Luo Hou still didn’t stop. Although his throat vomited blood long ago, he didn’t stop. When the other side shouted Haria’s name, I understood that Luo Hou was ready for mutual destruction!

After reading all the mantras, Luo Hou left me a bleak smile and said in my ear, You don’t know the law of life here. I am dead, but I will still be born again that day … hahaha …
I really can’t listen to it. Meteorite is a cut in the throat of Luo Hou.
I untied the mantra of controlling the ghost, and my brain felt a little relaxed. When the ghost saw Luo Hou dead, he knelt in front of me and asked me to take them in. Where did I care so much now? I went to Haria and saw that she had fallen unconscious.
I can’t help but look at me. I can call Harria’s name over and over again, hoping that she can hear me and answer me, but it’s all in vain.
I looked at Haria’s situation, but it can be said that most of her consciousness has been controlled by puppet art, and it will take only five minutes at most for Haria to be completely controlled.
I told myself to calm down and figure out a way, but my brain was like a mess and I couldn’t figure out a way to do it. I was much calmer than I was at this time. Look at me and ask me, is there a nine-word truth?
I can’t think of a better way for him. Maybe there is one.
If I don’t think about it, I will once again make a nine-character mantra and force my consciousness into Haria’s consciousness.
I can describe what I saw after entering Haria’s consciousness. You can understand that there is no way out before and after. A girl is still fighting the enemy in front of her. Although her own consciousness is gradually decreasing, her meager strength has not stopped fighting.
I wanted to control Haria’s last consciousness to help her fight against puppet art, but Haria’s consciousness resisted me. At that time, I was like an audience who could watch Haria struggle but could not help.
I don’t know where Haria got so much courage, but I changed my mind and chose to control puppet art when I cheered for Haria alone.
I tried to control puppetry by force, but the effect was minimal. When I saw that Haria’s consciousness slowly regained a little territory, it was a little chicken blood for me, and I was desperate to pour my consciousness into puppetry.
I couldn’t say how excited I was when I watched Haria’s consciousness slowly regain her own consciousness. I was afraid that Haria’s head couldn’t bear such a big pressure and she chose to quit.
Look at me nervously and ask, what’s up? How’s it going?
I felt a little collapsed. I looked at her and said that I would continue to encourage her. She hated being strong and had been fighting puppet art. I was afraid that her brain could not stand the pressure. Three different consciousness appeared in Haria’s mind. I was afraid that she could not stand it. I wanted to control Haria’s consciousness and help her fight against puppet art, but Haria refused. She wanted to solve this problem by herself. All we could do was to encourage her.
When I heard it, I didn’t say anything about sitting next to Haria and starting to chant Buddhist scripture. I finally knew that the ghost that I had controlled still stayed with me, as if I didn’t want to leave.
Both I and I are waiting for Haria to wake up, with a heart hanging in my throat and a bead turning in one hand. I don’t know what scripture I am reading, but hearing a scripture really makes people calm down a lot.
When I saw Haria open her eyes again, I almost went out in tears. Haria looked weaker, but all she could say was that she was so capable!
Me and Ichi are completely relieved.
Haria is very strong. No matter what happens, she will go to Keke. She doesn’t need other people’s strength. All she needs is someone around her calling her name to cheer for her. She will cry when she fails, but she will adjust her state as quickly as possible. She will meet a challenge with a smile.
She won’t bow to difficulties because she is a strong girl. That’s how I know Haria.
Chapter ninety-six He again
I didn’t remember that there were still a group of ghosts around me until Haria felt rested enough. I turned around and saw them still behind me. I guess they should be puppets and they are used to it. No one controls their consciousness. I’m afraid they are not used to it.
Maybe it’s because of ghost city. Hariya recovered quickly. It didn’t take long for her to be full of blood. I waved to those ghosts and they came to me. They were very obedient, but they were dressed in ornaments, so it can be judged that these ghosts were Yin and Yang teachers in their previous lives.
"First, you and Haria go to find out what the situation in Ying Zheng is. We don’t know anything about it. I dare say that these ghosts don’t know what they are now. I will ask them something and come to you later." I looked at it and said.
