Sage …

"fuck!" The sage finally knows what he meant to get hit by him, but he was going to let the sage himself! Tie the line! Here! Destroy! Yes!
Fortunately, God made the sage attack and missed by an inch.
Too bad.
Stinky king egg
Xian popularity kicked him "still up? Do you want dad to carry you back? "
"I can walk by myself"
But it’s really too difficult, difficult and embarrassing, which is comparable to the battle between Yugang and Guanyin.
The sage sneered at him, "Can you do it? Why is it that Mr. Lin is always in trouble and now you are just climbing?"
The man was disgusted with his mouth, but he was finally helped back by the sage, and then he lay in bed for a whole week
The sage was forced to contract Lin Jun for a week’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he was forced to tutor cultural classes and practice classes. He was a trained master of elements and taught children much more professionally than LinYu. Garin Jun was keen on throwing fireballs into the oven, and the sage’s superb exercises quickly changed her attitude.
It can be said that the sorceress of Shenyue has been blessed by the bell to practice Lin Yun. Now she can throw the flame storm into the oven!
He also chased him day by day with "sage brother" and "sage brother", shouting with admiration and excitement.
This directly deprived the sage of the opportunity to talk to the king’s egg. The sage swore that the bastard absolutely inspired his sister to deliberately occupy him!
Finally, it was a paper notice of entrance test that freed the sages-primary school students were recruited in advance in 2008, and they will become junior high school students!
The sage couldn’t wait to send the little girl to school that day. He really has a lot to say to Wang Dan that children are not suitable for hearing that.
In Kyoto, private and state-run middle schools all over the country chose Li Linxuan to choose Xuechuan Baima Alma Mater-Luhua Junior High School is not because of how much she pursues big detectives, but simply because the girls’ school in Luhua Junior High School is not a skirt, but a sailor and shorts. Lin Zan likes it very much.
However, this Luhua junior high school is also notoriously difficult to take the exam, which is not only as difficult as the final entrance examination of the first grade of junior high school, but also strict with the parents and families of students. If parents are not virtuous and good citizens, or have black history files, children will be rejected no matter how good their grades are.
This is a prestigious school of benevolence and virtue, just like its reputation of "white horse stepping on the milky way and reed flowers welcoming the snow", it is generally not allowed to be tarnished by anyone.
Lin Yuhang is in bed at this time.
It’s not that he won’t let the sages wait on him, but that the guardian of the freshmen in Luhua junior high school must be present.
Lin Yuhang is not worried about failing the written test at all.
So he, the guardian, must appear.
However, his face is still not good, and he has to support a wall after two steps. The sage is very happy that he can play the role of a wall and guessed that his body, especially the part on his chest, is very seriously injured.
The pain has been tormenting this man, and he refuses to take off his clothes for people to see. The sage can’t do anything about it. He swears that he dares to make his clothes disappear. That crazy group will definitely go and cut his memory line again, saying that it is for the sage to keep it for himself. The sage believes that it is as simple as eating and drinking.
Later that day, the sage pressed the rotten king egg and admitted that he was stuck in a fight with him with a whole body injury. There was nothing to care about the pain. The sage could fight with him for a long time without falling in the wind.
The sage was heartbroken with anger, but the man gave the word "happy"
The man said that in his heyday, he wanted to win, and he wanted a trick.
It’s as simple as a wise man winning Xu peas.
Speaking of Xu peas, the two also argued about it for a night.
The sage advocated that Xu Pea should be taken out of the Committee building and then the practice should be repeated to steal a thousand detectors to judge him in public. The chief culprit has done all the bad things in his life and lived a life that is really unbearable for a high-sounding sage. How can God, Moon, string and saburo be left to blame alone?
But LinYu said, "I know his crimes are exhausted, but who can judge him? Law? Media? Or the Committee? Arbitration bureau? Even if he is spurned by ten thousand people, or if we kill him, it doesn’t matter. He is a dog. If he dies, he will take his place and continue to be evil. "
Lin Yuxing added, "Besides, he is Gao Lishen himself. If we take care of him, it means that the Committee is in turmoil. How many people are fighting for this position? Who is injured? Has the post-disaster reconstruction of Yugang been solved today? "
"Everyone sitting in that position is the head of all evils. I choose to keep him," Lin Yuxing finally said. "Let him play his due value until the day when he needs to die. You believe me."
The sage certainly believe in his pattern.
So the sage smiled and asked, "Mr. Lin, can you even keep Xu peas for me?" Can you keep me? "
"What are you talking about, sage?" The man also smiled. "Aren’t we good friends? You have to ask this."
"Are you good friends?" The sage learned to lengthen the ending like him. "Who said that-love is comparable?"
"Zan Zan-"Lin Yuhang shouted at once and ran decisively to drag this stupid teacher of Yin and Yang away to cram Chinese classes, as if it was unbearable to mess with idioms.
The sage was forced to recite ten pages of idiom dictionary before being put back.
"Don’t joke with me like that again," the sage said seriously. "I haven’t had any friends who can talk in my life. People are either thinking about sending me a commission every day or rushing to give me my wife a home and can’t go back. I can’t tell you how interesting it is to have a drink with a drinker and share it with others."
Lin Yuhang smiled. "I’ll try." He said, "I’ll try to be a person."
"No," the sage corrected him. "That’s not what I meant. You can do whatever you want. I hope you don’t do everything alone. So do I, but you share the burden. You are eager for me to come to you. You are eager for me to drag you out of the abyss of pain, but you won’t say a word of truth. You have to tease me to cover up your sadness. If you are sad, you will go crazy and fight with me …"
Lin Yuhang raised his voice and interrupted him when he couldn’t see him like this. "There is really one thing that needs the help of a sage."