Tam roared and tried his best to attack Antoine
The horrible jade fell on Antoine’s body and directly smashed its tenth body.
But for this attack Antoine root unmoved.
And that part that was destroyed by Tam soon recovered.
Four minutes after Antoine was awakened …
Tam’s six forces finally dissipated.
Although it wants to continue to suppress Antoine
But one is that other methods continue to support such a huge six forces.
Another reason is that Antoine has recovered and will do his best.
It’s hard to continue to suppress even if there are six forces in Tam.
With Tam losing six increments,
It attacks no longer and does decent damage to Antoine.
Looking at the huge Antu Ntame also don’t know what to do at this time.
At this point, it has almost all its experts.
Even if it wants to do more, it can do it.
Seeing this state, Tam still poses too much threat to Antoine.
Adolf in the rear is also a little confused at this time.
First, the door was opened, and then the first golden gold was used to blend the kingdom of God with a few people.
After that, there are six force tams.
Their strength is not weak, and their strength is enough to pose a threat to him as a guardian.
But such a powerful combination is rooted in Antoine, the patron saint of Fanai.
Patron saint or talk about the strength of level creatures has gone far beyond Adolf’s cognition.
Compared with the first-class creature, the diamond-class creature can’t be said to be an ant, but at most it is a little suckling dog that harms people and animals.
Seeing that Antoine has been out of trouble for the most part.
Adolf heart a horizontal.
Now that things have been saved by law, he will change his mind and try to keep the alliance fire.
Compared with him whose life is coming to an end.
Lu yuan’s future doubts are brighter.
Just because Lu Yuan is not a patron saint today doesn’t mean that Lu Yuan can’t defeat the patron saint in the future.
With this in mind, Adolf came out voluntarily.
But when he said a little emotional words, he was interrupted by Liu Yuan first.
See Liu Yuan eyes bloodshot canthus position is shed two lines of blood and tears.
You can tell at a glance that it’s the eye-turning overload.
But unlike his appearance, Liu Yuan was very excited at this time.
That look is like solving something and never solving a problem.
He didn’t look at Adolf next to him, but looked directly at Xiaobai who had been around him.
Seeing Liu Yuan’s small white eyes seems to be white. What body becomes unreal?
Then the little white body finally merged with Lu Yuan in this illusory mentality.
A double pupil eye circle appeared Lu Yuan’s orbit.
And this special circle eye finally slowly merged together.
And finally formed a special eye located in the eye of the circle … the circle of sharingan!
Chapter 775 In the cycle of sharingan Tianyu.
The reincarnation of sharingan is the highest peak in the sharingan body.
It not only has all the characteristics of the circle eye, but also can be further strengthened.
Lu Yuan absorbed Xiaobai’s strength, and in a special way, he merged Xiaobai’s eye-turning. After that, he briefly gained the ultimate sharingan of reincarnation, sharingan.
And this is also the reason why Liu Yuan has never let Xiaobai take the root.
That’s because Xiao Bai’s integration with him is the most powerful card of Liu Yuan at this stage.
With the emergence of reincarnation sharingan, the land source body has changed to varying degrees.
First of all, his hair turned silvery white at an alarming rate, and his skin turned white in the process, as if something was right in the middle of his strength.
Then Liu Yuan’s eye color faded slowly in his eyes.
Eventually turned into two virtual whites.
The hole is empty and white, giving people an indescribable sense of mystery
Just like looking at two virtual abyss.
And those round eyes faded blood and finally condensed his eyebrows.
I don’t know when I saw Liu Yuan’s eyebrows, but there was a bloody grain.
This bloody grain slowly reveals a strange bloody eye.
Adolf, who came to Liu Yuan, saw this strange vertical eye for the first time.
This third eye not only occupies a quarter of Lu Yun’s forehead.
The outpouring of energy fluctuation is to let adolf feel shocked.
Because he can feel that Liu Yuan seems to have touched the diamond limit at this time, and it is possible to break through the belt at any time.
However, just like the problems faced by Tams.