"Then you drink this cup and go. I have too many things here. The horse will go out and can’t greet you." Gu Qingshan said seriously

"Well, it’s driving me away? This wine of yours is really delicious, but you buy me a drink! " Zhang Yinghao adamant4 way
Gu Qingshan silently watched him pull out a case of wine from the desktop.
"I’ll take you back and drink slowly. Can I go now?" He pointed to the box of wine and said
"Hey, hey, that’s interesting, but it’s not a wine problem now," Zhang Yinghao said wryly. "I mean, I can help you with anything."
"You help?" Gu Qingshan squinted at him.
"Of course, we are partners. What can I do for you?" Zhang Yinghao patted his chest.
Is suddenly to the goddess of justice voice "found each other’s tracks contact route has been planned"
Gu Qingshan got up and said, "If my horse wants to go out, stay here until I come back."
Zhang Yinghao stopped him and said, "Then I’ll go with you. No matter what it is, I can fight with you even if it’s a murderer."
Gu Qingshan stared at him and said, "It’s dangerous for you to do things with me."
"A partner should be a partner." Zhang Yinghao raised his head and assumed the style of a killer trade union boss. "Besides, it is said that dealing with dangerous people is mostly easy to get."
Gu Qingshan thought for a while, "Let it be so, then you can come."
"Where are we going? What to do? " Zhang Yinghao asked excitedly
The goddess of justice suddenly interjected, "Zhang Yinghao doesn’t have the phase limit and shouldn’t get the S-class top secret contact phase."
Zhang Yinghao smacked out the Gu Qingshan Road "You can say it now"
"Well, I went to see a man who almost killed me." Gu Qingshan thought for a while and replied in general.
"You really won’t tell me the truth?" Zhang Yinghao some injured way
"I have to consider everyone’s feelings" Gu Qingshan sighed.
Sure enough, for a moment, the sound of the goddess of justice came out from the inside. "S-class top secret contact should not be broadcast. Gu Qingshan Pavilion is worthy of praise."
I wonder if Zhang Yinghao always feels that the voice of the goddess of justice is full of happiness.
"Well, can I go?" Zhang Yinghao asked the goddess of justice
"It’s a good choice to have someone to look after you." Gu Qingshan also said to the goddess of justice
The goddess of justice just said in silence, "Zhang Yinghao is allowed to participate in the information. Please ask Mr. Zhang Yinghao to judge for himself. Gu Qingshan Pavilion, the goddess of justice, cannot disclose it."
"So I can help? Are we going to fight? " Zhang Yinghao asked again
"It depends" Gu Qingshan uncertain way.
"I want to do what you said. That man almost killed you!"
"Fighting can’t solve all the problems in the world"
"You have no blood at all."
"All right," Gu Qingshan drove him out. "I have to deal with something. You go and say hello to everyone. I’ll come back to you when I’m busy."
"Well," Zhang Yinghao angrily back out.
After he left, Gu Qingshan returned the door to the table and sat mused "Goddess of Justice"
"If the situation changes, prepare a plan in addition to the contact plan."
"Please tell me"
"The name of the scheme is culled, and show me the map."
The just woman said, she projected the city map before Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan looked at the map and made arrangements seriously.
"Ten kilometers away from our meeting place, the mobile armor formation is hidden and turned off at any time."
"Thirty kilometers away from the meeting place, the army and the professionals form an encirclement, and the two generals are dispatched to prepare for the battle on the southeast and northwest sides respectively."
"Don’t tell them the truth. He let them finish it while keeping our distance."
"Once the contact fails, Zhang Yinghao and I enter the combat state. The mobile armor must arrive at the battlefield in 1 minute, and the general must arrive at the battlefield exhibition in 2 minutes to kill the murderer."
"Besides, I want you to prepare video materials and send them to someone now for use at any time."
"White" goddess of justice said, "You are very well prepared for tactics, but I have a question."
"You said"
"Didn’t you do this before?"
"Even if the contact fails before, you can try again."
"Yu Xian" Gu Qingshan sighed, "I am responsible for the partner’s life"
"So that’s it."
A quarter of an hour later
A small shuttle landed on a remote stadium on the edge of the city.
Zhang Yinghao jumped the shuttle and looked around.
This is an open-air basketball field covered with large tracts of blood.