The Qibao Xuanhuo Tower is the time when Xiao Wen asked that no one can better grasp the extreme announcement than Xiao Wen!

The two-foot-sized Zijin giant fist transformed by the Golden Body Magic Tactics was firmly blasted on the left side of Ji Xuan’s body!
This time, the metal tripod rammed the earth to announce that the four-foot-sized body should fly out of the middle, and I don’t know how much blood was sprayed from all over its body to draw a long rainbow of blood in it.
Xiao Wen didn’t go after them because he had already seen the Xuan Yao Dan coming from a distance!
Xiao Wen, who collected the hot seven treasures and dazzled the fire tower, cast a flash rainbow for the second time and rushed in the direction of Duan Chang’s four people fleeing.
It was not until Xiao Wen disappeared from the horizon that Youzi fell to the extreme Xuancai suddenly stopped and propped up his body with four legs.
"After all, there is no fooling you …" Looking at Xiao Wen’s disappearance, he declared it.
Moment but listen to "cough" rang its mouth and spit out a lot of blood to j and ng gas after god withers a lot.
At this time, it can’t help but think that if Xiao Wen really comes after it, it will definitely kill Xiao Wen. If Xiao Wen is careless and gives it a chance to sneak attack, there should be no problem, but what if Xiao Wen is still cautious?
The announcement turned out to be no answer.
The destructive demon Dan finally flew back and swallowed it with a mouthful.
"If I don’t kill you, my family is in danger …"
In the struggle between the two forces, even though there are different reasons, in general, the winner will always wipe out the loser and eliminate the future trouble forever. Even if the loser has good people and admirable figures, the good will and heroic figures in the body are all intangible interests …
That’s how Xuanren views Xiao Wen. He thinks he is a just man and a talented person. However, since the reality is that the two sides are hostile and they are extremely snowy and obvious, Xiao Wen must be completely eradicated.
Silently turned and extremely announced to fly to the city that had recently been sent to the array.
On the other side, Xiao asked out the extreme vision and then took the initiative to slow down and stare big eyes at the ground.
A moment later, Yu Guangli suddenly felt something shaking. He immediately turned to look and saw the three families flying over by the little wolf.
Xiao Wen was relieved and then greeted him. When he was far away, he heard Duan Yan’s eager cry, "Brother Xiao!"
No one knows how worried Duan Yan really is after such a big meeting. Can she not be excited to see Xiao Wen at this time?
If she could fly herself, she would jump from the back of the wolf and jump into Xiao Wen’s arms.
It was more than a month when she first met Xiao Wen, then admired Xiao Wen, liked Xiao Wen and thanked Xiao Wen for saving her family’s life again and again …
In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you can be with Xiao Wen at this time. The most important thing is that Xiao Wen is still alive, which is better than anything else.
Xiao Wen is a special family of her family.
Unfortunately, at this time, he is still on the road to escape, and he has poured out his heart for too long, and the crisis in solving the clouds has not been lifted.
So a little rectification of a line of people again.
Then they acted according to the original plan and sent them away separately after arriving at a city with a send-off array.
Five days later, Xiao Wen arrived at their final destination. Although it took five days, it was hundreds of millions of miles away from that Longjing!
Xijing Tianlan Yaojie’s largest city in the west belongs to the second place in the 193 Yaojie’s jurisdiction. Zhenxi Yaojie has always been a thorn in the side of Jieshen’s eye. If Tianlan Yaojie’s demon clan can be pulled out, its morale will be greatly damaged. Jieshen’s alliance has specially set up the second largest United front branch in this area. Zhenxi Yaojie has been fighting in Xijing for years. It can be said that it is on the front line of the war between the celestial and the demon clan. Because of this, the demon clan is extremely sensitive to all movements in Xijing, and it is afraid of mixing jiān with the high pressure of Zhenxi
This Xijing is the ultimate goal of Xiao Wen and others.
In the afternoon, Xiao Wen finally reached the center of Xijing and entered the huge square in front of the duke’s house.
Although the location is sensitive, Xijing can’t help but visit for two purposes: first, let the local people see that their demon race is bleeding and sweating throughout the demon world; Second, there is still room to make them look like people don’t lose confidence in them. The main mansion of Xijing City is built with great momentum, and you can feel a chill from a distance.
But this is a joke to Xiao Wen, because in his view, even if it is ruled by the world gods, the status of ordinary people in this world will be higher than now …
Your support is my great motivation.
Chapter three hundred and seventy Dying
Xiao Wen deliberately slowed down to get to Xijing in five days, and he would be the last one to arrive, but now it seems that he has become the first one instead!
Did something happen to Duan’s family of four?
But the probability is not too small …
Xiao Wen was looking in all directions when several people rushed out of the dark and soon came to him and surrounded him in the middle.
Xiao Wen’s reaction is actually quite quick, but it will definitely cause an uproar if he sees those people running away in public ornaments. He asks himself that he hasn’t done anything bad, and he just doesn’t move anywhere. Naturally, if the other person is extremely Xuefeng or Jietianyun, he can admit that he is unlucky, but he doesn’t think that those two families will have such great power to extend their tentacles to Xijing.
"What are you doing here?" The first of those tolerances asked Xiao cold tunnel
At this moment, Xiao Wen suddenly thought of a possibility, that is, Duan’s family of four has been arrested, which failed to show up, and these guys saw him sneaking around to catch him!
This Xijing public security is not too strict!
But if it weren’t for finding him guilty, Xiao Wen was relieved and gave a gift to the other party. He replied, "I hope you can learn from me when I take refuge because of my enemies."
"I’m wandering in front of the main mansion square because I’m taking refuge?" The other party continued to ask
"There are family members coming here separately, and I am waiting for them here." Seeing that the hostility of those tolerance is not very strong, Xiao Wen simply tells the truth.
I didn’t expect Xiao Wen to say this, but let those few tolerances get over it. The singer immediately said, "Don’t wait. We have taken away a lot of suspicious people. Maybe your family is inside."
Xiao Wen had already guessed this possibility, but he still pretended to be at a loss.
"Don’t worry, if you really don’t have ulterior motives, you will be released in three days at most, but you must remember that Xijing is located in the front line, which will cause the duke’s house to doubt and disturb the order. Otherwise, it will not be as simple as three days."
"Yes, yes, yes"
"Come with us. Your behavior today is suspicious and new to Xijing. You have to put it on record."
Xiao Wen had to follow the gang to the end of the square. Although he didn’t break the law, he was surrounded by people and was almost like a prisoner …
However, Xiao Wen is both breathless and exulting in this situation. Because the public security is so strict, it’s a ghost if you can still reach here!