The blood god patriarch smiled and said, obviously, some people don’t quite agree with the elders. His blood god Sect is a novel of Daqian H, and then there will be a war. Once the abyss army is repelled, the blood god Sect will only wait for its demise, and he will have to be cautious.

It’s just that Yang Tian’s short-term ability has repeatedly made him break my major events.
Big elders suddenly seem to think of something quite puzzled way
Elder, don’t underestimate Yang Tianben, who is not scheming and is pregnant with the lotus platform. In addition, he is also a magic weapon of the earth, such as Prajna Shenguang. If it weren’t for Wan Zongzhu’s strong fear, he would have won him.
Ayena ray interjected with hidden indignation.
Lei Dianyan really said that this will be a menace to us in the future.
Blood god patriarch immediately nodded in agreement with the thorough bone hatred in the words.
Hum, this revenge for killing my brother is for the time being. When I come to the abyss army, it will be the day when I take my life.
Big elders cold hum a way
Elder, it’s better to revive them as soon as possible, especially King Yunpeng, who is the king of Yunpeng clan. Without him, the dragon head of Yunpeng clan is likely to be controlled by the demon emperor, which is a great loss for us.
Blood god patriarch wake way
Master Wan, rest assured that they have all left their lives here. The resurrection of JingXie is a problem.
The elder is full of letters.
Lin Zongzhu Silver Wolf King hasn’t arrived yet.
Yeah, the thunder suddenly asked Lin Fei that the flue was obviously concerned about the magical power of the cave.
Don’t worry, Silver Wolf King should be back soon.
Lin Fei smoke comfort way
It’s supposed to be back after such a long time. I always feel something is wrong. Will he be all right? It’s been half a day. How can Yang Tian be quiet?
Blood god patriarch abrupt frown way
When the elder heard this, he reached out and made a move, and the idol suddenly flew. A lotus flower was suspended, and his palm was strangely crawling and full of vitality.
This is the king of silver wolf’s life jingxie.
Ayye that ray asked.
That’s right. Jingxue is still full of vitality, so it can be seen that his life master is still alive.
When the elder nodded and explained, he was suddenly indecisive, and then even the ballistic rune was scored into JingXie’s technique. The mysterious rune even frowned slightly and showed thinking color.
Isn’t the elder right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
This JingXie lotus flower dark hidden disorder is not good. The Silver Wolf King is facing a huge disaster at the moment. Has it reached the point where he can’t help himself? Is it trapped by people?
With a drop of life, the elder JingXie can see the carved situation of the Silver Wolf King, which can be regarded as a shock to Yang Tian, so that he can conclude that the Silver Wolf King is here when he studies again.
I knew it was a problem. What’s the hurry? I rushed back to the demon god Sect at this time. Damn it, he also took my magical powers. I’m sure it must be Yang Tianshou. How can you look down on him?
Aye aye that ray angrily said
See yeah, the thunder suddenly furious Lin Feiyan got a fright. When I want to stop, I can’t help but look at the blood god patriarch for help.
Let’s go to the Silver Wolf Tribe to see what happened. Hope is still coming.
Blood god patriarch relief way