"I don’t think that the prince’s status is honored more because of his wild royal lineage, but this king of Qing Dynasty is not. In fact, it’s unusual for any dynasty to have a surname outside the dynasty. Even if it’s not a battle-hardened general, it’s an expert in governing the country. Killing such a person is more valuable than killing a prince with royal lineage." Xu Ren’s view on Gao Tieshan is very different. He sees that the value of royal lineage is much lower than the potential.

"I still think the prince is more valuable." Gao Tieshan is one-track-minded. Anyway, he is determined to kill the prince of the wild dynasty.
"I think it’s more reasonable to have a general system in Dayan dynasty, which can cause great losses to the southeast frontier army of Daning dynasty. There is no such thing as that prince in the wild." Chen Zhong is a white man, which may be related to his analysis and processing of intelligence for many years
"Well, maybe you’re right, but I’m still unwilling. After all, our northwest frontier army is no longer a minority." Gao Tieshan hung his head. He is not unreasonable, but he has a wild dynasty knot in his heart that he can’t fight.
"Being honest and honest, sometimes we have to pay attention to the northwest frontier army of Daning Dynasty to protect the people of the dynasty, just like the southeast frontier army, but for the wild dynasty, they also hate our Daning frontier army because they also have many relatives and fights. Our Daning Dynasty died in the battle, but this is that both sides of the war will die. Since we want to kill people, we have to choose to kill people who are more beneficial to our Daning Dynasty. You are not as good as Mr. Chen." Xu Ren looked at Gao Tieshan. He didn’t expect Gao Tieshan’s knot to be so heavy that he could hope that he could solve it quickly.
"In public, I will think about it. Maybe you have different personal grievances about the confrontation between the two countries, which is far from being as simple as drawing a sword for revenge." Gao Tieshan was also white, but his comrades died one by one before him, which made him feel extremely traumatized.
"It seems that someone is coming." Xu Ren Gao Tieshan talked to Chen Zhong, and the mulberry enemy couldn’t talk. His attention was always on the hillside, and at this time, many figures appeared in the distance, which made him excited.
"Hide everything, don’t let people find it." Xu Ren asked everyone to hide their body and breath before releasing their spiritual strength.
Soon Xu Ren’s face smiled. This time, he guessed right and bet right. The people coming from afar were the guards of the Great Inflammation Dynasty, the King of the Northern Qing Dynasty.
Xu Ren arranged the sword array early in the morning, waiting for those people to step into the sword array, so that he could kill the Qing North King of the Great Inflammation Dynasty like the monk Xianmen of the sea of clouds.
"Wait, don’t go yet."
However, when Xu Ren was full of expectations, the King of the Northern Qing Dynasty of the Great Yan Dynasty suddenly stopped rushing to others.
"What’s the matter with your majesty?" A man dressed as a five-fold guard in the Great Yan Dynasty came to the side of the King of Northern Qing Dynasty.
"Although I can’t see what’s wrong here, my intuition after years of galloping on the battlefield tells me that we can’t go here or we will all die here." At first, the King of the Northern Qing Dynasty in the Great Inflammation Dynasty was puzzled, but the color behind him became more and more serious.
"Why don’t you go forward?" Gao Tieshan also saw the reasons for the reaction of the Qing North King in the Great Inflammation Dynasty.
"The king of the North of Qing Dynasty was really fierce, and he was able to detect something was wrong and prevent people from going further into the sword array for the first time. Now the situation seems very bad for us." Although Chen Zhong’s cultivation qualification is not as good as Gao Tieshan’s, his mind and knowledge are absolutely not bad. After seeing the reaction of the king of the North of Qing Dynasty, he immediately thought of the middle key.
"Ready to retreat can’t move forward." Qingbei Wang Yue became more and more nervous and immediately ordered his men to retreat
Xu Ren sighed slightly. If they went a little deeper, they would have fled, but now the coverage of the sword array is too shallow. Xu Ren is not sure that the sword array will kill their department, especially Xiu, who has reached the five-fold Qing Dynasty and the five-fold guards around him.
However, if Xu Ren does not launch the sword array and wait for some people to leave the coverage of the sword array, he will have no chance.
Xu Ren decided to open the imitation Zhu Xian sword array with a horizontal instant.
The King of the Northern Qing Dynasty in the Great Inflammation Dynasty was about to leave this place that made him feel uneasy, but suddenly several swords appeared around him.
"Get out!" Knowing that he was being ambushed, the King of Northern Qing Dynasty roared and turned to flee first.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four happeneth
Qing Northern King of Great Inflammation Dynasty sensed the danger around him and turned around to escape. At this time, Xu Renjian’s sword array has become a reality. Although the people brought by Qing Northern King of Great Inflammation Dynasty did not go deep into the center of imitation Zhu Xian’s sword array, it was not so easy for all the departments to escape.
"ah! ——”
A guard of King Qing Bei, the peak of Guiyuan Mirror, was strangled by sword array and sent out a scream, which made King Qing Bei and the guards he brought feel numb.
