That Jiang Yuan smell speech smiled gently. At this time, Jiang Yuan’s heart was brisk. Not only did he find the background, but he also got a treasure for no reason. It’s strange that he was unhappy when he heard Taoist Dragon and Tiger’s words. Jiang Yuan said with a smile, "Daoyou don’t worry. Daoyou are seriously injured now, but it’s a blessing in disguise. Once it attracts you, Kaiqu will not be doomed for no reason. Now this magic weapon will be kept for you for the time being original. Is Daoyou afraid of being original and swallowing Daoyou’s treasure?"

Speaking of which, I saw that Jiang Yuan’s face was already gloomy. These old guys are getting worse and worse in acting.
Looking at Jiang Yuan’s gloomy face, Taoist Dragon and Tiger would like to say, "I am just afraid that you have embezzled my treasure." But at this time, the fellow Taoist Dragon and Tiger can’t say it. "Taoist Friends are kind enough to be original, but don’t bother Taoist Friends. Keep this treasure yourself."
"Taoist friends can’t trust me?" Road flyover Jiang Yuan angry looking at dragon and tiger.
Road flyover Dragon and Tiger wanted to say something, but he said, "Dragon and Tiger, why are you so petty? Isn’t it a magic weapon? There are so many of us here. Are you still afraid that Jiang Yuan Daoyou will not be able to swallow this treasure? Let’s put it where Jiang Yuan Daoyou is for the time being. It’s not too late to go to Jiang Yuan Daoyou to get it back when you are injured."
Jade Duxiu’s words are blocked. Road flyover Dragon and Tiger can’t speak. His hands are shaking, and his face is red and his neck is thick.
That Jiang Yuan smiled at Yu Duxiu and turned to disappear into the clouds.
"Ah, you …" Road flyover Dragon and Tiger wanted to catch up, but at this time, the mana was exhausted, and it was necessary to rely on others to help, but it was hard to see Jiang Yuan go far.
The people around you looked on coldly, but they witnessed a wonderful drama. The magic weapon was taken away by Jiang Yuan at this time, that is, the real sheep went into the jaws of death and there was no chance to come back.
"Things here will be settled when the big Chen dynasty destroyed the big Ryukyu dynasty, and there are still things to explain to you, martial sister. Help yourself." After that, the jade show faded into the mountains and rivers
The whole mountain range was shrouded in the imperial edict of Jade Duxiu, only to see that Jade Duxiu plunged into the mask formed by the imperial edict and then fled to the underground mountainside. There was a mountain road in the underground mountainside, and Jade Duxiu didn’t walk far along the dark cave, but suddenly an underground cave appeared in front of him.
This underground cave is 100 feet wide and surrounded by flowing river water. There is a stone stage about 10 feet in the middle of the river, but I see that the stone stage is covered by a light curtain and forms a wall. At this time, I collapsed in the middle of the stone stage for a long time without saying anything, and my eyes don’t know what to think.
Chapter 539 The wrath of the Godfather came before the Godfather
"It will be like this. You will be angry with her again." Jade Duxiu looked at her face and forgot to dust with a sigh.
Listening to Yu Duxiu’s words, I forgot to dust my eyes and moved my eyes to look away, but I didn’t speak.
Jade Duxiu looked down at the imprisoned mask with his hands and forgot to dust with a sigh. "You killed too many monks in the middle domain, and I’m afraid that it won’t be long before your godparents will know about it and will inevitably drop their thunder and anger. I will imprison you here as a kind of protection for you. If I punish your godparents, I won’t pull my face and continue to pursue you."
Speaking of which, Jade Duxiu gently shook his head. "But you shouldn’t let your mountain go. Although Yuan Shen is guarded by Samadhi, it has also been influenced by evil influence. When can you cut off your own barrier, you can get out of this underground nest through three disasters?"
"Elder brother Wei Chen, elder sister Shan, you knew it at that time, didn’t you?" Forget the dust and keep your eyes shinto.
Jade Duxiu nodded "natural knowledge"
"Then why didn’t you stop her at that time and why didn’t you stop her?" Forget the dust with a doubt in his eyes
"Causal entanglement can’t be forced. Wei Chen has been fascinated by Xue’s little mind. How can I be imprisoned?" Jade Duxiu’s voice is dull. "Now that she’s dead, how can I stop it? If a person wants to die, there are always ways to prevent it in various ways. "
"Brother, I must have brought you a lot of trouble. You’d better kill me. If you kill me, you’ll get over it, and your grandfather won’t make you feel difficult." Forgetting the dust voice reveals a vicissitudes of life, and the delicate face is full of fatigue and looks distressing at this time.
"Godfather, where don’t you worry, I’ll think of some way to stop you. You need peace of mind. Here, I have cultivated a good face and suppressed it by my ofuda. Unless it’s a godfather’s hand, if someone touches the ban, it will inevitably be induced by me. No one can seek revenge on you. No one can assassinate you." Jade Duxiu looked at the long spring channel.
Just then, I saw a virtual turmoil, a mighty qi machine filled with virtual scrolling, and a qi machine filled with heaven and earth.
"Godfather Qi Qi seems that Godfather is already aware of this matter at this time, and Godfather is furious." Jade Duxiu probe looked at the virtual but saw a distorted moment, only to see a floating jade Duxiu in front.
In this letter, the celestial machine is filled with nine days and ten places, and it seems that the heaven and earth are dry and Kun are constantly trembling.
Jade Duxiu’s palm stretched out to grasp the instantaneous qi activity in his hand, and the mighty qi activity seemed to be a burst of illusion before it disappeared.
"You can’t protect me when the Godfather is angry." Forget the dust stone stage and smile bitterly.
"All this naturally has my scheduling." Jade Duxiu turned to the outside of the cave in his hand. "Don’t worry about things outside."
With that, Jade Duxiu disappeared into the cave.