It mainly … makes a sound. That kind of screaming just now is that it makes a bladder-like structure that can vibrate continuously to make a sound. It seems that the feeling of being very’ cold’ is different from it.

What makes this tree have this structure? To defend? It doesn’t seem decent. It sounds very small when bitten by a tortoise before, but it makes a loud sound when pushed down. This is nothing. This thing is at the root of the trunk. This strange structure was not found before …
Regardless of other places, Lin also found that the biggest feature of this thing is that it can’ record’ sounds. After receiving a sound, it will be played back exactly as the original one, and it may retain multiple sounds for a long time …
The first silk thread is indeed a receptor silk thread. If it is stimulated, it will be immediately delivered to this organ. It will emit these sounds because all branches at the end of the receptor silk thread are injured. This reaction mechanism is somewhat like a kind of’ mimosa’ plant, which may be …
Leviathan’s tentacles gently hit the organ in imitation of the silk signal.
"ah! ! !” Before that kind of scream rang immediately, Lin didn’t even know what kind of creature it was, but it should be able to change it to another sound.
Lin tried again, and sure enough, the tree made a different sound …
"Ga!" "Wow!" "Whoo!" "Oh oh!" All kinds of sounds come out of this organ, including the roar of the protocone tortoise and some others. Lin has heard of biological calls, but most of them don’t know that this organ has the ability to distinguish sounds. It records biological calls instead of footsteps or winds
And these creatures called Zhong Lin heard a "help …"
This is a brain worm vocabulary. Lin once taught Susumi. Sure enough, Susumi was here and it was asking for help?
Unfortunately, I don’t know how long ago this sound was. Leviathan found that there are about a dozen sounds of this thing, and one of them is Susumi sound.
Maybe other trees also recorded this sound? Thinking that Leviathan would fly this organ to other trees nearby and listen to their sounds without knocking them down, he needed to put his tentacles into the mud and drill into the roots to find this organ and hit it.
This tree also found that Susumi sounds as "help" as the previous one.
Then Lin continued to try many places far away from trees. When Lin heard different Susumi dialect videos, such as "Hungry Food", "Cold ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
The farther away, the weaker the susumi sound becomes, but it seems that it has not been attacked. The sound recorded in the deep trees is getting less and less, and finally the susumi sound is left.
Leviathan has been tracked for a kilometer in the crystalline woodland, and it feels that Susumi moves very slowly. Lin speculates that it has been circling in the same place for almost a lot of days and nights. Lin once taught it that this situation should stop and wait for rescue. It seems to be running everywhere instead of going back, but it is getting deeper and deeper from the jungle.
Susumi became weaker and weaker in the end, and she could feel death approaching it from the recorded sound. There is no water or food here, and the Jade Dragon doesn’t know how long it will live.
Leviathan has walked almost two kilometers, and the sound he heard from the tree has almost disappeared. Maybe it will eventually …
"Lin …"
Suddenly Lynn heard a slight sound.
This sound doesn’t come from the tree, but from nearby!
Chapter one hundred Jack-o ‘lantern in the ribs
"Goo …" Cold feeling is eroding its body, hunger and thirst are torturing its mind. Although it is no longer necessary to return this information now, the body cells keep sending all kinds of painful information to its brain, which can be called "the last torture". It will slowly … die of this pain.
It would have been if Leviathan hadn’t shown up.
Lin found Susumi in a hole in the ground. When this little green figure was found by Lin, it was already dying, and the note’ Save …’ kept ringing in her mouth …
Although most of its organs are close to being closed and its brain will be shut down due to lack of nutrition, it is still alive. This is the most important creature, no matter how much damage it is, if it doesn’t die, Lin can wake it up again.
Leviathan put Susumi in the ground and put out his tentacles to inject it with the ingredients named’ Cell Resuscitation Liquid’ named by Lin, which can quickly make its body get nutrients and restore the vitality of various organs, and at the same time, add some arms to help it solve viruses and parasites and many harmful bacteria.
When a creature is weak, these things will always’ take advantage of it’. The word feels good.
Susumi’s weakness is mainly due to hunger and thirst. There seems to be no other problem. He is not injured and there are no signs of biological attacks on him.
Before Leviathan came in, it felt very’ cold’. Obviously, some creatures did it. Lin always thought it was a predator. She deliberately used tricks to confuse her prey and show off her attacks, but it didn’t seem like this when Susumi was fine.
