"Your father is not dead but alive," Jiang He said.

Song Anqiao just nodded and then shook his head hurriedly. "No, it may be a lie to say that the body was not found."
Jiang Hewen said with certainty, "I think it’s true that Chu Chang dared to admit that he had hurt your father. Why dare not admit where your father’s body is going? There is a possibility that what he said is true. Your father’s body was not found. Your father may not be dead and hide himself. "
Chapter 192 Grinding teeth to bite him
Jiang He’s words were like a bomb that made Song Anqiao stupefied for a long time.
"My dad is not dead, why not go home?" Song anqiao lose to ask
Jiang He gave Song Anqiao a look without moving. "I may have lost my memory and can’t find my home, or I may be afraid to go home for some reason."
Memory loss? Dare not go home?
Song Anqiao pondered, "You may be right."
There is a great suspicion that the body can’t be found. She always thinks this is an excuse for Chu Chang.
Silently arrived at the rental house. Song Anqiao frowned in front of the car. "How do you know that my father’s body was not found?"
Jiang He eyes flashed a bit uneasy but hard to be detected and smiled slightly. "Didn’t you and Lin Yan say that? I just heard you say that. "
Song anqiao’s eyebrows wrinkled and he thought about it for a long time. Did he say that? Why don’t you remember?
"Oh, maybe I did." Song Anqiao hesitated to come to the conclusion. Recently, she has always been forgetful.
Jiang He smiled.
Song Anqiao took a shower and sat on the bed behind the building, drawing in circles with a pile of a4 paper with words written on it.
Hearing the sound of the door outside, Song Anqiao hurriedly got up and threw a4 paper away at the bottom of the bed.
Chufei came in and saw Song Anqiao crooked as if doing something. At the end of May, the weather was slightly hot. She was wearing a pair of gray white shorts and a white vest.
Adam’s apple can’t help sliding. Chufei locks the door.
Song anqiao hid his things and turned to smile at him. "Why are you here so early?"
Shouldn’t he be in the company after four o’clock in the afternoon?
Far from answering, Chu Fei approached her slowly. Song Anqiao looked at him and his eyes fell into his dark eyes, with a hint of desire looming.
As soon as Song Anqiao panicked and tried to escape, his ankle had been pressed by a man. Chufei was far away and pulled by hand to buckle her wrist on both sides.
"Who do you want to seduce by wearing so little?" His hoarse mouth evoked a meaningful smile.
Song anqiao felt wronged.
"It’s too hot in Chufei, can we talk well?" Song Anqiao prayed.
ChuFei far chuckle handsome pang close to black eyes as deep as stars thin lips stick to her lips obsessed with a kiss long finger gently across her cheek and slowly to the palm of your hand to cover her chest.
"Uh-huh …"
Section 123
Song anqiao blushed, closed his eyes and snorted. He was so hot that he trembled with his fingers.
Chu Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his eyes were hot from her lips. The line of sight was tightly locked in her body. "Qiao Mei, your heart is beating so fast."
Song Anqiao embarrassed to get up and escape from ChuFei far pressed her shoulders big palm lift vest reached in easily covered pinch crisp.
His fingers seem to be magical, and a stroke has already made her heart tremble.
His thin lips are hot and hot against her, burning every inch of skin and waist. The man has a strong force. Song Anqiao has repeatedly cowered in the depths of his body, and waves are hard to resist …
After tossing Song Anqiao for mercy, Chu Fei was far from satisfied, and the heat wave in his eyes never diminished, but became deeper and deeper.
Song anqiao is going to cry and feel that he is suffering.
It’s getting hotter every day. Song Anqiao heard cicadas walking in the street.
She went to Lin Yan’s community to find her, and Lin Yan ignored her as if she was really determined to break up with her.
Song anqiao depressed street fruit shop bought a watermelon and went home. He was shocked and ran downstairs.