Simply put, these creatures are wonderfully … adapted to the rapidly decaying environment here and have corresponding abilities.

However, since these creatures will not rot now, they can carry out their life cycle
Yinlin found that they are all creatures with strong shells.
At present, we don’t know why they grow so strong, but if they don’t rot, their young will grow in vitro.
And if they don’t rot quickly, these creatures will keep producing more cubs, and as a result, they will be squeezed to death by a large number of cubs.
In the end, these cubs can’t drill into its shell and die inside.
Lin found many such … dead creatures crushed by their larvae.
But there are still many living creatures, and these living creatures have certain control ability, and they can stop the growth of their young.
In this way, they can still live for a while.
However, because these creatures have a long life, they will eventually die because of the breeding grounds.
Now Lin sees that these creatures are in this state of chronic death.
Flowers actually don’t know much about these creatures, and they don’t know the details of these creatures. The strong decay effect here will make them live here for a long time … I didn’t expect them to rely on decay for their livelihood.
It seems that the erosion land has lost its’ activity’ and the rot effect has disappeared, so that all living things will perish.
Even so, the flower wants to make sure … whether it is dead or not.
So it came to a special place with Lin.
It is said that this place is the place where the signal of … erosion is the strongest, and the flowers recognize that the signal organ of erosion is in this position.
After floating for a while, Lin pompoms and flowers came to this place.
The scenery here is a little special, too. It’s a big … golden lake.
It is quite different from the former rusty lake. The whole lake with a diameter of about 300 meters is shining with golden color and looks very beautiful.
Flowers don’t think so. They’re not color-recognized world species.
But it means that you can feel the strongest signal when you come here before.
The signal of erosion is not’ automatically’ sent to the living things, but requires the living things to have doubts about this place.
Erosion will signal these creatures and tell them what will … die here.
This position signal is said to be the clearest and can be felt with a little doubt.
The flowers slowly drifted to the center of this golden lake, and with it, they … sent out strong doubts.
It is wondering what will become like this and what will not rot in this place.
Obviously …
There is no response.
Lin also made some doubts about the pompoms, and really didn’t feel anything.
So Lin let the pompoms spill some miniature arms and they floated into the golden lake for testing.
This golden liquid substance … doesn’t seem to be anything special.
But when Lin drifted to the bottom of the lake and tried to dig, she suddenly found something special.
There are many small creatures of one to two millimeters moving at the bottom of the lake.
These little creatures are different from those seen by Qian Lin … They are very active, unlike others who are half dead.
But there’s another major point. These creatures …
Looks a lot like swallowing.
To be exact, it’s a mini-swallow, which is similar to a shark shape
Do these creatures … have anything to do with swallowing?
Boom! ! !’
When Lin thought so, the whole lake suddenly shook.
Chapter two thousand six hundred and ten Continuous synthesis
"What’s the matter with you! You’re already dead? You’ve stopped moving? Can’t you do anything? "
When a flower sends out a lot of doubts … it doesn’t get an eclipse response.
But another creature responded to it
But Lynn wasn’t sure if it was a response to it or if she just found a prey here.
Boom! ! !’
The golden lake suddenly exploded.
A huge creature rushed out of the water, opened its mouth and bit directly at the flower in the middle.
This creature looks like a shark, but it is just like that. It has no eyes or gills and no fins.
But with a mouth full of sharp saw teeth, the diameter of this mouth can reach 100 meters after opening.
Can swallow flowers in one gulp.
And the flower was indeed swallowed by it. It seemed that the flower had no reaction just now, so it was given by this creature … It bit into its mouth and swallowed it without chewing.
This is a … explosive swallow.
Qian Lin and Qian Lin learned from the flowers that the explosive shape is exactly the same, but this one is smaller.
Accurately speaking, it is the initial size of swallowing. This creature can grow to a very huge level by constantly swallowing the former one because it has eaten several creatures.
And this end is the initial minimum state where nothing has been eaten.
Although it is the smallest, it seems that it is not difficult to eat a flower. After eating the flower, it has not stopped moving.
It continued to move forward until the whole body rushed out of the lake, and the golden liquid substance of the lake was spilled on the surrounding surface.
This place is attractive, about 5% of the fluffy balls, but it seems to be similar to no gravity for swallowing.
It twisted for about 300 meters and kept spinning and flying in its body.
Lin didn’t do anything because Lin knew that the flower … didn’t die. Lin put some arms on the flower.
These arms came to communicate with flowers, but now they can also tell that flowers have entered a cystic organ similar to the stomach.
Flowers are constantly struggling inside.
This flower has been transformed many times, and it is not the defenseless creature it used to be.