"I repeat, whatever you do, return to Yuezhen immediately and I will announce a big event!"

Gu Qingshan look a clot at the card gently.
Fluctuations instantly wrapped him.
In a second, he appeared directly in Yuezhen Square.
before long
Virtual masters have come to gather in the square.
See the moon god standing on the platform and looking at all the people.
When she saw Gu Qingshan, she nodded her head gently and then her expression became extraordinarily serious.
"ladies and gentlemen"
"I have to tell you something."
"Our leader, Cang Mo, has died in the line of duty."
A quiet field
Virtual owners immediately stir up.
Luna took a breath and became more and more determined.
"From today, I am the leader of the organization!"
"-this is the old man’s life."
Many virtual masters have exploded.
If the death of Qian Cang Mo is shocking, then the handover of power at this moment really touches people’s hearts.
An imaginary master jumped directly from the platform and said, "What makes you an organization leader?"
In a muffled sound, he was thrown out directly.
See the pain king holding a meteor hammer next to Luna.
He said somberly, "It’s up to the old man to decide who dares?"
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Get
Gu Qingshan wore a heavy armor and held a meteor hammer tower.
His appearance immediately lowered many voices.
-the pain king in the organization is already a powerful melee professional.
I heard that Cang Mo, Luna and Bing Tong are all good at him.
With the help of these top strong people, his strength has become a mystery.
Now he is out of this head.
It is equivalent to the fact that Luna has a powerful melee in front of him.
Once it is given to Luna, her magic will be released, and almost no one can stand it.
They wanted to look at the high platform again, so they saw Luna step back to hide from the painful king and draw out a full hand of cards.
This is not easy to deal with
SIRS virtual Lord is not hesitant.
Gu Qingshan looked around and thought it was another thing.
-What will the black hand behind the miracle deck think of what happened today?
His mind a turn toward the moon god sound way
"Don’t say that the old man gave you a card. Don’t say that the organization determined that you were someone else long ago."
Luna woke up as soon as she heard it
Yes, if Cang Mo died because he was trying to find out the truth, then he must know something by appointing a leader.
This is the loophole.
Before she could speak, Gu Qingshan was yelling at everyone. "Even if the old man dies, there are still people here. Do you want to usurp the throne?"
Make a false move
Lines of scarlet fine print pop up.
"Note that the people behind the miracle deck have arrived."
"He is paying attention to the development of things."
-indeed as expected.
The people behind such a big event will definitely come to see what is going on.
At luna Gu Qingshan obscure.
Luna immediately said, "Soon after the organization was established, the old man appointed me as his successor to explore the Asura world, so I will inherit his legacy-"
Suddenly there is a virtual master debut "with what? With you two? "