That’s another story

Where is Zhu Di’s soul? Ying Zheng doesn’t know the bottle, and then it disappeared inexplicably. Ying Zheng searched for it for a long time before finally finding the bottle.
At that time, the ghost king had already started, but he and Ying Zheng must have been treacherous. Ying Zheng asked the ghost king what he wanted, and the ghost king said that he wanted Ying Zheng’s sword, the one with a violent sword.
Ying Zheng didn’t think much, but he gave his sword to the ghost king. But if the ghost king really wanted to send the letter, I’m afraid there wouldn’t be my father and Guo Laotou who left the ghost building in succession. Where did the bottle fall today? Ying Zheng didn’t leave it.
I remember that when I was in the hospital, the ghost king and Yin Zhou Yang Gen left me regardless of my life or death. I was surprised that Zhao Feiyu appeared and saved me, but that dagger made of ten winning stones made me think about who has such great ability.
Who is the man sitting in front of the door of life and death? Or is it all done by one person?
Ying Zheng didn’t let us do other things, but let us rest. ghost city’s yin has faded a lot. My dad said that Ying Zheng regained ghost city, Zhu Yunwen and Bigan alone, and they don’t know where they are now.
Ying Zheng got angry. It’s natural to say it’s a big deal or a small deal, but I want to know if it’s a match. Didn’t you want to help Zhu Yunwen prepare?
Zhu Yunwen is now a wisp of ghost. Without Yin Qi, Zhu Yunwen must be past. Now that I have been in ghost city for so long, I really don’t feel too much Yin Qi. If you look around carefully, there won’t be too much Yin Qi.
Is Ying Zheng trying to force Zhu Yunwen out in this simple way? If Ying Zheng really intends to do this, then I want to ask Ying Zheng how long have you been doing this?
"I always thought you could control Dong Qing, but now it seems that I was wrong about our family affairs. You know more or less, and I don’t want to say more." My dad suddenly said when he sent me back to my room.
Behind me and my dad, I listened to my dad’s nagging and my dad sighed. Now there are only you and me left in the Mu family. If we want to revive the Mu family, we must not go with the flow. What are we trying to change? I’m afraid that’s what our ancestors thought, right?
I didn’t speak, but I followed my dad with my head buried, but my mind remembered that my dad had told me something before the ghost king. I’m afraid it’s not that simple for him to go to Ying Zheng.
"Ancestors said that if there was a child born in the Mu family with a delicate heart, no matter how good his talent was, he must be removed. That child was me. You know this prophecy, and Ying Zheng must know why you didn’t do it?" After a long silence, I could not help but ask
I saw my dad’s footsteps suddenly stop, and he turned around and looked at me, his eyes full of incomprehension, as if he were thinking that I would know about it.
"Every generation of the Mu family will have a boy. If the boy has no talent, then the parents will kill the boy themselves. This is why the Mu family rules are also the reason why the Mu family can become a yin and yang family. Dad, you always know nothing." I didn’t wait for my dad to answer the question, but I just continued to take care of myself.
My dad looked at me and I’m afraid I didn’t know what to say at the moment. He pointed to the distant room and whispered to me, "Tell me where to go."
I walked in front of my dad and pointed to the room. After I went in, my dad lit all the candles with a torch, and the room was still a little bright.
I sat in a chair and waited for my dad to honestly tell me what he knew. My dad coughed a little and sat next to me and asked; What else do you know about Mu family?
"The ancestor’s name is Mu Yin, a very talented person, and he only got Zhu Di when he joined Ying Zheng in those days. It is said that the ancestor was literate and able to dance, and he took over the Mu family when he was very young. It is very important that someone in the Mu family committed a crime and the ancestor would personally execute him." I looked at my dad and said word by word.
My father nodded and said "Go on" to me.
"Ancestor went to Ying Zheng that year and said that he could help Ying Zheng because of his position in the ancestor circle. Ying Zheng naturally believed it, but ancestor and Ying Zheng were not close, but traded. Ancestor had already realized that there would be a great disaster in Mu family, that is, a descendant who was born with seven exquisite hearts traded with Ying Zheng. Once that descendant was born, Ying Zheng wanted to kill that child, everything would be safe, but Ying Zheng didn’t do it. Ying Zheng not only didn’t kill me, but he also saved me." I said here that my voice was really low.
I don’t know why Ying Zheng did it or what it meant to him, but Ying Zheng seems to have no idea about it. I have never asked him why he did it. Who else can answer the question except my father?
When my dad heard these estimates, he knew everything I needed to know. My dad looked at me with a long sigh and said naively, I can hide everything from you, but in the end you know everything … What can I say? Kobayashi, there are some things I really don’t want you to face.
