Think about the injury in Yunxi, too. Now that he’s a shoo-in, he’s not afraid of women explaining anything. Besides, there are so many maids and servants in the main hall now, he has to let everyone know that he gave women an opportunity to explain, and it’s absolutely fair and private to explain whether there is one. That’s another story.

Thinking of this, Yunlu immediately gave Si Yunling a thank-you look and then turned his head to look at the distant woman and pretended to be extremely fair. "Don’t say that the elders didn’t give you a chance to explain that now you are here. If you think that the stream has slandered you, just say it, and it’s up to you!"
A word fell in the main hall and everyone looked at the woman.
Before the light tone saw the micro-motion of the eyes, he came to several people "what happened"
"Elder Yun, you didn’t take the people around the temple away, but now you bully the weak in this temple by being an elder. I wonder if it’s your intention?" With a young displeasure, the woman was about to speak when she was interrupted from outside the temple.
Light tone, suddenly, one leng, seems to have never thought that men would come so quickly and turned around in amazement.
At the same time
As soon as the man’s voice came out, he waited on the maids and slaves on both sides of the main hall, and his face suddenly mutinied. He was respectful and bowed, hanging his eyes and staring at the ground in front of him, afraid to look in all directions again.
Seeing that his stupid grandson finally came to the rescue, the old fox king’s eyes suddenly lit up because Yunlu had to calmly denounce him. "Ozawa can’t be polite to his elders!" "
Chapter 312 (2)
"Elder? Before that, he had to have elders. "Jinze strode towards the temple at night. He was just thinking of going back to the old man as usual, but suddenly he saw Si Yunqi’s face suddenly frozen beside the old man. He was preparing to be angry and changed his mouth." Why are you here? !”
Looking at Siyun Ling quietly glancing at her eyes, Jinze was almost conscious and pulled the light tone behind her. She turned her head and looked at the light tone behind her, and her eyes flashed with a panic.
Being suddenly pulled behind the man, the light tone in his eyes is all vacant, which seems to be an understanding of this sudden coming.
What happened?
She was under the impression that Jinze was not afraid of being a risk-averse in the middle of the night.
I was never so nervous when I was in the hospital before. How can I be so surprised now?
Night Jinze just seemed to see Siyun Ling pulling himself behind him.
Is Jin Ze afraid of Si Yunling at night?
But how do you explain Jinze’s look back at her just last night?
Just like a child is worried that others will take away his beloved doll, this will be a conditioned reflex, like hiding the doll behind.
surely it doesn’t mean that…/could it be said that…
Night Jinze is worried that Si Yunling will take her away?
Otherwise, at this moment, the man is still holding her wrist. How can the hand tremble so much?
The line of sight was faint, and the man’s light voice didn’t break free for the first time, but the strange mood in his heart flooded in again.
Associating with the night Jinze once knew himself, the light tone of eyes was dignified for a few minutes.
surely it doesn’t mean that…/could it be said that…
Night Jinze knows that she knows Si Yunling?
Is that why you’re so nervous that your company will take her away?
Light voice suddenly rang again in my mind at night. Jinze wanted to tell himself at that time but was interrupted ——————
"I’m the one with the real sound."
"I am." What?
What exactly does Ye Jinze want to say?
Light voice eyebrows tiny cu seems to think of what eyes light suddenly a lag.
Wait a minute!
She seems to have always overlooked one thing, that is, what night Jinze called herself.
If she remembers correctly, Jinze has been calling her "Yinyin" since she knew her.
Although she is not used to it, when she thinks that Jinze is a slutty king at night, Yingying Yanyan will flock to think that the other party should call him a women’s home in this way, and she will take it as the default.
But now think about it carefully. In addition to calling her so intimately, Jinze seems to be impatient with his daughter. Either "that woman" or "hello" or even the name is omitted.
It seems as if she remembered that Jinze had never been so intimate with his woman to address her.
In this case, it is natural that Jinze called her tone not because of his idleness, but because of his reasons.
Like habits?
"The sound is real, I am." This sentence reappeared in my mind and was carefully analyzed.
According to the context, what Jin Ze received should be to say that he is "who is who"
But who does this "who-who-who" mean?
She doesn’t know many people in this animal world!
It seems that there is only one dog in this animal world who can habitually familiarize her voice with her eating habits and know that she is allergic to mangoes.
Is the night Jinze trying to say that he is Tsukiyomi ikuto?
Chapter 313 (3)