Crystal crazy has actually said this many times, but the former jellyfish didn’t respond, but this time after crystal crazy said this sentence, the jellyfish seemed to understand it, as if it raised its tentacles and aimed at the Yalong in front.

Whoosh!’ Many needles about the size of small arrows are ejected from the front of the tentacles. They hit the Yalong body and made a continuous "crackling" sound. Although most of them were bounced off by Yalong scales, one of them just stuck in the gap between Mukla helmet and breastplate …
This needle has a paralytic toxin. After being stabbed, Mukra suddenly fell down on Yalong’s back. Susumi was shocked and said, "Mukra!"
"ready! Here they come! " At this time, Yalong was just approaching the pyramid, and the dragons immediately raised their spears and threw them at Yalong!
But just before the skeleton dragons lost their spears, the whole pyramid shook violently, which also caused their spears to miss
"This is …" liddell looked around. There were a lot of cracks at the top of the building that just shook, and it was increasing. The whole pyramid seemed to have signs of collapse. liddell immediately shouted "Get out of here!"
"What the hell is that?" Susumi has been driving Yalong himself, and obviously it also noticed that the vibration just now was not only the battle in its face, but the jade dragon and the white skeleton dragon all noticed that some of them stopped fighting and looked around in confusion …
"Wang! It’s really shaking here! " Jellyfish back the guard excited and crystal crazy said "king! What dangerous things may happen here! "
"… I know!" Jing kuangxian also noticed that the vibration was quite obvious just now. After considering it for a while, he said, "Is there any way to go here?"
The guard replied, "There are still some airbags here that should be accessible."
"Good, then you can go with those airbags!" Jing Kuang said, "You tell the team leaders to quit the city and surround the whole city!" "
"Ga?" The guard paused, "shall I go?"
"That’s right!" Jing Kuang said, "If we want the plain earthquake, it won’t affect us, but the green things in the city will die!" "
"Don’t go!"
"Ga!" It quickly ran to the edge of the jellyfish’s back, where some airbags were tied to allow it to ride the white-boned dragonfly.
And crystal crazy still stay jellyfish face, it still wants to see Su Sumi being chased to death by it.
But …
The vibration was even more violent, and even in high school, a huge crack appeared on the ground.
Chapter two hundred and twelve Pillow sound
The giant earthquake jellyfish slowly stopped and seemed a little flustered.
"What’s wrong with you? Why did you stop!" Jing Kuang patted the jellyfish and said, "The other party is very tired and one of them has collapsed. This is a good opportunity!"
But no matter how crazy crystal shot jellyfish, it didn’t move.
"What, it can fly and is afraid of earthquakes?" Crystal crazy went to the edge in doubt and looked at it to see the scene of meeting. It suddenly froze. "Is this an earthquake?"
There was a huge crack in the scorpion city, and many pyramids collapsed because of the crack. Both sides stopped fighting because of the crack, and the white skeleton dragon and the emerald dragon fled in panic in the capital city.
"hurry up! Hey! " Liddell and the seven skeleton dragon pyramids jumped quickly. Although they climbed up from the Great Pyramid, they did not escape the danger.
At this time, two skeleton dragons ran to liddell’s side. They were a little sorry. "Chief, we can’t find the flying spear. I don’t know where it went."
"There is no way to leave here now!" Liddell looked around. There were screams everywhere. A large number of white skeleton dragons retreated from the pyramid streets, while the emerald dragons were in the center of the city. They could almost escape.
After watching a large group of white skeleton dragons run through the street, liddell immediately jumped forward with the skeleton dragons, but a loud noise stopped it. A large crack broke out in two pyramids and a lot of soil was squeezed out from the crack.
"Ga ah ah!" Squeezed out from the cracks in the soil with many screams, I saw a lot of jade dragons emerge from the inside. liddell immediately saw a familiar appearance mixed inside. It immediately went to pull it up and said, "Flying spear? What the hell is going on here? "
"Ahem ….." Flying spear vomited two pieces of dirt from his mouth. After seeing liddell, it immediately exclaimed, "Chief? How did you … It doesn’t matter. Run! There is a lot of big things coming out of the ground! "
"Something?" Liddell’s question just said that the soil squeezed out of the crack suddenly dispersed, accompanied by the emerald dragon exclaiming that a general object that looks like a tree root protrudes from the soil. The diameter of this tree root is about three meters, and the height is more than ten meters, and it is still slowly reaching out.
Liddell and the skeleton dragons looked at this thing very strangely. liddell asked, "Is this a tree root?"
Seeing that the root of this tree is getting higher and higher, and things like bubbles are produced on its surface, these bubbles are getting bigger and bigger and almost burst …
Suddenly, a loud noise almost made the skeleton dragons fall to the ground. The roots of the original liddell instantly turned into a pile of burnt smoke fragments, but it was not the roots themselves that exploded, but something from the middle blew up the roots.
"That’s it!" After the roots were blown to pieces, liddell found that a furry thing appeared in the sky, which floated slowly.
"This is … pompoms! I haven’t seen it for many years! " The skeleton dragons looked at the falling objects in the sky in amazement, and even the flying spears were very surprised. "This is … the fluffy ball?"
"Hurry up and prepare for the ceremony!" Liddell and the skeleton dragons were about to do something when they saw the appearance of pompoms, but the sound of pompoms interrupted them.
"Don’t do it. Get out of here and tell Tucker they’re out of here."
With these words, the pompom flew away.
"From … we know! Go! " Liddell and the skeleton dragons didn’t hesitate too much. They moved quickly in the pyramid with flying spears and ran outside the city.
"Ga? It has gone with them! " The jade dragons who were squeezed out of the soil watched curiously as the flying spear and liddell fled together. At this moment, an jade dragon said, "We … we should also escape!"
"honk! The soldiers who fled to the city center should be there! "
Said the group of jade dragons also ran quickly to the city center.