds eyes moved in the past swept the horse brothers behind them but didn’t find any special characters in clouds murmured, "how does he seem to have fear? What does he do? "
The sound of clouds is extremely low, and parents and walls are fine. When they hear this, they don’t mean to tell them, but they are asking what clouds will do when they can think slowly at the moment, but they know that Mating Mountain can’t have such means for decades, but the field is changing rapidly. If it is true, I’m afraid I won’t be able to react by myself then.
At this moment, the sound came from the bottom of my heart. "Isn’t this simple? If he doesn’t want to be your enemy, can’t the people of this city blackmail him? "
When Xingyun heard this, he thought, "Not good!"
Gang suddenly came into operation and the body shot out like a bow and arrow! The target is those ten thousand horses behind the Ma brothers!
There should be no hand to hide in Mating Mountain outside Taiyuan. How can you hide it from Bianjia when you first arrive at Mating Mountain in Taiyuan?
But he doesn’t hide his hands, because Taiyuan people are full, and he can take them hostage at any time!
Border families are not only Jianghu sects, but also merchants. In Taiyuan, the people’s border families are entangled in an unimaginable degree. All walks of life are closely tied together in Taiyuan, where the people are intimidated and it is absolutely impossible for border families to look at them.
Xing Yun’s first reaction after listening to the instantaneous words was that if more than 20 hands behind him were scattered to wreak havoc in this city, even if their martial arts were no matter how good they were, they would not be able to take care of so many, and those people’s martial arts were better than those at home, and they would try to stop them!