They didn’t have any physical injuries or injuries, and they didn’t seem to have been attacked, but they just died … and a story soon came out that’ God’ had taken their souls.

So their worship of God … changed their fear.
But neither fear nor worship will affect them. God continues to make sacrifices and collect a lot of resources to make things. Arthur has built many buildings, which are very large but have no entrance design. It is meaningless for Arthur and will consume their strength in vain.
Arthur has been patient to the limit, but there is nothing they can do.
At this time, some special agents took action.
Beser, most people are quite afraid of this god, but these are especially different
They feel that this god is not omnipotent, it can be understood …
The main reason is that a monk occasionally entered another world through those statues in the city, and found something special after he entered.
Originally, they entered that world for a while, but for some reason, it lasted for a very long time after entering that world. It saw a … huge object in that world.
That world, that is, the dream world, is a hazy world. There are many wonderful things in it, the god.
God occasionally communicates with Moses, and when Moses reaches the dream, God speaks, and it can clearly hear it and be sure that it is coming from this huge object.
It’s hard to say what this object looks like … it’s like a pile of debris, and its huge body covers the hazy city in the dream, like a huge’ cloth’ building.
This is their god.
I could hardly see the surrounding environment in my dream for a short time, but this accident lasted for a long time and made it particularly clear.
After observing the phenomenon in the dream, Joseph quickly tried to return and told Besser.
Beser was also very surprised by this situation, but it also gave them some ideas. They believed that God was not really a wonderful thing.
But like them … creatures.
Arthur doesn’t study much about biology, because there are few creatures in their world, but although there are no large creatures in this world, there are still many microorganisms.
It was only after he developed something to observe microorganisms that he found that the world has something that can be called’ ecological environment’, and many of them are engaged in the study of microorganisms.
And these people who don’t believe in God are specializing in studying microorganisms. When they saw the dream, they called these elite researchers. They decided to … study this god and find out what it really is.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-two Study of God
To study a god?
This is something that ordinary creatures can’t imagine, including Arthur, of course
Joseph’s belief in God is no different from that of other creatures. They believe that God can’t take away their lives at any time, and that God can guide their souls to recognize God and create them.
It was this belief that lasted until …
God has done all kinds of things to them, which has produced unbelievers.
Many unbelievers were killed, but this group of unbelievers kept a low profile.
They claim to be researchers. These people don’t do things against God. They just watch.
After some research, they found that if they were connected to dreams for a long time, of course, Joseph did not call that hazy world a dream, but they generally called it’ heavy world’, which means the world that overlaps with reality but is not the same.
After learning how to enter dreams for a long time, they study all kinds of things in that world.
God does not restrict them from entering dreams, so they are relatively free to do these things. However, in general, when they enter dreams, they just do nothing but observe.
They observe all kinds of things inside and record them
Soon, they found the streets wandering, and those dark shadows represented the real China. These dark shadows were their … souls.
In addition to their souls, they also found something floating outside the city, such as huge luminous objects and some foggy things.
Although the sun will never be seen in this dream world, the sky is hazy, but they can still see things clearly here
And the most interesting thing is the huge objects covering most of the city.
This is the thing that claims to be a god. It is mainly made up of metal fragments, and it always sends out some signals.
These signals are the actual language for Arthur, and they can often be’ heard’ in dreams, even if they are not directed at them.
And this god doesn’t care if he observes it in his dreams as if he didn’t notice it at all, so these gods can study it here for a long time …
They found many … special things.
For example, they build those buildings