There is no objection to a nod. I don’t know if Haria wants to stay. What she said in her ear actually made Haria honestly follow.
Seeing them getting farther and farther away, I put these ghosts in my attention department, and I sat on the spot to signal them to sit as well.
"How long have you been here?" I looked at them and asked
One of the ghosts said easily, it’s been almost a year. How fast!
A year? Dude, are you sure it hasn’t been here for over a hundred years? Although I spoke silently in my heart, I pretended to be a newcomer and asked if that Luo Hou was very powerful. And what does he mean by regeneration?
The ghost who answered my question immediately took over and said that many of them in ghost city are Taoist teachers of Yin and Yang. The status here is not too high, but that Luo Hou doesn’t know how to win the favor of the duke. He is not bad, but his status is relatively high.
Lord? I thought about it for a long time, but I really didn’t remember that there was such a thing as a duke in ghost city. I frowned and continued to ask, didn’t I say this is a place for people in the circle to communicate? Why is the smell of blood so heavy now and … What about the duke?
"shh!" When I heard what I said, a ghost covered my mouth and signaled me to keep my voice down. Well, I don’t understand what’s going on again.
"You’d better be careful what you say. There is already a duke in the city. I came here a year ago. Besides, when the duke was not here, the murderous look in the city was inexplicably heavy. Many people became more violent than the murderous look. It is for this reason that the duke came back." The ghost could see that he was very afraid of this so-called duke. He said that their voice was very low here, but it was still not left and right. It seemed that they were afraid that there would be a duke’s eyeliner.
I nodded, and I could see that they were very afraid of the duke. In that case, I don’t think I could ask any news. I looked at them and said softly, I know now that you are free, and I don’t need you to follow me. Wait, I have one last question. What year is this year?
"Let’s see, when I came here last year, it was five years since his reign was taken away. Recently, someone told me that it was the year of Yongle." The ghost was kind enough to make these things clear.
I nodded my head, and when I started counting, they said that Jianwen Year was followed by Yongle Year.
Hui Di Zhu Yunwen’s title "Jianwen" ascended the throne for five years in 139. Hui Di was a great grandfather, grandson, emperor Zhu Biao, and when Zhu Yuanzhang was in the world, more than two children were sealed to the royal family. After Hui Di ascended the throne, he was forced to cut off the vassals and unify the military, which annoyed the princes, princes, princes and Chu Di-bing. Some people said that Hui Di was burned to death, while others said that Hui Di fled.
They remember to leave this time, so it is said that they were slaughtered at this time, so it is impossible to know who did this. I let them leave. After all, I can’t be their backer. After they left, they were very disappointed. I ran to find them.
When I got to the place where the ghost group was relatively dense, I found that the city was quite large and functional. I found that at one time, Zhao Feiyu and Hariya were sitting in a teahouse to have a tea break, but I didn’t see Dai Suyang and Ying Zheng. I guess they went to find something to do.
After I went to sit next to them, I just picked up the teacup and prepared to drink it all at once, but I found that I was not thirsty at all, and I didn’t know how they drank it. I frowned or chose to put the teacup away.
I looked at them and asked in a low voice, what did you find?
After I said this, there were a few ghosts staring at me warily, but they moved too much and were too obvious. The four of us naturally looked at them. While I was thinking about the countermeasures, Haria came to me and took my hand and asked with a smile, how do you show me something? How dare you ask us what we found? You said you came here to buy something for me, but now it’s the three of us looking for something for you!
Haria didn’t forget to twist my ear at last after saying this. It was you who taught my boyfriend. Don’t look at the plot! Zhao Feiyu and Yi immediately understood that Zhao Feiyu was very cooperative and said, that is, how do you say you behave? We agreed to buy a gift for Haria. Why is it ready to find something for you? It’s just a broken brush. If it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t think about it. We won’t buy it for you.
Smiled and continued, if you really like that writing brush, let’s go and visit him later. It is said that there are many instruments here, and you don’t like that writing brush anymore.
As soon as the words of four people were spoken, those people were at ease and vigilant and continued to drink tea. Because they were too far away, I couldn’t hear what they were saying. When the suspicion was eliminated, Haria punched me lightly.