Jiang Hao said with a smile, "If I don’t drink, you should also drink less to facilitate afforestation. Do you understand?"

It’s Li Qianwei’s fault that this big-headed brain hasn’t turned around yet. I’m sorry that she held Zhu Rui in front of her and said with emotion, "Hello, Hao Ge. I’ve heard so much about you. I’m sorry."
"Without you, it’s my duty to take care of my stupid daughter-in-law."
"Ha ha, it’s very kind of Hao Ge to invite you to dinner alone."
Zhu Rui excitedly came over and interjected, "Yes, yes, Hao Ge Tian will treat you to a drink alone."
Jiang Hao declined, "Eat and drink, even if your family is not in a hurry. Our family is in a hurry. I have to close the mountain to facilitate afforestation and prepare for the second child. Hahahaha."
Is it really good to say this in public? Qiao Xinwei secretly pinched his lower back.
Jiang Hao also said, "It is worth celebrating to have a chance to have a happy event after dinner, but drinking it every day is not good for your health."
"Yes, yes, Hao Ge said that I must talk about him when I go back." Li Qianwei has a trend of kannika nimtragol, and Zhu Rui is all over her shoulder.
Jiang Hao said goodbye to everyone again. "Let’s go first. Go home and pay attention. Bye."
Qiao Xinwei waved goodbye to everyone and then walked out of the hotel glass door holding Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao put his arm around her and they sat in the car parked at the door and the driver gave it to the door.
Section 19
All this happened in front of my colleagues. Pan Yingying was envious. "It turns out that Qiao Xinwei is really a housewife, a bus driver and aunt, and a handsome husband. Why don’t you give me one?"
Li Qianwei turned around and said, "Work hard, girl. Don’t think about unrealistic fate all day. Let’s go back and see each other."
Shen Yanqing "Can the team leader be late tomorrow?"
Li Qianwei "Yes, it’s just a bonus deduction."
Everyone was sighing and not interested. Hong Shi kept his face black and didn’t say a word
The weather is getting warmer and warmer, and there are more people in the streets in the evening. Couples come out hand in hand to go shopping, and considerate boys will grab girls’ hands and put them in their pockets to keep warm. Shy girls have been led away by boys with their heads down.
Spring is really coming.
The car is running smoothly, not far from their home, but it takes ten minutes.
When I got home, Xi Bao was already asleep, and my aunt was in the room with her. Sister Li introduced people to be honest and diligent.
Qiao Xinwei "Huang Yi has worked hard for you. Go quickly. The driver is waiting to take you home in the building."
Aunt Huang was moved by a strange feeling in her heart. She said, "Thank you, madam. I have been a nanny for more than 20 years. I often work overtime, but it is the first time I have been sent home."
Qiao Xinwei smiled and said, "You’re welcome. Don’t call your wife by name after Aunt Huang."
"That’s no good."
"Ha ha, it’s not the old society. Everyone is equal now. There is no pecking order. Aunt Huang, please go home quickly and trouble you today."
"Well, then I’ll go." Without saying anything more, Aunt Huang simply tidied up and left.
Jiang Hao poured a glass of warm water and said to her, "Mrs. Jiang drinks water."
Qiao Xinwei took the cup and pointed his finger at his forehead to push him. "You have been used to being called a young master since childhood, but I am not used to it."
"I see, Mrs. Jiang, you are quite right."
Qiao Xinwei didn’t want to talk to him. He drank water and was ready to take a shower.
"Hey, wait."
"Don’t mind" Jiang Hao tried to ask.
Qiao Xinwei shook his head.
"You also said that you didn’t talk all the way. Your silence betrayed your heart."
Joe smiled only. She had to admire Jiang Hao. His observation was always so nuanced. She couldn’t escape his eyes with a look and a sigh, and she didn’t need to hide anything in front of him.
She sighed and said, "Arnold called me to end the coffee shop leaving the capital. She apologized to me, didn’t she?" ? She said something impulsive and apologized for not loving you. "
"So what do you think?"
Joe Xinwei shook his head. "I have no idea. She didn’t tell me when and where she went." ? Jiang Hao, I actually? ?” She took a deep breath and felt very uncomfortable. "I don’t really blame her. She is not Sun Rongxuan and you are not Ji Xiaohai. In fact, this matter is not that serious, is it?"
Jiang Hao said, "You can say that you can’t see people. It’s what she said. We won’t associate with her after she leaves or not."
When it comes to the point, this is the uncomfortable place for Qiao Xinwei. When Jiang Hao said this, she seemed to have a place to vent. She said, "Yeah, she can’t see it. That’s what I’m worried about. What I’m most afraid of is that she left the capital in a bad mood. She won’t leave. I know she really apologized. I also know that she is not malicious. She is even more unwilling to hurt me. Why does she have to leave?"
"Cafe can’t be there, but you can find another place. You can help her as well as I can help her. She must be that we didn’t let her think so on purpose, but she didn’t dare to prove that she didn’t dare to face the escape and get rid of it. Jiang Hao, her ex-college boyfriend left the capital and finally fled back awkwardly. At that time, she was young in her early twenties, but now it’s almost thirty. Is it nice to go out for a walk again? After she is in the capital, we will be fine if we don’t meet her. Why does she have to go like this ?”
The more she talked, the more excited she became. Jiang Hao hugged her shoulder and bowed her head and kissed her gently on the forehead. She advised and comforted, "You are still too kind. Don’t impose other people’s faults on yourself, so you will live a hard life."
"Jiang Hao, she is my best friend. I hope she can live well than anyone else. Isn’t that what true friends do? Don’t bother them when you are in the most difficult time. I hope they can be well when you are in the best time."
Jiang Hao smiled and comforted her by saying, "Yes, now is the hardest time for Arnold. You said that she is a very proud person. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of her friends. She wants to leave. It’s the same as when you were hiding in a neighboring state and nobody contacted her. Give her some time and go with her. Maybe you will be friends again."
"But I’m worried about her."
Jiang Hao asked, "Do you think you know her? Will she commit suicide or something?"
"She won’t do anything to hurt herself. She is very mature," Joe said firmly.
"That’s it, don’t worry about her. She has hands and feet and has made a lot of money in recent years. I really don’t need to worry about her." Jiang Hao took out her mobile phone. "Look, this is a text message she sent me this afternoon, thanking me, apologizing and saying goodbye. The most important thing is that she said that she would pay back the money on time every month, which means that instead of going out to escape, she will still actively work hard to make money."
Qiao Xinwei took the mobile phone and Arnold said these words concisely. I’m leaving the capital. Take good care of my debts. I’ll return them in installments every month as usual. Thank you. I’m sorry.
At that moment, Joe’s heart was full of tears. After so many years of friendship and knowing her friend so well, she cried bitterly.
Jiang Hao held her in her arms and patted her back to comfort "cry baby, don’t be a child. You are a mother."
Qiao Xin only sobbed and said, "Don’t let Xi Bao see it, just let me cry."
"Well, I’ll keep an eye out for you if you cry."
“? ?” Can you still make people cry?
One day, Pan Yingying suddenly moved quietly to Qiao Xinwei’s side, and Qiao Xinwei looked up and saw that she still had what documents she couldn’t finish. Please help yourself.
"What’s the matter?"
Pan Yingying smiled and squatted next to her chair. "Hehe, I have to tell you something. Have you asked for it for me?"