You Gaohe is still rare and unique, and it is even more difficult to find a person who can match his attributes to donate organs. Even if he finds out whether Gaohe can restore his former abilities, he may lose some of his original abilities and have military secondary vocational opportunities. Once he loses those abilities, he can really go home to support the elderly.

No one dares to give Gao He this decision, nor can it be best to give Gao He a choice. Can Gao He make a rational choice in the current situation? The medical team leader fully considered his concerns and got unanimous support from everyone. Once Gao He learned of his injury, he would rather wait until he recovered.
Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the ice demon. At this time, they can make up their minds and have ice demon. Is Gao He, a comrade-in-arms of Gao He, as strong as he was before? Can he withstand all the blows that may be lost?
Bing Sha also thought for a long time before making a decision to tell Gao He to let him choose his own. In the eyes of Bing Sha, Gao He has never revealed the situation of giving up halfway because of problems. Bing Sha believes that Gao He will be able to accept and make the right choice. This is the letter from his comrades to Gao He. If Gao He can’t do it, then he is not worthy of such treatment by Bing Sha.
Fortunately, Gao He looked calm after hearing the medical captain and Yu Guang tell him the situation, and even his face did not change.
What kind of question is this? Gaohe, who has gone through several cycles, has never been so distracted even when faced with a life-and-death choice. Is it so troublesome to make such a life-and-death choice now?
But is it really not difficult? Why does Gao He feel a little wobbly? Or is it that you are so indecisive?
Suddenly Gao He felt such a simple question that Fama gave him a positive answer. Looking at everyone’s nervous and expecting face, Gao He closed his eyes and thought for a while, "Let me think about it."
Everyone is well-advised. There is ice in the control room. I took a look at Gao He and said nothing. I went to the chair next to me and took out a glass of Xuan Bing water to drink.
There is an ice evil spirit around the crane. Don’t worry about the safety problem. Close your eyes and think silently.
It makes sense for Bing Sha to worry about whether he is willing to live a dull life. To tell the truth, even if he goes home, he is still fat. It is not a luxury idea to be a safe and rich man for those five billion, but is he really willing to do so? But don’t you just become a disabled person who lacks organs and becomes a normal soldier?
In reincarnation, scenes of memory pass through the bottom of my heart as clearly as they happen before my eyes.
The mysterious formula is like a chain that lingers in the depths of the soul. It spontaneously passes through the mind again and again, washing away the soul of Gaohe, and Gaohe himself forgets the body pain and slowly sleeps in the past.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Regeneration miracle ()
It is very normal for a wounded crane to fall into a deep sleep, and deep sleep is also a means for the body to consciously protect itself, and it is also the best way to recover from fatigue and tissue injury. When he is tired, he silently drinks Xuan Bing water and waits quietly.
Feather light is now the star of the medical team, and the whole team is now around her to ask her for advice on the methods of eliminating biological epidemics. Unfortunately, she said that only practitioners with the same attributes as her can achieve the same effect by means of medical equipment and medicine, and it is unlikely that she can take this as a medical team to attack projects for the time being.
No one noticed a series of changes in Gaohe’s body when he was sleeping.
"Captain camel completed outstanding meritorious military service and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel! Awarded the golden flag medal! Awarded the Parliamentary Cross! "
"WeiBingShan accomplished outstanding exploits hereby promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel! Awarded the golden flag medal! Awarded the Parliamentary Cross! "
When Gao He was still asleep, Gao He experienced the simplest promotion ceremony. The medical monitoring room of the executioner’s army was going on. This time, there were no generals to watch the ceremony and no members of the military Committee. Apart from several medical team members, there were also three people who actually performed it as spectators.
Bing Sha will never care how big this scene is. The military and parliamentary medals simply reached out and took them and didn’t put them on their chests, which surprised the school in charge of announcing orders and honouring them. However, General Zhao Qi once told them that no matter what happened, they should do it, but he turned a blind eye.
Feather light was violently held hostage by the ice evil spirit, and the parties and General Zhao Qi cooperated to mediate and roll with the punches. To tell the truth, the ice evil spirit has never been in trouble. Who would know these damn catch-ups if it wasn’t for Gao He’s face?
Gaohe slept like a coma and never woke up again. Feather light and the medical team took turns to check Gaohe’s body for the time being, but it was so weird that no one could explain it. In the end, the ice evil spirit told them not to do anything and left themselves alone to wait.
This situation is very similar to the fact that the meditation feather light school does not have such a practice method, and it is not very certain that the ice evil spirit is a veteran. Of course, it is not easy to disturb Gao He and let him go at this time. Maybe there will be some way to explain the miracle.
The ice evil spirit is also a little faint, and it is impossible to enter this mysterious state because of a problem. It is a pity that such good luck did not happen earlier, otherwise it would not be lying half-dead.
Feather light must return to the team. This is an occasion where the army is not at will in the spiritual world. Bing Sha didn’t object to Feather light and left his contact information on his own initiative. It is also a small guarantee that if Gaohe needs Feather light to go out without fighting once there is any change.
