Although most of the newly emerging solidified organisms are dangerous, they also have more beneficial value.

Solshman people really want to benefit them and develop better … Some problems have happened.
However, the problem for Ershi people is not those huge and powerful solidified organisms, but a very small solidified organism.
This kind of creature is about the same size as the people of Ershi, and they are called’ phantom apprentices’ by the people of Ershi.
What’s such a strange name? Because this solidified creature has a very strong learning ability.
At first, they were also the people of Kirsch, and they were arrested in the institute for research, but they were detained in the institute. They learned the language of Kirsch and could communicate with them.
Another thing about this creature is that it can change shape. There is no fixed shape in its body, and it can change into the shape of the people.
At first, the changes were clumsy, for example, in terms of color, but some researchers became interested in them, so they taught these’ phantom apprentices’
These apprentices are getting to know more and more about Dorche people, and their knowledge and change level are almost perfect. They can no longer be regarded as’ apprentices’.
But the name’ Phantom Apprentice’ didn’t change in the end.
Although they have no special ability except change and learning, researchers have thought of helping them do many things.
For example, handyman or … partners are assigned to people who lack the opposite sex.
A researcher who gives this opinion is a citizen who has no partner but has lived almost half his life. He is very resentful of this kind of thing.
And so do many researchers, who study their lack of time and opportunities to get a partner.
Later, after a unanimous decision, they decided to integrate the’ phantom apprentice’ into the social work of the people of Ershi.
Of course,’ phantom apprentices’ are not ordinary residents but slaves or props for sale.
The’ Phantom Apprentices’ got unanimous praise at first because they are very obedient and clever, and there is almost no anger … negative emotions are very good.
Until some point …
Chapter one thousand five hundred and ninety-four Machine counterattack
"Who the hell are you?"
"What do you mean, I am me?"
"No, it won’t. It won’t … don’t come here! Ah ah ah! "
They … have been replaced.
The’ Phantom Apprentice’, a solidified creature, has been used for a while, and then some problems have occurred one after another among the Ershi people.
That is the event that the’ phantom apprentice’ replaced the general residents.
This incident was first discovered by a researcher. It was discovered that a citizen who bought a’ phantom apprentice’ himself became a’ phantom apprentice’.
The researchers soon found that this is another phantom apprentice who came out of nowhere to replace the original Kirsh people, and they are still living like normal Kirsh people.
The researcher realized that it was not simple.
Phantom apprentices can reproduce, but they need three or more individuals to reproduce, and all of them are strictly controlled. At first, researchers thought it would be no problem to sell these phantom apprentices.
But somehow, they just became more and replaced the general public.
Generally speaking, people can’t see the difference between them. Some researchers have special detection devices to detect them.
In order not to cause panic, the researchers secretly killed the two apprentices who replaced Ershimin, and stopped selling the phantom apprentices and recycled all the original sales.
But things didn’t end there. The researchers soon found that some displaced people occasionally appeared in the city.
This phenomenon is slowly increasing.
Researchers still choose injustice, and they continue to choose to secretly kill these phantom apprentices who replace the Kirshnikovs.
But when the number is increasing, they can’t kill them secretly, because the roles played by the phantom apprentices are … there are many relatives and friends.
This has led to more and more problems in the whole incident. This secret killing is even regarded as a continuous killing of people.
Later, the researchers found that the secret operation had been carried out, so they made the news public and made a large number of devices that could detect the phantom apprentice and distributed them
This did cause a lot of panic, but the people quickly made these devices find many apprentices and solved them.
However, this incident continues to affect the apprentice of Ershmin’s illusion, and also continues to evolve … Some of them have reached the point where they will not be detected.
These individuals wanted to live in peace and stability, but the people of Ershi couldn’t find them, but they suddenly started some … harmful actions, such as killing the people of Ershi.
Soon after this incident came out, the institute noticed that there were apprentices who had not been solved. When they attacked the people of Luodan, they would show their prototype.
The prototype is a mass of objects like dark blue mud, and that’s how they can be transformed into shapes.
Then the researchers immediately studied and updated the detection device and informed the public again to draw their attention.
Then the battle between the people of Ershi and the Phantom Apprentice was exhibited again …
Researchers continue to study new detectors or make the simplest way to detect body cells to capture these apprentices, and apprentices also make various methods avoid detection.
In this war … the people of Ershi slowly entered a disadvantage.
The root cause is that phantom apprentices always come out of nowhere, even if they are completely eliminated, they will soon find that some people have been replaced by them.
As a result, the number of people in Ershi is getting smaller and smaller, and all the people in Ershi are terrified that they will be replaced or killed one day.
By the end of the period, the number of apprentices was more than that of normal people, which had pushed the people to the point of extinction.
However, there is a strange thing about these phantom apprentices. Even though they have reached so many places, they have never attacked the people of Ershi, but lived a normal life of the original people of Ershi.
This gave Ershimin … a chance to fight back.
Actually, the original Ershi people want to escape, and some high-level Ershi people have decided to give up this residence … so all the people take warships and blow up the whole vine colony.
However, it was believed that there would be a phantom apprentice who would sneak into the warship and walk with them, but he gave up later.
But this time they received a message from Walsh.
Those who live in Walsh learned about the incident through communication and gave a solution, which is … mechanized transformation.
In the past, a new technology has been developed here, which is called the’ old world’ by the local people, that is, a people’s memory consciousness and various things can be scanned and recorded and hidden in the machine.
This new technology is called’ cloud’
Lynn still doesn’t know what these strange names are. The old world suggests that this kind of technology can transform itself into a machine.
This technology is very attractive because it can almost limit the life of the people in Ershi, but the most important thing is to solve this situation.