"I am the leader!" The turkey was suddenly knocked out, and a dodo lost its original position.

"Will you help us with livestock?" Asked the dodo to the solidified creature
"Everyone must die," said the solidified creature.
"Quack quack?" The dodo took a few steps back when he heard this.
"I will destroy the world!" "There is nothing to live for." "We want to protect birds. Their habitat is seriously threatened."
This solidified creature is saying various things sentence by sentence.
Actually, it’s obvious … it doesn’t speak for itself, but it speaks lines from various Kirshman films.
It seems that it recorded these lines from somewhere and then came out here, but this communication obviously didn’t work very well
"What did you say?" The dodo is very confused way
"Birds are precious resources, and we must protect them," said the solidified creature. "Therefore, we will destroy … and completely burn this decadent world."
"… what does it say?" The dodo turned to the back of a chicken novel way
"Luo Luo …" The chicken said that she didn’t know.
"Come on, there is still a world for us to save." Solidified creatures all returned to the brick and slowly flew to high school with it.
And then … it stopped there and didn’t move.
Actually … they are moving.
Lin found that after it rose, she wanted to go back, to be exact, to solidification deficiency.
Lin interfered with it and let it go back now … Lin wanted to study it.
At the same time, Lin thinks it will become very nervous.
Because this solidified creature, which looks like a bird, is the target that the death battleship is attacking.
Chapter two thousand two hundred and forty Bird League?
"… we’re done. They’re coming. One thing we can do is pray to God."
It’s dark and frozen here.
There is a big …’ brick wall’ here.
It consists of black’ bricks’ with a length of 10 meters and a thickness of 3 meters. These bricks are stacked in large quantities to form a wall with a width of several kilometers.
This huge’ brick wall’ is also a kind of solidified biological home. Lin calls them’ black quail’
Because they look like quails, they are creatures who are good at assembling things … Their homes are made up of several black bricks, and each brick has living facilities and engine system, and there are more than ten black quails living in it.
Bricks are usually connected with each other, but in an emergency, they can separate from each other and flee.
There are hundreds of such high walls somewhere … … and a country of black quail is formed.
Lin is now in a brick on a wall in this country.
But Lin is not herself, and there are several other birds here.
"What did you bring us here to do? Didn’t you agree to help us deal with livestock? "
There are ten birds, five geese and four turkeys, and one dodo. They are walking in the dark, and there are several black quails leading the way in front of them.
Not long ago, these black quails drove bricks to Lin prison tower and helped the birds. Then they tried to go back. At that moment, Lin interfered with them and told them to go back.
Interfere with them. Lin asked a goose to chat with them.
This goose is actually made by Lin, and Lin has made many spy birds.
Because of the temporary method, the black quail is also willing to talk … Of course, they record movie lines to communicate.
Although it is a little difficult to communicate like this, Lin can still understand that it is these black quails who have been helping birds before.
The reason why they help birds … is because they like birds very much, and they also want birds to help something.
Later, Lin asked the spy to ask them to take some birds to visit their … solidified virtual home, and they also agreed.
Of course, at this time, the dodo came out. It said that since it was going to take an elite army, this was the situation.
The dodo chose five geese and four turkeys, including the spy Lin, and then boarded the black quail brick.
Lin also stopped interfering at this time … With the black quail, she successfully returned to their solidified virtual country.
After coming here, the black quail first showed the birds a general appearance of their country, that is, a country composed of a large number of giant brick walls
Let them. Birds lead the way and say they are going to meet a … more advanced role.
"When are we going to go?" The dodo is very impatient at this time, because although the image shows that these biological countries are quite large and spectacular, when walking in bricks, they can see the dark tunnels around them
"You can’t eat swan meat without patience."
In front of the black quail replied that he didn’t stop and kept walking.
"Gaga? I don’t eat swan meat. I want to eat livestock meat. I … "
The dodo shouted at the news, but it soon shut up.
Because there was a … light in front of them.
Not far ahead, there is a round golden light beam shining with a relatively large black quail in it.
It is about twice the size of other black quails, which can be said to be pigeon-sized.
"Welcome your fellow birds."
It’s more normal for the big black quail to say …
Lin can hear that other sounds are also lines in the film, but it doesn’t mean that the whole sentence will be said by combining different words.