"… what the hell are you doing?"

The girl can’t help but vomit.
Bad guys are also full of disdain.
If you can call someone here with such a shout …
The girl was suddenly a little surprised.
Because, it seems, there are really many people rushing this way.
What happened?
"Go away."
Before she thought about it, she felt that her hand was pulled and she left involuntarily.
But as soon as the environment changed, it appeared a little further away.
Looking back, I found dozens of people beating around the bad.
This situation is a bit unexpected
Expression turned to look at the boy.
The teenager’s face seems to be a little proud.
"Believers in the shrine are all over the academy, and the ten-year-old grandfather and his little brother can contribute to world peace at any time."
Say so and touch the girl’s head.
"Be good, don’t run out and wander around late at night, although no one can hurt you."
Say that finish tut-tut hit your mouth and turned to leave.
The girl looked at his back.
And then …
"Live for me!"
no response
Stamp one’s foot and chase it directly.
"Stay with me. I have something to ask you."
"Don’t chase me. I’m the owner of the powerful ability of’ I can make a girl fall physically and mentally without knowing it’. Be careful and save me!"
"ha? Are you so narcissistic? "
"I call it self-love. Everyone should learn self-love and don’t learn some bad things casually."
"It is narcissism!"
"Well, whatever you say is what you say."
Bad guys are dying.
"Say good … lines …?"
It is said that there is no need for a walk-on here, but a background board.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Little niece
Household restaurant
It’s a little subtle to follow a teenager to a family restaurant.
Especially when the other person is still having dinner with his family, this feeling is more subtle.
And ordered her a set meal for children by the way.
Looking at the girl’s heart in front of the children’s package is a breakdown.
At this moment, she just wants to grab the teenager’s neck and shake it. Where on earth does she look like a child? Where on earth does it look like a child?
"Ah, this classmate is also a regular desk."
The girl sit beside her spoke.
There are five of her. She sits on one side with the girl, and the teenager and two other girls sit on the other side.
I didn’t notice it just now, but now I find that I’m also wearing a regular table.
Look at this girl with a folding fan showing her forehead, she is a little puzzled.
He knows all the bases of Changpan and Taitai.
"New junior?"
"I’m not a junior. I’m a sophomore. I just transferred to the regular table this year and got married."
Girls introduce themselves.
Well, this group of people is exactly the seven nights party.
After marriage, light …
I don’t think I’ve heard of it.
But still smile
"I’m Misaka Mikoto. Please give me more advice."
"Imperial Sakamoto beauty … yi? Where does this name seem to have been heard? "
Just thinking with a frown after marriage.
Where have you heard of it?
It seems a little unclear.
Is it really because my mind has been filled with seven nights recently?