What exactly is that feeling? And those strange pronunciation organs. It seems that no trees will grow. This is a wasteland with scarce nutrients. They consume nutrients when they grow this kind of organ.
"Ga …" Susumi seemed to have a little consciousness at this moment. It slowly opened its eyes and then closed it again.
The recovery speed is not bad. It will take thousands of seconds to get up and treat Susumi. At the same time, Lin has done some research on the cone tortoise she met before. This kind of creature that can spray cones is quite interesting …
Ta-da-da-da …’ Just as Lin thought, she suddenly heard some sounds. A large group of creatures surrounded Leviathan and Susumi.
Are these the crystal scorpions I saw before? Leviathan looked at these creatures strangely and remembered what was hanging around them. Or is it haunted here?
These scorpions Leviathan wandered around, trying to get close but afraid to get close, as if afraid of Leviathan’s size.
Lin is quite interested in them. These scorpions are completely out of aquatic life and maintain a large size. We should observe and study them carefully. Leviathan will cut off the nutrient delivery system, and this tentacle will be equipped with nutrients to feed Susumi by itself. At the same time, Leviathan’s other tentacle will spray a large amount of viscous liquid to form a hemisphere and cover Susumi.
This liquid quickly hardens to form a shell so that Susumi will not be attacked.
When it’s done, Leviathan slowly floats up and looks around. Leviathan, the crystal scorpion, stretches out his tentacles and rushes over!
This group of scorpions seemed to be startled and scattered in an instant, but Leviathan easily caught one, which was tied by Leviathan tentacles and put into micro-arms for research.
I see. There are some changes in the respiratory system of this scorpion. It has some contractile organs that can inhale a lot of gas from the outside, then mix it with water and get the water to the gills for breathing.
It feels complicated. Although there is no lung, this system looks like a lung
"Hmmm …" When Lin tied a scorpion to study, the scorpions that escaped nearby were all around. They kept waving pliers and tail hooks and made a strange noise as if they were going to attack.
Are they trying to save it? Their habits seem to have changed after landing. Lin remembers that the same kind of scorpions often fight with each other in the sea.
"hey!" A scorpion on the right side of Leviathan suddenly rushed over, but it was shot out by Leviathan tentacles in a flash and rolled for many times before it stopped …
This is the so-called’ overreaching’
However, the scorpion was clever and immediately flinched when she saw her companion being beaten away. Lin saw that some of them ran to Susumi’s place. They tried to clamp and wrap the shell of Susumi, but there was no crack in how they knocked.
Well, of course not. They can knock. After Susumi recovers, we should take it away from here. Although the journey will continue, this place is not suitable for Susumi to explore. We should find an area rich in biology, and this place is really weird. We should investigate it carefully
After knocking for a few times, the scorpions found that they broke up. They quickly ran into the jungle and disappeared. Leviathan also released the scorpion. After they all ran away, Leviathan continued to fly to Susumi and waited for it to recover.
Suddenly Leviathan heard a scream coming from the surrounding crystalline trees.
It’s strange that Leviathan searched some trees here and remembered that they recorded Susumi’s weak voice. Speaking of which, those scorpions also called just now, but no trees recorded it?
What is that?
Lynn thought it was time to find those scorpions running back, and they were carrying some strange things that looked like … biological ribs.
"Ah-"At this time, another sound came up. Lin heard clearly that it was the scorpion carrying those ribs!
What bones bark? That’s an interesting question … Leviathan floated slowly. When it was about to rush to those scorpions again, it suddenly found those ribs moving.
This thing can not only scream but also move? Lin found that the first half of the ribs were lifted and each bone was greatly stretched. At this time, Lin found that the top of the’ spine’ had a structure like a cockroach’s mouth and several compound eyes on the mouth.
So it’s an arthropod? Maybe it’s a centipede, but it’s too long like a rib and even very similar in color. Maybe it’s better to call it a rib centipede.
Generally speaking, this form should be disguised as a dead creature rib, but why does it lie on the scorpion? But also … "Ah! ! !”
Once again, the rib centipede gave a very sharp cry, calling him scorpion carrying rib centipede. This sound instantly resounded throughout the woodland, but Leviathan was indifferent.