Gao He, who seems to be sleeping on the outside, actually woke up after sleeping for less than ten hours. However, this time, waking up is quite different from seeing the scenery and the medical monitoring room in front of him.
At present, there is a complicated pipeline light spot. From time to time, there are some spherical things flowing in the liquid, red and white, and all kinds of colors are wonderful.
What is this place? Gao He was puzzled, and suddenly found that his vision was changeable. His mind was thinking about moving forward, and he didn’t feel like moving, but things in front of him moved forward a little, which was very strange.
What happened? Gao He hasn’t thought about it yet. It’s just a burst of Qingyuan in his mind, and he silently recited the magic formula again.
It seems that there is a feeling of contradiction but harmony and unity that can drive you to move forward, but there is no movement, but every time you move forward, you can’t help but feel a little tired and sleepy
Then the formula seems to go through it automatically, so that the tired feeling disappears like being cleaned, and you can push your vision forward again.
What the hell are these? Gaohe is not white. Why does his body feel that he has closed his eyes but clearly sees things in his brain?
Finally, it seems that we are in an open place, and those pipelines are either suddenly cut off or blocked by something, which is very unpleasant, and it seems that there is a voice constantly warning that this is where we want to come.
What are you doing here? Gaohe doesn’t know, but from the past, those pipes and the liquid flow in them are very abnormal. Is it to repair these?
As soon as the brain moves like this, those shining white spots are like white thoughts in my head, and they gather here quickly, and to a certain extent, they are slowly arranged one by one according to a high crane method to understand the order.
The place where the light spot should have been extended out has now been covered with white light spots, and the crane keeps extending into the distance. I don’t know when it will be the end, so I can push my vision forward bit by bit with the extension position of white light spots.
Every time I am tired, I will go through the formula in my mind, and then the tired feeling will be swept away and I will continue to work. I don’t know how long it will take before I finally see the end of the white light spot.
There is also a place where a pile of white light spots suddenly broke, but now they have been connected one by one by white light spots. I don’t know why I suddenly feel relaxed and feel very comfortable.
The light spots are connected, and then the broken and blocked pipes are unblocked, and the liquid slowly flows with the white light spots, and the red and white balls inside are wrapped around the white light spots and disappear from the field of vision bit by bit.
Then the crane can clearly see that the broken pipes are also slowly growing along the direction of white spots at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Regeneration miracle ()
The pipelines have been basically connected, and there are no signs of fracture. Every time one pipeline continues, the white light spot will repeat the previous work from another broken and blocked place until another pipeline is also connected.
One line and two lines … I don’t know how many broken pipes have been connected. At a distance, there are pipes everywhere. After the pipes are connected, a three-dimensional structure is built. The crane can clearly see the flowing liquid and balls in the pipes.
The place is still very open, but it seems that there is already a pipeline to form a framework, and then the white light spot seems to be spiritual. Another line has stopped. This time, it is no longer a pipeline, but another strong branch. It seems that a weak current can still be felt inside.
It also extends from the broken end to the other end until the broken branch grows longer and longer along the white light spot line, and finally reaches the other end and then synthesizes into a place where there is no sign of ever breaking.
This situation has been going on for several times. Now, in the view of the crane, the roots are one piece, and the branches of the pipeline form a huge pipe network. At that time, I can’t count how many cranes have forgotten how many kinds and how many such things have been connected for such a long time.
One day, this connection finally stopped, as if all the frames had been built and the parts should be filled. There were still many gaps in the whole frame, but Gao He was not in a hurry, as if he was convinced that the white spots knew what to do.
Sure enough, these light spots slowly knot toward the edge, and then Gao He’s field of vision follows, and immediately finds that the original places where there was filler before the fracture are being covered by those white light spots, and soon the covered places are filled with huge gaps with the same balls around them.
I don’t know where these filling things have changed, but they are not the same. It seems that there are some changes in the filling of the same things, which are very different from the original filling, but Gao He is not white. Why can he look at those white spots and work like this? He can’t say anything or move.
The amount of work to fill these gaps is larger than that to connect those pipes, and the speed is also very slow. But at this time, Gaohe has lost the concept of time passing, knowing that the machinery looks at these changes and tries to understand something from them.
Gao He firmly believes that he will not come to this place for no reason, nor will he watch it happen for no reason. All this is closely related to the formula, and perhaps he needs to learn something from it.
God gave himself a chance to see if he could catch the crane. He looked at the different fillers more and more carefully, filled the huge and complicated interchange network bit by bit, and silently waited for the moment when everything was filled.
Maybe it will be the moment when all these mysteries are revealed. What will happen? Where is this place and what happened? When the time comes, we will definitely know all this clearly. Gao He has a hunch that all this will happen.
Gaohe is very nervous, waiting for the last filler to be filled. Does it seem that nothing happened after the filling? What? What’s going on? I want to say something, but I find myself trying to control my tongue.
The white spots seem to have something unfinished and are being arranged in a regular way. At this time, the white spots are not as closely connected as before, and they are far away. But Gao He can feel that all the white spots have been evenly dispersed. He has seen all the places and doesn’t know what to do.