Finally, the village head looked at it and thought about asking after noon.

Qin Mu Ye patted his head. "Look at my memory. I’m sorry. I can’t leave the ghost today and forget it."
Said Qin Mu Ye also pointed to the cool iron column under the tree.
The village chief looked in the direction with shock.
"This ….. this is really terrible. This important thing is really more important. The value of the call is just a trivial matter."
Visual impact nowadays, the iron column is much more frightening than the original one. For ordinary people, they can’t distinguish spiritual power, so they can judge it from their appearance.
"By the way, the village chief doesn’t know what else you have to do?" Qin Mu Ye asked.
"There is something important. This year, the Golden Lock gang came to the village for the third time to collect money. This is just extortion."
"We just gave it, but they took the money and made me miserable."
"These people rely on them. Wang is a spiritual teacher, so he is so reckless."
"But Wang Daren, don’t worry. If you help us get rid of this golden lock, we will give you every penny as a subsidy."
The village chief said that it was better to give money to a government official than to a group of local ruffians and hooligans. At present, Wang Daren is a good man.
"Nobody cares about this?" Qin Mu Ye asked.
"Alas, this is just a small place for us. Moreover, the Golden Lock gang Wang is calling the spiritual master to search for some money and do something about it. It is natural to turn a blind eye." The village chief also said Nai.
The reason is very simple. A psychic and several village leaders can still be separated and cleared up.
"What is the strength of the Golden Lock Gang Wang?" Qin Mu Ye asked.
"It seems to be a specific little old man, but it’s okay for you to mediate, my Lord. Your identity must not be difficult for the Golden Lock Gang Wang. You need to assign Qingsong Village to your name, and we won’t give the Golden Lock Gang any more money." The village chief never thought of letting Qin Mu Ye come forward to conflict with the Golden Lock Gang Wang, which is unrealistic.
First of all, he denies that Qin Mu Ye is the opponent of this Golden Lock gang Wang, and the second is to fight. Naturally, this kind of thing can be done without fighting.
So let Qin Mu Ye come forward to protect them. Qingsong Village means this place is him.
It’s just a Qingsong village, and the Golden Lock gang Wang won’t be at ease. Then both sides will just go through the motions.
In his village, he couldn’t help himself. It’s impossible for him to make friends with Qin Mu Ye in his village.
"One is indeed a local tyrant near here." Qin Mu Ye pondered whether to let the iron column try to see this strength. How many pieces will be left when the spirit is hit?
"All right, I’ll take care of this. Those gangsters who have come to collect money haven’t left yet, have they?"
He felt that the chance of his positive supporting role was probably lost to the Golden Lock Gang Wang, otherwise it would have happened.
These gangsters don’t come early or late, but it’s a coincidence at this time. He doesn’t believe it
"Haven’t left yet, it’s still going on. I’ve arranged a table for dining and drinking, which is harmful to the province everywhere." The village head is also in a tight heart. He doesn’t know what Qin Mu Ye is going to do.
"Just one root can’t carry the iron column, and throw the gangsters out, so that they can tell the Golden Lock Gang Wang to come and apologize. I can spare his life, or else I will send the so-called Golden Lock Gang Road." Qin Mu Ye said slowly.
"This ….. this is not good. The Golden Lock Gang is also a big gang. You will offend the officials and the elders in the city by doing so." The village head naturally knows that the Golden Lock Gang is not simple. Without the acquiescence of these forces, it would have been destroyed.
"Did they call a spiritual teacher?" Qin Mu Ye asked.
"What are they afraid of?" The other party doesn’t even have a gun rod to be afraid of just because the other party has a pen?
Really dare to pen against Qin Mu Ye Qin Mu Ye can give each other’s hands to fold.
The protagonist may need to fight wits, but the villain doesn’t need to kill them directly.
"But you can’t do without the help of these officials and adults. If you really offend them, you will even be unable to move in the future." The village chief hesitated and said.
Qin Mu Ye shook his head. "You don’t really have no one behind me, do you? Just a group of small landlords in the hinterland deserve to fight with me?"
Hearing Qin Mu Ye’s words, the village chief was first surprised and then hesitated. That is, if someone behind you is really likely to be arranged to come to Qingsong Village, but it is not good to refute Qin Mu Ye’s vow. If there is, it is naturally happy, but if there is no … Oh, the other party is really not afraid.
Just calling the identity of the spiritual master is enough to make these ordinary people daunting.
"It’s the little old son. I’ll do it at once." The village chief can also believe this, otherwise what can I do?
Although he is not sure about Qin Mu Ye’s strength, he feels that the heroic spirit has changed its strength every day.
"Go ahead, don’t give them anything to fight to the death and let the villagers vent their anger." Qin Mu Ye charged 1.
The village head is naturally happy to leave here, and everyone has to get this expression. After all, it is not easy to be wronged in the past.
After people left, Qin Mu Ye also sighed, "If I hadn’t been idle to see what chance this is, I would have died of this golden lock to help Wang."
On the other hand, the strength of Qin Mu Ye’s prayer technique makes him suddenly die, which may not necessarily consume any magic.
What I don’t do is mainly to see how this temporary skill process develops, and maybe I can peek into some data of these three causal temporary skills.
Otherwise, it’s just a small matter to let him fight. It’s because of the interests he needs that Qin Mu Ye is willing to cooperate
Chapter 479 Iron column increase horsepower and kill them for me!
"Iron column, when I say hit you, just hit it. Don’t leave them room."
Qin Mu Ye charged 1 yesterday that a few local ruffians were beaten and thrown out of the village outside, shouting that they would let Wang avenge them.
Then when I went back, I tricked the Golden Lock to help Wang, but I didn’t tell them that Wang said there was a spiritual teacher in Qingsong Village.
Qin Mu Ye looked like a lying trough at that time. He didn’t expect it to develop into such a wonderful situation. This courage is really big.
Qin Mu Ye came soon and lived in seclusion. The officials in the city really knew that a summoner was coming, but they haven’t got the exact news yet.
Until now, only the village chief has seen Qin Mu Ye Yatang, and people have heard that they have never seen it. Plus, the news of ancient society is delayed. Although it is an extraordinary world, this small place has not talked too much about reality and transcendence, so the news has not come out
The golden lock gang Wang didn’t come and die in a fog.
"It seems that it is a handsome potential to bring some strange skills to the other side?"
"It seems that the Golden Lock Sect was set up to plan this achievement method. Otherwise, there is a handsome potential. Where to go is better than being a small sect here."
That’s right. Although the Golden Lock Sect is composed of various hooligans, it is really a sect in nature, but there is no background and no wake-up ceremony altar. All the Golden Lock Sect leaders are alone.