Shaolin Veronica didn’t see the report.

All reports are caused by solidified organisms, but it is not surprising that Lin thinks they should notice the change of stars soon.
"Veronica Classmate College is calling us!" Sitting next to Bilu, he said, "It’s so cool to say that students are going out physically to deal with those monsters! It’s like that TV play! "
"…" Lin didn’t say what is turned around and put his hand on Bilou’s forehead.
"… what’s the matter? Veronica? " Than dew a face of doubt asked.
"It doesn’t seem to you here …"
Qianlin already knows that Ershi has been observing Linlin’s reality mainly through Bilu, and how much she also feels that Bilu has some special energy.
But it has disappeared now.
Actually, Ershi is not anywhere now, whether it’s the ground arms or the fluffy ball with Nuo …
There is no way to communicate with Walsh
After it was sent back, Nuo changed back to an ordinary Ershi people, that is, the original Nuo.
And its brain’s thinking has disappeared. It wondered what it was and tried to find a warship companion to land … but what it did was climb out of the hole and get lost in the Antarctic ice sheet.
Because it’s wearing armor, it won’t freeze to death, and Antarctic Lin has been watching it, and it’s possible for Inersh to reconnect it.
But Lynn also has a suspicion …
That’s what happened to Walsh
In this way, some days passed
News reports have been broadcasting the world’s restoration situation and all kinds of solidified organisms, and at the same time, they have finally … noticed that there are some differences between the stars.
However, I noticed this at first because they can’t connect all the people in vain.
At the same time, Lin also found that all the schools in Walsh World were almost on holiday, but Tiangong College called the students up.
Called the students to form a’ special temporary force’ to deal with solidified organisms.
Then … nothing special happened.
Lynn didn’t find a way to contact Walsh. There is no star bus reaction in this world. Lynn thinks it … seems to be missing.
Lin did drill all the way to the ground, but she didn’t find Walsh’s organs.
It feels like this Walsh has become an ordinary … world.
However, those organs in the Antarctic are still there and won’t move, but obviously something happened …
What could have caused Walsh to disappear? It’s strange enough to actually send it to this star position.
Although Lin thought of many possibilities, it may be necessary to … solidify in vain to find the specific reason.
Or bus fragments.
"Ga ga ga! We have … Ga … "
There is a metal tower among several floating debris.
Lin called this place … the prison tower, which is more than 100 meters high and filled with all the birds that Lin caught.
Recently, they have lived here for a long time. At ordinary times, they do nothing but eat and eat hard. This is the constant whining and screaming, trying to summon the guy who once saved them.
But no one has come to save them, and no one has sent them away
However, Lin has recently observed some new phenomena.
There are many solidified organisms in the floating debris here.
Lin has never seen this kind of solidified creature, but it must have come out of the solidified void.
They wandered around here and didn’t do anything, but their mere appearance was enough to attract Lin’s attention … They came out of the’ solidification gap’
Although they didn’t do anything, Lin would always watch them.
Then Lin’s main concern is to solidify the imaginary things.
Nuo … and Walsh have both left, but Lin’s journey here will not end.
Lin still has some arms here, and … Nautilus is also here.
At that time, when Walsh sent Lin away, some small arms took the Nautilus away, and none of them were sent out together.