Four beams of different colors are formed in the cross-cut sword awn, which looks like a huge "m" from a distance.

These four swords and one sword seem to have waves rolling in the sea and roaring, which is Sun Hao’s sword in the sea.
These four swords and one sword, the black sword mans, contain great ferocity, which is the sword of Sun Hao’s killing trend.
These four swords and one sword, the golden sword, broke out in the mountain, and the limit of fighting spirit was the general trend sword of Sun Haodou.
These four swords and one sword seem to have a strong wind howling in the green sword awn, and the edge of the wind blade is Sun Haofeng’s sword.
The "meter" sword awn fell from the height.
Four swords and awns roared from high speed and beheaded the hull of Tuoyu flying ship.
The huge hull instantly appears a big herringbone figure.
A huge herringbone figure came in from the hull and rushed out from the hull.
A rice word passes through.
The huge extended domain flying ship is not much, not little, and it is greatly unloaded.
Burning and exploding in the sky, a large hull dragged a long black smoke and fell from it.
Destroyed extension domain flying ship was forcibly destroyed.
The extension-class flying ship can’t resist the late-stage combat power of the fit, but it has the late-stage combat power. From now on, we can see the level of the two late-stage combat power.
Momosuo day hiding Sun Hao attack when looking back, I suddenly found that my own extension domain flying ship had been forcibly cut off, and suddenly my heart was full of horror eyes flashing and thinking about my own retreat.
A lot of Morgan protoss monks flew out like a small fly from a piece of bad meat Mountain, and they fled in panic.
However, Sun Hao made up his mind not to leave anyone alive, so naturally he wouldn’t let them escape easily.
Eyes flashed filar silk pity Sun Hao said in a low voice, "Dear friends, have a good trip."
During the speech, a huge golden stick enveloped the whole extension area, and the flying ship fell off the hull to cover the sun and hit it.
Boom a hull was hit by a stick to the ground, along with the flying monk Morgan family was also hit by a stick.
When the earth trembles, the huge waves are deafening, and the huge shock waves rush out from where the stick falls, and the ground cracks like a spider web.
The hull of the extension flying ship is deeply embedded in the surface of the earth.
It seems that you can still see the dark red blood in the dust on the ground.
In Sun Hao’s eyes, there was a firm vision, a move, a magical power, and a day stick, which was swung high and magnificent … and smashed seven sticks in a row.
The ground smashed out a deep groove, and the extension domain flying ship, together with the surrounding mountain quilt, was deeply smashed into a big piece and compacted into a bottom.
Look in the direction, there is no trace of flying ship, and there is a solid soil layer to be tamped again.
Momosuo’s eyes were shocked when the sky floated, and his heart was sad.
The cruel Terran is small and tens of millions. Brother Morgan, the protoss, was buried without exception. The underground was smashed into patties and embedded in the earth.
Flying all over the sky to avoid Xingtian’s war body Momosotian’s heart was a little slow, and he was swept by Xingtian’s war body with a shield and vomited an one mouthful blood, flying for hundreds of miles to avoid successive onslaughts.
Kill the Tuoyu flying ship
Sun Hao’s agarwood sword pointed to Momosuo’s mouth and gently said, "The Morgan clan has a little personal holiday with agarwood, and today they take Taoist friends to pay homage to our Terran ancestor Tianling."
Sun Hao received two great gifts from Xuanyuan, Xiong’s bodhi old zu, Shen Yu, Ba Fa and San Wei Yuan Ying Huo, which were of great help to Sun Hao’s practice. Sun Hao laid a solid foundation for practice.
You Xiong’s kindness to Sun Hao.
In the virtual Kirin Pavilion, Sun Hao was awarded the title of "Ao Yu Ba Fa" by the bodhi old zu.
It can be said that the bodhi old zu has a half-teacher friendship with Sun Hao. The obelisk of Qilin Pavilion records that the bodhi old zu was generous and died in the battle against the enemy Morgan clan.
This is what Sun Hao said about personal grievances.
Chapter DiErJiuSi Great Power Against the Four
(Thanks for the reward)
The teenager was shocked and scattered, and the passengers were furious and inclined to fly to the ship; Not afraid of the bloody rain, sing a song of Wan Li Jing; Traveling alone, kotow, unveiling the sky and lifting the ground to comfort the teacher.
So today Sun Hao will avenge the death of the bodhi old zu first.
Holding aloes sword, Sun Haojian pointed out that Momosuo declared war on the day after tomorrow, and suddenly the wind was strong.
The face wind surrounded Sun Hao and Momosuo in the middle of the day.
Momosuo was frightened and moved quickly, and his body was moving very quickly, trying to escape from the wind field.
But on how he moved, even if he appeared in another direction instantaneously, he found himself and Sun Hao’s position as if they were all fixed, as if they were finally pointed at by Sun Hao’s agarwood sword tip.
I feel that I have been fixed in this gale, and I have become a painting in which the characters move around and drive, that is, the whole painting keeps drifting left and right while the position in my painting remains unchanged.
It feels so ridiculous.
A cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and panic spread. Momosuo God knows that he may be terrible this time.
Wind localized sword
The domain is also constantly moved by the wind sword, which is like a bad wind blowing and blowing.
Wind direction and wind localization
Momo, if you don’t understand the truth, you can confront Sun Haozhang with six golden bodies.
Watching the Terran Godsworn already don’t know what to say at this time.
Zhengyuan leisurely sigh.
In my heart, I know my roots, so I won’t be afraid of Sun Haosun’s aloes, because people have already reached their heights.
The original Sun Hao Sun Chenxiang also needs his own shelter to grow up. He can slowly familiarize Sun Hao Sun Chenxiang with the Terran affairs and hand it over to him himself.