I know what my dad means. He wants to protect me, but I want to get rid of my dad’s protection. This may be a natural bitch. On the other hand, I think that although I have an easy life, how long can I live easily in this comfort zone?
I will face these things one day, so I might as well face them earlier.
My dad looked at me for a long time before he said, Do you remember that little girl in Dong Qing? Nothing, but I am born with outstanding spiritual awareness and can control the ghost. No, I can’t control it. I should say that I can be friends with the ghost.
I nodded. This is my Mu Lin apprentice. How can I not remember?
"The first time I saw Dong Qing, this girl, I knew she was just like you. She could feel everything in the world. You didn’t know it before … at that time, after I dug out your heart … you didn’t die … your breathing became very weak, just like you fell asleep. If you didn’t have such a constitution, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have lasted until the day I found my husband and baby. Later, I realized that the seven-point exquisite heart was not a mortal like me, but there was a way to kill the seven-point exquisite heart." My dad said here.
I looked up at my dad and didn’t know what he wanted to say. My dad gave a wry smile and buried his head in his hand. The expression was very painful. At that time, Ying Zheng knew that there was another exquisite heart in this world. One way to die is to be killed by the other side. The exquisite heart can allow one to appear! When two stars appear, there will be great trouble.
Speaking of this, I think it is impossible for us to control this world. Even Huang Shibu and Ying Zheng have excellent divination skills, but who can figure out how to deal with their fate?
It’s like … Who calculated my fate? I don’t know what will happen next, just as I don’t know what will happen after Dong Qing and I.
Kill each other?
Chapter one hundred and twelve What’s on your mind
I don’t know what will happen after me and Dong Qing.
Kill each other? I think this is a small matter, the law of the jungle. I am naturally white, and if it is, I can continue to live. I think I have got it.
"Maybe my ancestors had figured out that there would be two exquisite hearts in those years, and my ancestors were ready, but his preparation was too cruel for you. Our Mu family owed Dong family too much. First, Dong Qing’s parents killed two people. Now do you want to owe Dong Qing another life?" My dad looked at me and asked me very calmly
I know what my dad is worried about. Our family really owes Dong Qing a lot of things, but that’s not why I’m going to let Dong Qing go. Everyone’s fate is to take control of their own hands. If something goes wrong, everyone’s first reaction is to change their lives.
If that’s the case, the world is in a mess
However, the ancestor seems to have miscalculated, and if he wants to kill me, he can stop all this, but the reality is very cruel to tell the ancestor that this matter is beyond your control.
Dong Qing and I have to fight.
My dad told me a lot that day, and I fell asleep in the end. When I woke up the next day, my dad was gone. I guess I slept too hard yesterday and left alone.
After I got up and washed up, I walked towards the main hall. Ying Zheng still sat in the dragon chair, but today Ying Zheng’s spirit looked much better. He had arranged it more or less yesterday, and I finally met Haria on this day.
Haria’s double knives are already behind her back, but it gives people a more sense that this little girl should not provoke me. Haria is also very happy to see me. She patted me on the shoulder and said with a look of injustice, why did you come back now? Do you know that you miss me to death?
I also smiled naively when I saw Haria performing. You have to say that this girl is particularly good at acting. Ying Zheng won’t let her go to film, but she works for Ying Zheng. This is a wave of talents!
"You just leave me alone. I perform this piece, but it’s not natural. Don’t flirt with me. Come and go to flirt with me." I pushed Hariya in one direction half jokingly, and her face was full of nai expressions.
Haria’s backhand is to hide by my side. He spat out his tongue at me and said softly, chat!
I smiled in a good temper and was about to continue to play crazy with Haria when Ying Zheng coughed lightly. All of us recovered our positive color.
"Sit down, sit down and talk." Ying Zheng saw that we were all quiet and was slowly ready to talk.
We obediently sat upright and waited for Ying Zheng to continue to speak.
"Should you be happy or angry that the skirt of the ghost building was completely destroyed?" Ying Zheng didn’t say anything about him first, but the first thing he said was to ask Dai Suyang about it. I have to wonder, Ying Zheng, are you really not having an affair with Dai Suyang?
Dai Suyang shook his head and said softly, if you don’t feel the need to go, let him go. If you don’t feel the need to go, let him come. It’s not easy for you and me to control this, is it?
Ying Zheng shook his head with a wry smile and looked up again and said, "You will give me some good advice, but I didn’t expect you to fool me with such a sentence … Forget it, how much the ghost building has to do with us. Let all of you come today, too. Count our troops again. I don’t know how many troops Zhu Yunwen and them have, but once he took them out of the team, I sent them to the underworld and met them in Zhu Yunwen. To be honest, I don’t know.