This sword array is too overbearing, and it has just started to kill a Guiyuan mirror peak guard. This sword array has far more lethality than the Godsworn.
The first monk who was killed at the peak of Guiyuan’s territory was just a head, and then several screams came one after another. The Great Inflammation Dynasty Guiyuan Mirror Godsworn had lost everything, and there were only five monks left, including the five-fold Qing Dynasty King and the five-fold escort around Jingqiao.
"Escort the prince out of the battle", the sword around the king of Qing Dynasty rushed forward and behind him, the king of Qing Dynasty.
It’s a pity that he is not strong enough to rush forward at a slow speed.
The Great Inflammation Dynasty, the King of the Northern Qing Dynasty, also made moves. This person made it a pole and a half step fairy Zhan Ji, a multiplier and a half step fairy to attack together. Even Xu Ren’s small refining of the fairy sword array was somewhat unstable.
Xu Rennai can adjust more sword light to deal with the King of the Northern Qing Dynasty and his five guards.
But even so, he was killed by the King of the Northern Qing Dynasty to the edge of the imitation Zhu Xian Jian array.
Xu Ren saw that the sword array could trap the King of the Northern Qing Dynasty, and he was able to focus on him again, especially on the King of the Northern Qing Dynasty. The special care of the five-fold guards had already run a five-fold guard, and Xu Ren’s theory could not help the trapped sword array to get rid of the five-fold guards.
After getting out of trouble, the King of Northern Qing Dynasty did not choose to leave, but launched an attack on the imitation Zhu Xian Jian array.
Trapped in the sword array, the five guards are both his guards and his comrades-in-arms, but also his brothers. When they joined the army in their early years, they were a soldier. Later, they experienced several battles, and their comrades-in-arms died. But both of them were lucky enough to live, and their friendship deepened again and again in the battles. Now they are two people, one is named Wang Feng and the other is a guard, but they are actually better than brothers.
King Qing Bei didn’t want this comrade-in-arms who had been with him to have an accident. He wanted to do his best to save this old comrade-in-arms.
Xu Ren saw the sweat on his forehead. He didn’t expect that the five guards around Qing North King of Great Inflammation Dynasty were so strong that the weak positions of Jian array were unstable.
In a critical moment, Xu Ren simply put all his eggs in one basket, and he doesn’t care. If he kills the trapped sword array, he will have a chance to save others’ lives.
"Your majesty, leave me alone and go!" Trapped in the sword array, the five guards shouted at the king of Qingbei. He knew that his situation had reached the limit, and if he went to the king of Qingbei alone, he would also fall into crisis.
The king of Qingbei didn’t want to give up, but he also knew that the current situation had to save his life before he had a chance to take revenge. After hearing the five guards shouting, he decided to turn and run.
Xu Ren body faster blink of an eye has reached the front of the king of Qing Dynasty and waved his Xinghai sword toward the king of Qing Dynasty.
The king of the Northern Qing Dynasty can see through the threat of his sword array, and he must not be allowed to return to the Great Inflammation Dynasty, otherwise it will be a huge future trouble for the Great Inflammation Dynasty and Xu Ren.
King Qing Bei didn’t expect the other side to dare to come out and fight directly by himself, but he had many years of experience in battlefield. Even though Xu Ren appeared, it surprised him, but it didn’t make him afraid.
In the face of Xu Ren’s attack, the Northern King of Qing Dynasty waved the Zhan Ji to greet him, and the half-step fairy device collided and made a great noise.
Xu Ren felt as if he had been hit by a big mountain, and his body was involuntarily inverted.
However, for this situation, Xu Ren has been prepared for it. When he flies upside down, his body constantly changes to resolve the impact force.
Although the King of Northern Qing Dynasty shook Xu Ren upside down, his escape plan was completely ruined because he was forced to the edge of the imitation Zhu Xian sword array.
After Xu Ren stabilized his figure, he did not continue to rush to the king of Qing Dynasty, but controlled the sword array to strangle the trapped array, and the five guards were trapped in the condensate.
The five guards trapped in the imitation of Zhu Xian Jian array have reached the limit, and then Xu Renke has a chance to live. Soon he is smashed by Zhu Xian Jian array.
How long has it taken him to melt the minced meat in succession?
Now Xu Ren’s opponent is left with a five-fold Qing Dynasty king.
However, Xu Ren’s current state is not good. Imitating Zhu Xian’s sword array is no longer the sword array. He still needs pre-arrangement in the small refining stage to start the method to do whatever he wants. He can really compete with the king of the North of Qing Dynasty in real strength.
Gao Tieshan has arrived at Xu Ren’s side, and his repair is close to the frozen territory. The double combat power is equivalent to the frozen territory. Triple is the only one among several people who can help Xu Ren. The strength of the enemy in Chen Zhonghe is still poor. Not only can it not help, but it may also be a drag. Of course, the enemy in Chen Zhonghe also has things to do, that is, clean up the battlefield and find things for those who were killed in the Great Inflammation Dynasty.