In the past two days, Luoli Qingyufeng has found a suspended mountain near Qingyufeng to cultivate at will.

Real Xiao Pang wanted to practice in Qingyufeng. Sister Naida thought it was too noisy for Xiao Pang to change to a closer place.
I received the big brother’s reading of Xiao Pang, and quickly raised the meteorite sword to catch up.
Then Baiyun Tower explained the experience and Xiao Pang after three days.
When I heard that the big brother was going to take Luo Li with him, Xiao Pang was a little be in heaven at once, but I heard that I would eventually go to Qingqiu. I couldn’t help but feel a heavy heart and secretly felt a little white. The fate between myself and Luo Li might come to an end.
Xiao pang’s mood can be understood in Baiyun Tower. Everyone is even worse. Luo Li is still a little clingy fox demon.
Now Baiyun Tower also hopes that Xiao Pang will come to the end, not only knowing the origin of Luoli, but also because Xiao Pang moved the truth.
From this period of time to watch this little fox demon in Luoli, although the memory and spirit are not fully recovered, we can also see the goodness
That’s why I should be hunted by the elder of Qingqiu. If I get the opportunity to help Luoli clean up the elder and help him take over Qingqiu, the demon suffering in northern Xinjiang in Daxia country for many years should be instantly subsided.
The more I think about Baiyun Tower, the more I think it is feasible, but I still have to find the opportunity to play it by ear.
Luo Li’s identity has also been told that Xiao Pang has nothing to hide from his brother.
When Xiao Pang heard this, he gained momentum. Only then did he know that the war in northern Xinjiang and the serious injury in Luoli were all caused by the elder of Qingqiu.
These days, Xiao Pang has been practicing hard to improve her strength because she wants Luo Li to look up at herself after she regains her memory.
This seems to have found the direction in confusion. It seems that it is to slay the object.
"Master elder brother and younger brother want to behead the green hill elder" Xiao Pang said seriously.
"Do you have any ideas about flying with your brother? That’s a powerful demon. Xia Shigu has already competed with him. It is estimated that the demon repair is almost the same as that of Terran Yuanying in the middle period." Baiyun Building replied indifferently.
Hearing what the big brother said, Xiao Pang was even more exciting and said with enthusiasm, "It turns out that the big brother also has this idea. It’s great that one person is short and two people are long, and no matter how strong the demon is, it should have weaknesses and it is not invincible."
"Now the Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce is full of talented people, so I’m going to recruit a group of experts to think about Guangyi."
Xiao pang will leave when he talks, and the Baiyun Tower will shout and raise my hand to enter an idea that is refined gas tactic.
"Flying in the sky, this tactic can be practiced as soon as possible to refine the aura liquid in the abdomen. If you start practicing at least, you can also increase the strength of the true qi by 50%, and the power of the avatar will also increase greatly." Baiyun Tower immediately said.
"So powerful …" Xiao Pang was surprised.
Just a moment, I thought that the Baiyun Tower read to Xiao Pang, "Don’t be casual for the time being, just like the concentration tactic."
Xiao pang immediately knew that this refined gas tactic was not to mention that it was another tactic that the senior sister Qingchi pushed forward.
When you see Xiao Pang’s big sword, you will be far away from Xia Chaoyang, and you will shout calmly and say, "Xiao Feiyang is calm, and there are brothers and sisters who also send you an avatar. Now your qualifications have changed, and this avatar may just be able to practice."
Put it up and point it to Xiao Pang’s eyebrows, giving Xiao Pang a magical power.
After a long time, Xiao Pang rubbed his eyebrows and shouted, "What kind of magical power is this, Second Martial Sister?"
Xia Chaoyang said strangely, "It’s not so magical, isn’t it? It’s a kind of spiritual method that you don’t practice. When you give me a small martial arts, I will know it in an instant. Is it because you have gained more understanding in practicing recently?"
Here, Xia Chaoyang turned to the elder brother and said, "The elder brother didn’t do anything just now, and the younger sister forgot this magical power. This is what Xiaowu told the younger sister at that time that you must be extraordinary to understand."
"At that time, Xiaowu also said that a few of us were just school sisters, and I only gave it to me because I had extraordinary fascination. I don’t believe that the master brother’s fascination is much worse than that of the school sister."
With that, Zhao-yang Xia read the avatar to the master elder brother.
"Xuanwu gang gas ….." Baiyun Tower was deeply aware of this avatar method for a while.
There is no magic formula for this avatar. It’s really fascinating. A magic formula requires extremely high qualifications for fascinating.
Just a moment, I thought that the Baiyun Tower would release the Sunwheel and try to display the divine power of the basaltic vigorous yang. Gradually, according to a certain law, the surface of the Sunwheel wrapped in tremors.
With the sun’s divine power wrapping the golden wheel completely, the tremor gradually stabilized, and a layer of dark black shimmer condensed outside the golden wheel in the future.
This basaltic gang gas was so condensed by Baiyun Tower and it was very relaxed.
So it seems that the Baiyun Tower has gradually gained a small world, and the weather is so secluded that it doesn’t even see through the Xuanwu God.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven Flash dun avatar
"Hey, hey, you will know that senior brother is terrible. This little basalt is much more powerful than pool." Xia Chaoyang said with a smile, it’s no surprise.
Speaking, Xia Chaoyang jumped in the same place and a layer of green awn passed through the fairy clothes to cover up the whole body.
It’s not surprising that Shi Xuanwu is mistaken about the Baiyun Tower. Even the Baiyun Tower didn’t know that he knew the sea until two months ago. After being opened up by the nature power contained in sapphire, it was no longer a simple five-element qualification, let alone being fascinated by knowing the sea.