"When Jian Xiu attacks with a sword, the same sword will attack from the back of the opponent."

Perfect timing!
See this sword mans flying from colorful spear side.
Sword mans spear body gently pick.
Jin Fu was picked to fly.
Colorful spear a meal is obviously very unexpected.
This moment colorful spear did not release spear shadow attack Gu Qingshan again.
Gu Qingshan waved the sword of the six realms to block the first few colorful spears.
A deafening sound burst through the ring.
Six sacred mountain swords blocked the colorful spear shadow!
This is immortal power!
This sword is where Gu Qingshan lives.
Gu Qingshan retreated in an instant by the power of spear shadow
Lunbi Juli wrapped him tightly and pushed him to forget Sichuan like a meteor.
Forget Sichuan and hold him in.
He kept skimming towards the entrance to hell.
Flying in with the sword of the Six Realms, turning seven times, Gu Qingshan fell into the entrance of the hell cave.
He rolled and gasped.
Colorful spears are powerful enough to kill gods and demons. If he makes a little mistake, he will die on the spot immediately.
Just now, the whole fighting process looked flat, but in fact, every link embodies all the fighting skills and experience of Gu Qingshan.
So far, this is his peak battle!
This moment suddenly relax to Gu Qingshan just feel a little tired.
The weapons surrounded him.
-retreat 36 weapons before Canada, and the strength of the weapons has expanded again.
Tsing Yi woman also showed her figure and was about to ask a few words.
What did you just do?
Don’t wait for her to ask, forget Sichuan and leave the soul hook suddenly excited.
Forget Sichuan from the soul hook shouted
"Everyone is going to connect me. Something terrible has happened outside!"
Forget Sichuan, the hook sound is a little crazy
The weapons were immediately hooked by forgetting Sichuan and leaving the soul
Gu Qingshan also put his hand on the hook.
The situation outside appeared in their minds.
There was no golden symbol to suppress colorful spears, and the situation suddenly changed dramatically.
When Gu Qingshan left, the colorful spear root left him alone.
It sends out colorful spear shadows to cut the falling gold symbol into pieces.
So I still don’t feel avenged. Millions of spear shadows flew out of the spear and cut off the piece of Jin Fu’s place for five breath.
It wasn’t until Jin Fu didn’t even have a colorful spear left to hum with joy.
A moment-
Qian Qian’s colorful shadows flew out of the spear and enveloped the whole world.
"The world is over" Mountain girl looked at Gu Qingshan Road.
"Look" Gu Qingshan Road
"Look!" Forget Sichuan from soul hook also press a way
The mountain girl will continue to immerse her mind in the hook of forgetting the river and leaving the soul